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sharing2, Remembering Your Source SELF, Being ONE, with Gaia, The Arcturians, and Our ,Galactic Family, Through Suzanne Lie

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Carl Jung:

“Mistakes are, after all, the foundations of truth, and if a man does not know what a thing is, it is at least an increase in knowledge if he knows what it is not.”
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Saturday, March 4, 2017
Remembering Your Source SELF--The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Remembering Your Source SELF

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Those who volunteered to take a 3D physical Earth Vessel to assist with Gaia’s ascension chose to take an earth vessel that was third dimensional, with a fourth dimensional aura, and a fifth dimensional Lightbody, which was hidden within, and protected by, the core of their spinal column.

Sometimes, or often, the difficulties of their third dimensional life made the volunteers temporarily forget about the connection between their third dimensional physical life, their fourth dimensional astral life, and they especially forgot about their fifth dimensional Lightbody life.

Often, once they forgot about their lives in the higher dimensions, they often became depressed, angry, frightened, and confused. Something was missing, or was it some ONE? Either way, they could not determine what was missing. Therefore, they could not find it.

Hence, they became disconnected from their fourth and fifth dimensional family.

Even though this family often entered their dreams, and even their daily thoughts, they could not believe that these “imaginary beings” that spoke to them in their dreams and meditations could actually be members of their own galactic, angelic, and higher dimensional family.

Because they could not remember how to communicate with these higher beings, they often became sad and depressed. They did not know why they were sad and depressed, but they did know that they missed the constant contact with a reality that was kinder, gentler, and far more creative than the reality to which their third dimensional consciousness was restricted.

Fortunately, there were those who remembered that they to took an earth vessel in order to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension. Unfortunately, most of them were unable to find many people with whom they could discuss their feelings, so that they could fully remember why they took an earth vessel and how they could assist with finding, or was it creating, the reality that they, somehow, felt within.

Those that did remember who they were and why they took an earth vessel, learned very young that it was best to keep this, “knowing,” to themselves. After a few negative looks, smirks, and “what are you talking about” responses, they realized that they were different from the others who only sought that which could be achieved in the physical world.

Those who remembered did not care too much about “fame in the physical world.” They knew they were too different for the masses to understand them. Thus, they often became artists, writers, musicians, and scientists.

In this manner, they could choose a path in which they could seek an answer to the unknown that they saw, felt, and heard. One of the “unknowns” that they experienced was that they could “sense Gaia’s changes.”

However, only a small percentage of those who were born awake remembered that they could merge with and communicate with their Mother Planet, Gaia. Maybe this inability to believe that they could communicate with Gaia was because they observed that most humans thought of the planet as a “place” rather than a “being.”

Whether Gaia was a place or a being, she was constantly traveling through different “places” on Her rotations around the Sun. Since the Sun was also traveling through different places on it its rotation around the Central Sun, there was always a new version of reality for those who chose to search beyond the limitations of their home planet.

Eventually, the “awakened ones” slowly began to “feel” that something about their planet was changing. Because this group was innately curious, they sought out those who seemed to know something, any thing, which could assist them to understand why the planet felt so different.

At first, these awakened ones could not understand what was different or why it was different. They could only “feel” that something was changing in their planetary world. As “time” went by, this inner feeling grew more and more, so they began to seek information that could assist them.

This is when they realized the difference between “spiritual” and “religious.” Whereas religion was based on ancient doctrines of a God that was above them, spirituality was based on something that was revealed within them.

Eventually, they realized that this “spirituality” was an extension of the Spirit that they felt within themselves. Slowly, they discovered that in order to go “up,” they first had to go “within.” Thus, that which had always been a search for something “above them” became a search for something that was “within them.”

They also discovered that as they when “within” they could more easily go “up.” When they allowed their thoughts, emotions and meditations to take them deep within their SELF, they found a higher, kinder, more loving reality. But they wondered why this reality did not surround them in their daily life.

Fortunately, more and more of these “Awakening Ones” sought to find a way in which they could bring their loving inner life into their, often challenging, outer life. Sometimes they met adversity if they tried to share their experience, so they learned to “keep their ideas to themselves.”

However, as the Internet grew, the Awakened Ones could find other Awakened Ones, as they had the entire planet to choose from. As the Awakened Ones communicated with other Awakened Ones all around the world, the relationship with planet Earth changed.

More and more they realized that no matter how different the people, plants and animals were, that planet was the same, very diverse, being. It was then that the Awakened Ones began to think about the planet as a living being that had it’s own life.

