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IN THE NOW Through Suzanne Lie

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Carl Jung:

“A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them.”
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Monday, August 14, 2017

IN THE NOW Through Suzanne Lie



Through Suzanne Lie

In the NOW, there is no worry, of what we need to do
In the NOW, there is no in-between the me, that’s also you

In the NOW, there is no reason, to hurry off to be
In the NOW, we’ll find our SELF, in everything we see

As we blend into the NOW, we know that we will find
That all of life is loving, and everyone is kind

There is NO competition, or need to have success
There is NO form of worry, or self-created stress

As we flow within the NOW, and blend into the whole
We find that everyone, is connected to their Soul

Our Souls commune within the ONE
So we can share all that we’ve done

Within this sharing, we will see
That we are happy, and we are free

We are all free to create our life
Free of worry, and free of strife

But, at first we just may ponder,
How all of this can BE

How can we be within the ONE
Of all we hear and see?

Within the ONE, we need no task
As happiness within will last

So just relax, and know down deep
This world we sought, is ours to keep!

As we relax into that knowing
Our body will begin it’s glowing

And all of us will soon be showing
The WE that NOW, within is growing

We ARE the ONE we sought to be
And NOW our Hearts and Minds are FREE

Free to be, the ONE we are
Free to live within a Star

The Light is shining round the bend
And we’ll receive, just what we send

The love we send, will soon return
So that our open Heart, can learn

We are all ONE
We are all HERE

The time is NOW
To release all fear

When we send our love, out from our Core
What we release, creates much more

The more we send, the love we give
The love we share, is the love we live

We are Creators of our life
If full or love, or filled with strife

We CAN embrace the love we know
And let that love, be what we show

The love we send will soon return
And from that love, we all will learn

We are the Earth on which we live
It is to Earth, that will we give

Our protection, and our love
From deep within and far above

To remember our dear Earth
On whom we took this birth

Is alive and needing love
From within and up above

So, we promise to remember
We do receive. We are the sender.

And the life we make on Earth
Is the one we chose before our birth!

So, back to our beginning
Where love is always winning

We take that love and ground it deep
Into the promise we WILL keep

The reason why we came to Earth
Was for Gaia, and Her Re-birth

And when dear Earth, becomes a Sun

We all will know our job is done

Note from Sue: As we go into these times of change, it is best to live within the NOW
Blessings to YOU,  One and ALL


Blessings, Sue Lie and the Arcturians

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