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sharing2 - i RELEASE, Assisting Gaia with Her Transmutation by "The readers of this blog"

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Carl Jung:

“A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them.”
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Friday, July 14, 2017
I Release The Arcturians, Through Suzanne



The Arcturians, Through Suzanne Lie

Today, within this hour
Within this minute
Within the NOW

I Release the 3D Matrix
From my Mind
From my Brain
From my Thoughts

Today, within this hour
Within the minute
Within this NOW

I free my mind to return to its natural state of
Multidimensional Consciousness

Today within the hour
Within this minute
Within this NOW

I open my mind to my innate
Inter-dimensional, Multi-dimensional consciousness

Today, within this hour
Within the minute
Within this NOW

I Release the 3D Matrix
Which once bound my thoughts and perceptions
To the third/fourth dimensions of illusion

Today, within this hour
Within this minute
Within this NOW

I can feel the 3D Matrix dropping away
From my thoughts
And freeing me of illusion

At first there is a deep silence

Then, slowly, the chatter, the directives, the guilt
And unwanted obligations

Fall from my awareness like leaves
Falling from a tree in the Fall

Yes, this is a “fall” that is NOT a season
This is a “fall” that has a good reason

But what is “the reason?”
Why do I wish to release that which is complete
And embrace that which is new?

First, I will ask my SELF,
“What have I completed, and how do I release it?”

I ponder that question, as I know the answer lies
Deep Within and High Above

What is Complete?
What part of my behaviors, emotions, activates, jobs, relationships are
Ready to be released?

On the other hand,
What is still Growing and Expanding?
First I must release that, which is complete,
And go through the “grief of endings.”

Sometimes this “grief” leaves quickly,
Other times this “grief” stays on and on

Sometimes, there is no grief
As there is only excitement and the joy of change

Eventually, the grief of leaving the OLD
Is replaced with the joy of finding the NEW

The Process of Change has many faces, but I cannot leave my Core SELF,
As it is the ONE I chose to be
Before we took this important, transitional lifetime.

This is not just a lifetime of personal transition.
This is, also, a lifetime of Planetary Transition.

What will these personal and planetary transitions bring into our reality?
We cannot answer that question unless we are “in the NOW.”

While we are “in the NOW,” we know, we remember that

Within this hour,
Within this minute
Within this NOW

We ARE releasing the 3D Matrix
From our Mind and from our Thoughts

What if our mind was no longer limited to third dimensional thoughts?

What if,
Within this hour
Within this minute
Within this NOW

We could free our minds and return to our natural state
of Multidimensional Consciousness?

What if we tried to make that transition and failed?
Would we have the courage to love our self enough to try again and again
for as many times as it takes to remember to say to our SELF:

“I am a Multidimensional Being who came to Gaia within this NOW
to assist with Planetary Ascension!”

Could we remember to say that statement,
While we are driving to work
While we are changing the baby
While we are paying our bills
While we are falling into sleep…

“Today, within this Hour,
Within this minute,
Within this NOW

Can we remember to say…

“I AM releasing the 3D Matrix
From my mind
From my thoughts
From my heart
From my feelings”

Can we remember to say…

Today, within this hour
Within this minute
Within the NOW

I FREE my mind to return to my natural state of Multidimensional Consciousness
I FREE my heart to return to my natural state of Unconditional Love
I FREE my physical form to transmute into my natural state of Lightbody SELF

As I await, prepare and remember this promise that I have made to my SELF, I ground my Self deeply into the planetary body of Gaia, while I simultaneously remember and connect with my true Multidimensional SELF, as well as my Galactic Family!

Today within the Hour
Within this Minute
Within this NOW I Return to my TRUE Multidimensional SELF Posted by Suzanne Lie at 12:54 PM

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Saturday, August 12, 2017
Assisting Gaia with Her Transmutation by "The readers of this blog"



How Can We Assist Gaia During the NOW of the Eclipse
As well as long before the Eclipse and long after?


Perhaps YOU too will post what YOU are doing in the comments section.
Let's all Assist Gaia in the NOW as Gaia moves through the eclipse

How the Blog readers are assisting Gaia
with Her Planetary Ascension

I am helping to transmute the planet by radiating positive thoughts and emotions as often as possible.

Hi Suzanne and Arcturians, Doing the best I can to be honest, authentic, and non judgmental in all areas of my life.

I do meditation and violet fire prayers for transmutation on a daily basis.

I am helping by healing myself, and my past, and by focusing on the similarities between every person I meet and me. Building a connection between us based on these positive similarities. Also I am helping by not hiding that joyous and loving person I am. Also by maintaining our garden lovingly. And by immediately connecting with the animals and forests that surrounds me. I am trying to help with all my existence ❤

Every morning I bless Gaia with light and unconditional love, I send her gratitude and a ray of pink light from my heart to her heart. I say to her that I thank her and that I love her. Before I go to bed at night I do all that again. ( every day I bless also the 4 elements : fire, air ,water, earth).