In this manner, the Awakened Ones began to remember that they came to planet Earth, not to have yet another incarnation, but to assist their Mother Earth with Her process of ascension. As they began to expand their consciousness from Personal Consciousness to Planetary Consciousness, they realized how limited their Human Consciousness had made them.

When they thought of themselves as the Core of their reality, they were alone, lonely, and often struggling for survival on a seemingly hostile planet. However, as they began to understand that Gaia was a living being just like them, everything in their life began to change.

Humanity was no longer the most important being on Earth. Gaia was their Mother Planet. Therefore, their personal importance began to be measured, not by how they assisted them selves, but how they assisted their planet.

Gaia was the ONE thing that everyone on Earth had in common.

In fact, the health and welfare of Gaia affected EVERY one on Earth. Even the Lost Ones, who lived only for themselves, could not live at all without a healthy Mother Planet. The health of Mother Earth was the ONE thing that everyone on the entire planet had in common.

Furthermore, the awakened ones soon realized that, every day, Gaia’s own human children were damaging Her planetary body. Unfortunately, many humans did not care about Gaia’s health, as they only cared about themselves and those with whom they were intimate.

However, even if they only cared for a few humans, that chosen few would be greatly harmed if Mother Earth were not cared for. Fortunately, Gaia’s fate does not lie ONLY in the hands of Her humans.

Gaia has Her own family of planets that make up Her Solar System. Also, some, and not nearly enough, humans have dedicated their lives to assist Gaia. In fact, many higher dimensional beings made the ultimate sacrifice to send a small fragment of their multidimensional light into birthing humans.

Once their multidimensional consciousness was within that vessel, they knew that that person would need to remain in contact with their higher dimensional versions of SELF or they would become just as lost the other humans around them.

Those who survived childhood without forgetting their true, Multidimensional SELF, were able to move into active duty to assist Gaia, as well as the humans who could not understand that Gaia was a living, breathing being.

Unfortunately, they found that far too often their assistance was not desired or accepted. But sometimes, they could look at a person’s aura and find another person who was born awakened.

Thus, if that person’s aura shown brightly above their head, and their heart felt open and loving, they could reveal themselves—very carefully.

Fortunately, most of the awakened ones remembered other incarnations in which they were not careful with their gifts and were harshly punished, tortured, and/or killed. Fortunately, there are more and more people on Gaia’s present realty who can remember, and heal, these past incarnation.

However, fear still exists on Gaia, but MOSTLY because of humans. Humans, who were meant to be the saviors of Gaia, have been the cause of most of Her destruction. Fortunately, as more and more of humanity awaken to their own Higher Dimensional SELF, they can realize that they are, simultaneously, alive on myriad worlds, and many higher dimensions of each of these worlds.

The challenge for the Awakened Ones is not to assist Gaia. The challenge for the Awakened Ones is to find within them selves the ability to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to the many members of humanity who spend their lives trying to gain and maintain “power OVER others,” often by gaining “power OVER Gaia.”

Of course, these people were trained young to choose to create a version of reality in which “power over others” was more important than “power within themselves.” In fact, many of these “lost ones” have no way of discerning even the concept of “power within.”

They have been trained from youth that others have “power over them,” and they must “win back” their power in any manner that they can. Therefore, if they discover any power within, they are instantly trained to use that power to gain “power over others.”

Of course, the choice of “power over” comes from fear. It is for this reason that many great beings have taken incarnations on Earth to try to teach the people that “power within,” accompanied by “unconditional love” will transmute them into a higher frequency of reality.

One’s “power within” will greatly expand if they use their inner power to assist others, as well as all of Gaia’s many life forms. It is the creation of a life based on power within, service to the planet and others, and of course, unconditional love, that aligns that person with their Higher Self.

Thus, when they are complete with life on a third dimensional reality, they can transmute their third dimensional earth vessel into their fifth dimensional light body and return to a higher dimensional version of reality.

Most of the Ascended Masters taught that Power Within was humanity’s birthright, but that they could only maintain that inner power if they lived via Unconditional Love. Different societies were sent different Masters who could role model how one could ascend within their form of reality.

However, the ascending ones were usually worshiped rather than followed. Of course, there are many humans who live according to their spiritual guidance. In fact, that number is growing, which is why we speak with you today.

Today, we, your Galactic and Celestial Family, come to you as Ascended Masters and Angelic Beings to remind you that you are ALL in the process of “remembering your Source SELF.”

Your Source SELF is multidimensional and expands your consciousness from the Core of Gaia’s Planet into the higher dimensions of what you have called Heaven. Actually, Heaven is a state of consciousness more than a place, in that one can only experience “Heaven” when they resonate to a higher state of consciousness.

ALL of you, who are wearing an earth vessel, are actually Multidimensional Beings who exist simultaneously in many different frequencies and locations of reality. You have lowered your consciousness from your Higher Dimensional SELF in order to “log into planet Earth by wearing a third dimensional Earth Vessel.”

When we say “all of you,” we mean all of you who would be attracted to, and read, this message. The truth is that any members of the Illuminati, as they are called within your time/space, could also expand their consciousness to find their great Power Within.

In fact, those amongst that group who have embraced their higher consciousness enough to discover their Power Within have discovered that Power Over Others is not nearly as satisfying. In order to hurt others, they must hurt their own Soul/SELF.

More and more of the children of the Illuminati are discovering this fact, and are deciding to leave their family traditions behind. These children of the Illuminati have found a bit of their own Inner Self and Inner Power and want to explore that sensation.

Once they explore the Unconditional Love that is innate to Gaia’s Core, as well as Her atmosphere, the rush of Power-Over no longer gives them joy. They want to know more about this feeling that they can only call “love.”

Most of the children of the Illuminati had NO love in their childhood home, so they do not know how to identify it. It may seem to be a strange concept to not be able to identify the feeling of love, but if you have never felt it, how could you identify it?

It is the lack of love, generation after generation that has allowed the darkness to continue. However, because a higher frequency of light is entering Gaia’s atmosphere, humanity’s innate higher frequencies of consciousness are being activated.

As the frequencies of light entering Gaia, and ALL Her inhabitants, continues to expand into higher and higher frequencies, even those lost to the depths of fear and darkness, will begin to feel a sense of relief, a moment of peace, a new hope for the future, and a glimmer of joy.

Very importantly, the awakening humanity will begin to feel the Kundalini rising up from the base of the spine. The Kundalini is a system for the “transmutations of the physical body into the higher resonance of the Light Body.”

The Kundalini has been known since the times of the earliest scribes. However, life on planet Earth was so difficult that only those Priests far away on a mountain top could even begin to activate their inner power of transmutation into Lightbody.

Fortunately, as Gaia begins Her transmutation, so will Her humans, as well as ALL Her life forms. That “NOW” is approaching, but only for those who can perceive and accept it, protect it and ONLY use it for Planetary Ascension.

This power is far too strong to be used for any personal needs, as a human does not have the needed dedication to totally ground that energy field in Gaia’s Core Crystals and NEVER use it for personal goals.

It was the Illuminati’s use of this great power for personal goals that has, and will continue to “take them from control.” Humanity need not worry about fighting them, as their need for “power over others,” has activated the “off switch” for any expansion of inner power

This Off Switch was latent until the Higher Light came into Gaia’s atmosphere. It is the Higher Light that will turn off the Power Over Others, as well as activate the Power Within SELF.

Humanity is finding the “power within” of their SOURCE SELF, but if that power were ever used as a form of “power over,” that power would sputter out and end. Yes, darkness has held Gaia in its grips, but NOW that that the Higher Light, as well as we the Galactics, Angelics, Ascended Masters and Elohim have arrived to assist you, things will begin to change.

Therefore, maintain your commitment to be ONE with your Multidimensional, Source SELF so that you can perceive and communicate with us, the higher dimensional versions of your SELF.

Please know that we are always with you because we ARE YOU!

If you wish more information regarding many Higher Beings that serve on the Seven Ray of Creation, please click HERE Posted by Suzanne Lie at 7:05 AM

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Carl Jung:

“Mistakes are, after all, the foundations of truth, and if a man does not know what a thing is, it is at least an increase in knowledge if he knows what it is not.”
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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Being ONE with Gaia- The Arcturians and Our Galactic Family--Through Suzanne Lie


Being ONE with Gaia

The Arcturians and Our Galactic Family
Dear Readers,

I wish to share with you that I have been moving through a deep process of transmuting my SELF into an entirely different reality. With great thanksgivings I add that the reality to which I am “moving” is the life that my true SELF has always wanted, but kept that desire as an “impossible reality” that I could only imagine and dream about.