Everyday I hug Gaia/ the planet with the pink flame from my heart, thanking her, the plants, the animals, the Devic Kingdom and our cosmic family for every ones unique role in this beautiful transition. I smile and make eye contact with as many people as I can when I´m walking around, sending love and light to them from my heart. I am healing myself, loving and accepting myself and others as much as I can, I see everyone as brothers and sisters on this incredible journey. I am kind with everyone I meet and try to make them also forgive themselves and accept themselves with their perfect imperfections. Being calm, grateful, happy and positive as much as possible. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog! Peace, light and love to all!

I inwardly bless all that I come in contact with. I walk in thankfulness of all.

Gaia’s coolness and beauty is for sure without depths, Tap in to this! Be the face of this so others can remember as you have remembered! Greatest gift there is! Receive it and give it away endlessly, magic ;) I dont TRY to love everybody, be open so love (magic) can happen where it wants to!.

I invest my most loving thoughts, my highest compassion, my utmost joy within me, within Gaia as she is no longer separated from me. She is a nurturing mother as well as a Divine Child I nurture each and every second with LOVE in my heart throughout my life journey. I send my blessings in each and every occasion that reveals itself to my awareness. With such opportunity, I send you LOVE...

A while back I began inviting the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water - to dance and swirl with all the cells of my body. During this process I also studied how the Four Elements interacted with each other out in Nature from the view of my back yard. I fell head over heels in love with Water first...and gradually the other three have followed suit. :D Visualizing little tiny golden spheres of Light to represent the elements and the yin/yan symbol as the Cells of the body was the best way for me to move through this process. I tried to see them as the Sylphs, the Salamanders, the Undines, and Gnomes....but that just got me all tangled up in my Mind. So I let it just be the Golden Spheres. As I practiced this I began to feel the movement of the various elements as their energy blended with the cells. From there many experiences of joining in unconditional love and Joy have ensued. Now I am in the process of deepening my knowing....or as others would say....remembering....on how to Co-create with the Four Elements of Creation. Manipulating matter is the goal. :D In this way I will co-create with the elements on behalf of Gaia's wishes. Thanks to the Arcturians!

I am healing broken hearts.

My favorite decree for Gaia
Bless, Bless, Bless Gaia, with the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire.
Ivisualize Gaia enveloped in the Violet Flame
Blessings of Love and Light to all!

I have spent the last years releasing anger and fear. I have been working to heal myself and become more and more loving and positive. I send love to the planet and all its beings everyday. I work to keep my vibration high and be uplifting to those around me. I share my knowledge of what I am learning with all those willing to listen. I pick up trash and help clear up Gaia physically. I continue to expand my mind and grow daily so that I may be more loving and help shift this planet to the same.

Thank you for sharing your contribution to Gaia
Thank you for sharing your contribution to Gaia
Thank you for sharing your contribution to Gaia
Thank you for sharing your contribution to Gaia
Thank you for sharing your contribution to Gaia
Thank you for sharing your contribution to Gaia
Thank you for sharing your contribution to Gaia
Thank you for sharing your contribution to Gaia
Thank you for sharing your contribution to Gaia
Thank you for sharing your contribution to Gaia

If I meet someone who appears troubled and distracted, I will help them understand more, by "pretending" to be a voice for and of One. If they weep and moan about feeling stuck, and if they agonize in attempting to proceed, I'll dramatically roll my eyes and launch into it.

Meditating to be peace and share it, using the violet fire and the AN conversion white fire on me, Gaia and beyond to transmute low frequencies to higher ones.

Putting my intent and visualizations on the Event, the removal of the dark ones, the collapse of this old system, full disclosure, the realize of technologies as free energy, and the abundance for everyone, Nasara the arrival of our galactic friends and family.

Sharing what I can on my page Lenmiscate to help the awakening of others and helping translating for free post from the page prepareforchange.net from English to Spanish, but i would love to open my third eye right now and activate my hole vessel and embody my soul in this vessel to do something greater.

I am assisting Gaia in her ascension by helping more business owners expand their companies into new locations and creating more jobs, revenue, and more opportunity for more people worldwide. Also, I run a number of side business ventures that are also helping other business owners to transform their vision into reality faster. Thank you all for helping Gaia and here's to that Unity Consciousness that's got everyone talking these days!

I make contribution with Violets fire and unconditional love to every life force surrounding me. But the Good news is they all love it and still want more.

I really love hearing what we are all doing as it is so very important!! Together we remap and create the very fabric of reality one heart at a time joined etherically and with purpose shared in unity consciousness. We must heal together to become whole again!! I have shared this in the past but I do energy transmutation in the astral realm, timeline remapping, DNA reengineering and toxin removal on the earth grids.

I am Cheri of the monadic entity Hilarion, House of Ra, Order of the Seraphim. It is this Seraphim DNA that travels multidimensionally. It is so much fun to discover who we are again as we are all part of the master blueprints and as we reunite ourselves, we heal the entire universe :)

I am a lightning rod grounding, or transmuting. Always feeling grateful, joyful, and self-love. I do not even work, but everything is just as it's supposed to be.