Of course, in order for the “new” to enter, I had to first release the “old.” I will take a moment to explain that the manifestation of this shift is that I am now in the process of moving into what I would call a, “fifth dimensional community.”

Of course, it has Internet, so I can continue meeting and communicating with all of you in the same manner as always. I wanted to write this article to remind you all that our “long term dreams” CAN come true.”

In my case, this move is the fulfillment of a very long-term dream about living as ONE with Nature. I imagined that life as a child and teen, and I went to a college that was in the redwoods when I graduated from High School.

However, I was not ready for that change then and only lasted one semester in that environment. I was too young to change, and I had many processes to experience before I could return to that dream and totally live it.

We are now fulfilling that dream. This time, we bought a house and are moving soon to that location. Of course, we went into Nature for most of our vacations, so we could always “visit” our dream, but now we, my husband and I, will LIVE that dream.

I wanted to share this information with you, because I feel you all as friends. I also wanted to share this information because my Inner Guides directed me to share it. I do not have the details of why they have directed me in this manner, but I will ask them now and share their answer with you, my readers.

Dear Arcturians and members of my Galactic Family,
Please assist me to understand why I have been directed to share my personal experience in this manner.

Dear Suzille,
We have asked you to share your experience of “moving into your True SELF,” as we would call it, because it is the NOW for ALL of our multidimensional representatives to Earth to remember, and become, their true SELF.

We also add, that every single human on Earth, even the Illuminati, has the possible reality to initiate their Return to SELF. What we mean by “Return to SELF,” is that Gaia will be increasingly able to open more and more of Her fifth dimensional territories for habitation of Her earthly inhabitants.

Of course, there are two components to this shift. ONE is making that shift/expansion into your fifth dimensional consciousness, and TWO is remaining within that state of consciousness in order to calibrate your perceptions to that frequency of reality.

The only reality that your earth vessel can perceive is the reality that matches your state of consciousness. As you know, there are uncountable versions/frequencies of reality that are always running, all the time.

In order to experience any of these realities, you must calibrate your consciousness, and hence your perceptions, to the frequency of reality that you wish to perceive. Of course, your challenge is to have enough mastery of your thoughts and emotions to be able to “calibrate your consciousness” to the higher frequencies of reality.

Gaia is NOW in the midst of re-calibrating Her baseline from the third dimensional, and lower to mid fourth dimensional, into a baseline frequency of the fifth dimension. In other words, Gaia is ready to return to Her fifth dimensional Lightbody Planet and is inviting ALL Her inhabitants to join Her within that higher frequency of reality.

The third through mid-fourth dimensional Matrix that has housed many of Her inhabitants will be released. Then, those who can resonate their consciousness to Gaia’s higher fourth and fifth dimensional resonance will join Gaia with Her Earthly Ascension.

Please remember that “time,” as you measure it in the third and lower fourth dimension is only an illusion of the 3D Matrix. Hence, as Gaia’s 3D Matrix move further and further away from Gaia’s Earth, all those who can only resonate to the 3D Matrix will also move further and further away from Gaia’s ascending planet.

Furthermore, as Gaia embraces more and more of the Higher Light through which She is traveling, Her Planetary Consciousness will expand into higher and higher frequencies of the fourth dimension, as well as into the fifth dimension.

Eventually, Gaia’s Third Dimensional Matrix, on which the polarities of good and bad battle for position, will no longer be able to resonate to Gaia’s higher frequencies. Within that NOW, the Matrix will fracture and it will need to leave Earth in search of a lower frequency planet around which it can adhere.

Those who still live on the 3D Matrix, will not be aware of what is occurring as the 3D Matrix will not change. Hence, those who can only adhere their consciousness to the Matrix will NOT see a difference in their reality.

Eventually, the 3D Matrix will adhere to another planet on which it can afford its residents the opportunity to continue their “power over others” versus “powerless victims” format.

Those who have resonated to the frequency of the 3D Matrix for many incarnations have been in search of Power Over because they could not relate to the immense Power Within that they carried within their High Heart and Multidimensional Mind.

However, the Multiverse is forgiving. Therefore, it will grant these lost ones yet another opportunity to release their need to have “power OVER” others and seek their own power within so that they can “return to their Soul’s innate Infinite Wisdom, Power, and Love.

Those who have chosen the third dimensional path will continue their lives in much the same manner as they always have. Interestingly, because they are seeking “power over others,” they will likely NOT perceive that their reality has shifted.

Remember, that one can only perceive the frequency of reality that resonates to their state of consciousness. Therefore, since they remain bound to the 3D Matrix, their consciousness will be bound to the 3D experience of reality.

Therefore, they will only be able to perceive the third dimension. Please remember that there are New Souls and Old Souls. A New Soul is a being that has not had many incarnations on the third dimension.

Therefore, they do not know Gaia’s third dimensional operating system, which are based on time, space, separation, and energy out equals energy back. Therefore, they have not yet realized that when negative energy comes to them, that they are the hidden source of that energy field.

Therefore, they miss the opportunity to consciously receive the energy fields that they have sent out. When they can consciously perceive the return of what they have sent out, they have an instant feedback system.

If what they feel is anger or sorrow, it is because (usually in an unconscious manner) they have sent out that energy field. Once they realize that they are actually in an on-going process of creating that which they perceive as coming to them, they have an opportunity to learn.

Gaia’s polarities of “good and love” versus “bad and fear” will assist them to realize that when they send out love to others it makes them feel Good. On the other hand, when they send out fear to others, it makes them feel Bad.

ALL of the Ascended Masters on Earth have mastered that lesson. Even in the midst of great suffering, they continued to ONLY send out love, especially Unconditional Love. Therefore, they crossed over into the Astral Plane at their death with a consciousness filled with Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness.

It was this state of consciousness that allowed them to “ascend” into their fifth dimensional Lightbody and eventually became Ascended Masters and/or religious icons. However, the Ascended Masters had no desire to become “icons,” and tried to tell their disciples NOT to worship them.

However, for much of Earth’s history, few humans could realize that their spiritual leader did not desire their worship, and actually wanted their disciples to live in the same manner as that ascended one had lived.

The ascended ones did not perceive themselves as Gods in the manner in which their disciples perceived them. Instead, they wanted their disciples to go through the same process that they had taught them via their process of resonating to their own ascension.

Of course, few humans have been able to live a life based on Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness for ALL lives—even the person who was responsible for their death.

However, within your NOW, your own Multidimensional SELF is able to communicate with you in a manner that was not possible before. Those humans who have been able to “love selves as much as they love others” have created a Circular Path between the third, fourth and fifth dimension of reality.

This Circular Path allows the ascending ones to realize that they are “not saints.” Instead, they are Multidimensional Beings who have chosen to take a third dimensional earth vessel in order to best assist dear planet Gaia with Her process of Planetary Ascension.

There are many ones who could have become Ascended Masters within their earthly incarnation, but the “power over others” that could be gained, as well as the “wealth and recognition” that their ego-self craved, lowered their consciousness and hardened their hearts.

Therefore, they chose the glory of the third dimension over the unconditional love and power within of the fifth dimension and beyond. In fact, most of the Ascended Masters had several, or many, “rehearsal lives” in which they became fully aware of the great challenge presented by taking a third dimensional body.

We, the Galactics, and even the Angelics and Ascended Ones have all moved through the initiations of “power over others” versus “power within.” Third dimensional Earth resonates to such a low frequency within your NOW, and has suffered two world wars, atom bombs and the radiation from the Chernobyl “accident.”

Beloved Gaia has suffered greatly in Her third dimensional form and anxiously awaits Her full return to Her innate fifth dimensional form. However, because Gaia—who is the Living Being often known as Earth—is deeply dedicated to ascending as many of Her inhabitants as possible.

She is currently faced with a huge challenge. She deeply wishes to ascend all Her humans. However, many humans are responsible for the murder of many of Gaia’s species of birds, animals, fish, core, oceans, water, air etc. etc. She is faced with a great decision.

Does she ascend NOW in order to rescue all of Her life forms above, or should she wait longer so that more humans will be able to ascend as well? After much pondering of this question, Gaia has decided to contact the Galactic worlds that surround Her.

Venus instantly rushed to Gaia’s rescue, as did many of the Galactics who are now surrounding Gaia. From their Starships, they are constantly assisting Gaia, but humanity sends our more destruction as soon as an area is cleared.

Therefore, we end this transmission with a loving plea to ALL humans on Earth. We, your higher dimensional expressions of SELF—The Galactics—call on you to remember NOW, the reason why YOU chose to take a third dimensional earth vessel within this NOW.
YOU are important and WE need your assistance NOW!!

The Arcturians and Your Galactic Family

This Equinox on Monday, March 20
Spring Forward into 5D

We happily invite you to our

MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2017

1:00-2:00 PM PDT

Click HERE


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