I find it very important trying not to judge people, and take them the way they are.
I am very thankfull for all the small things that brings me joy.
For Gaya i keep my street clean by picking up the plastic bottles and tins, people have thrown careless away. I long for the liberation of the planet Earth.

In this now moment of reflection... yes, I call forth light into every cell of my being and the space between every cell on all levels (mental, physical, and so on) and direct it out to the core of Gaia, to all beings, elementals, kingdoms, humans, out to the solar system, galaxy, universe and multiverse. May all be blessed with (changed from day to day). Particularly being more open-minded, living by my values while honoring all viewpoints and paths. Being there for ME - allowing all my thoughts, feelings and actions to be respected, honored, heard and enveloped in unconditional love. Listening more than talking - to myself and others. Being with the emptiness of pure divine love and compassionate when i do things to escape it or judge it as disconnect/depression/apathy etc. Learning more about energy and 5D from my dog, 10 months old. Integrating, wondering about, being 3D and 5D at the same time as a dog trainer, knowing this shifts all human/animal relationships everywhere.

I am invoking and affirming for all of humanity as One Consciousness on a daily basis along with meditations, grounding myself daily with Gaia and calling forth the nature spirits, the elementals, crystal, mineral and animal kingdoms along with air, fire, water, earth and ether. I am also sharing this information through a website/blog that I have been building and about to launch this weekend. It's a very exciting time ♥

I am trying to unhook myself from the system of domination and control to be a sovereign free and independent god spark that we all are meant to be. I am in nature most of the time.

I'm giving out positive vibes and loving every person whom I come into contact with and sharing my knowledge of life with all

To assist with planetary ascension, I have been: Writing about my dreams as soon as I wake up, before I forget them. I've realized how much more connected this helps me to feel to my higher selves/high consciousness. Recognizing and releasing negative beliefs of my ego, which keep me bound to the 3D matrix. I am consciously connecting and exchanging energy with animals--not dismissing the value of spending my time this way. Having conversations about these things with my 5 year old daughter

Every morning I do the pillar of light and send love to Gaia, the air and water. Seeing people with love! Focusing on the positive throughout my day!

I tell Gaia I love her and thank her for her support. When I do this I receive back instantly. I say a water prayer for the water and do this at any body of water I am near, also around local water commissions. I walk daily and thank the elementals, if I take a berry I say thank you or I love you. Also, I send love to the skies, the Slyphs and thank them for cleaning up the skies. I ask them to come when I feel we need assistance and legions arrive. I sun gaze and am grateful to the connection to the great sun, inner sun and galactic sun. I love all beings and my heart is opening wide to love unconditionally it is wonderful to arrive hold the vibration of 5D.

What a great Joy it is to share Love with Gaia and all who reside on and within her, to share this wonderful experience being part of the ascension process. Love is all there is!

I say hi to, look at, wave, or otherwise acknowledge homeless people. I hug trees. I kill / eat no animals. I listen when people talk.

I’ve got a really big idea to help, and am at present doing everything in my power to bring it to fruition. Its like an awareness raising community, whereby residents host volunteers who come not only for educational purposes, but to work on the community and also a forest project. They donate to the pot, but otherwise free. The whole thing is wrapped up as an experiment to see, with recorded findings and ongoing film, we cannot only raise our own consciousness, that of the wider community, but also globally via up links.

I contribute in every way in the Now, to help Gaia with her transmutation/transcending into the higher realms.
I do the best I can to heal others and learn them to be happy and healthy self consciousness and collective consciousness xx love you. Nice regards from Belgium

I often travel the world and bring in the violet flame at sacred sites. I also talk to 4th dimensional spirits in cemeteries and open a portal and explain how they are needed to go to the light to stand as light workers with us all NOW in this victory.

I work a lot in the lower astral planes, spreading light there and cleaning up, transmuting darkness into light via the violet flame. I gave up my ego will and surrendered my earth vessel to the full service of the light. I give assistance and comfort to everyone around me and hold lessons and seminars in the fourth dimension so people can learn an heal.

I spread light every day to transmute all darkness into light, light, light, and I am in close contact with my galactic family and my 5D presence self on new earth to create portals into the fifth dimension. I try the best not to judge anyone and to be grateful for all that is. It is so wonderful to be with you in this process and thank you all for your assistance to our beloved sister Gaia. Love and light to you Sue for your wonderful commitment and all the very helpful writings you do. Love to all of you

Thank you for who you are and for your contributions to the planet. I work every day connecting to my multi-dimensional self and any chance I have I also remind others through conversations, FB posts, QHHT hypnosis sessions, and even just telepathically about the embodiment and empowerment of their multi-dimensional selves. May we all unite together in this grand experiment of remembering our true nature of love. I send out to all beings a huge galactic hug full of unconditional love and sparks of remembrance.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 9:47 AM

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