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A+ _Abundance Guide Part I -AA METATRON – 5D THINKING – INTENTION vs. EXPECTATION – UTILIZING THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE – Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Secrets of the Universe

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Carl Jung
 “Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

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Greetings everyone! I hope you are all doing phenomenally well! Today I would like to share with you Part 1 of 3 of “How to tune into Abundance manifesting anything that you want into your reality”.

Some of you may have seen this information before, but many of you have not as you continuously are asking me “How do I become abundant?”. The answer is rather simple and today I would like to share with you PART 1 of the “How to Guide”.

I would like to start with a channeling that I have received from AA Metatron a while back which is called Expectation vs. Intention.

“It is through INTENTION rather than EXPECTATION that you create the reality of your BEing. It is through the power of your mind, the power of your thinking process that you are able to fully coherently and cognitively co-create a new platform, a new reality of informational encodings. It is through YOUR endeavors that you incorporate the pure frequencies of the new world. It is through finding the BALANCE within, and it is through your patience with self, through your determination to strip naked before your very own self, getting to point ZERO that you shall be able to set yourself free. Free from restrains and outdated programming. Free from all that you believe you should be, for what you believe completely and fully forms your cognitive experience, the experience of the NOW moment in time.

And so, it is imperative that you INTEND instead of EXPECT for various outcomes to manifest. For expectation is nothing more than admittance of self-limitation. For when you EXPECT a certain outcome, you expect it from the perspective of DIFINED objectives based solely on the five senses that you are equipped with, whereas INTENTION utilizes ALL senses at your disposal, by attracting various frequencies to swirl in specific formations in order to deliver that which you wish to experience, whilst setting no boundaries and no set agendas or expectations, allowing one to fully and cognitively exit “the box” and explore the world unbeknownst to you prior.

It is through your INTENTION that you are able to leave the past, fully and completely release yourself from outdated modules of thinking, and align yourself with a new path. A path leading to freedom from mathematical formulas that no longer work in your new world. A path where the beat of your heart, and the signature of your soul are the deciding factors in your creative birth of a new sphere of influence.

And so, remember to INTEND that which you wish to manifest in your world. Let go of all expectations, free yourself from the binding laws of outdated objectives. And walk confidently onto your path, ALLOWING it to lead you through the murky waters of the past, turning obstacles into grand opportunities for growth and morph that which no longer works into that which does.

Remember that there is no lack in the universe, and all that you wish to experience, all that you wish to partake of is yours for the taking. Know that it is your birth given right to experience full abundance, health, benevolence, light and love. For you are true creator of your known world. You are equipped with all that you need in order to manifest a new heaven on earth. Know that it is so, for it is!”

EXPECTATION (Negative connotation in the human psyche) = NON ACTION


To intend is to CREATE and grasp the outcome which is intended for YOU – BY YOU!


Stay tuned for my next newsletter where I will share with you Part II of a very important guide on how to attract abundance into your life.

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Stay steady, stay grounded, stay in the NOW! I love you all so very much and am sending you the love of UNIVERSAL proportions!

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. For more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

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~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna
and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEILhttps://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/ Please note: The author of this website and its assigns are not responsible in any way shape or form for any actions taken by individuals reading these posts. The information provided herein is for information purposes only and does not constitute as any medical advice, whatsoever. Therefore the author and publisher of this site assume NO responsibility for any individuals’ interpretation or use of the information provided herein
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A+ _Our Promise to Gaia - The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

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Carl Jung:

“Mistakes are, after all, the foundations of truth, and if a man does not know what a thing is, it is at least an increase in knowledge if he knows what it is not.”
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Our Promise to Gaia - The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


One day, a very normal person was walking
On the body of Gaia when…

Suddenly, an energy wave flowed into her HEART and MIND
And, also, surrounded her Body.

This energy wave seemed to affect her
And even seemed to transmute her via the AIR

Suddenly, she was no longer “just a human.”
Within that NOW she became Gaia’s EARTH

She was Gaia’s Land and Trees.
She even became Gaia’s Sun

Unexpectedly, she became ONE
With Gaia’s Water

Within That Same NOW she felt the FIRE of Gaia’s Body
Ignite Her Earthly Core

Beyond Her control, but totally within Her desire,
She was ONE with ALL life.

Within the earthly body she had worn her entire life,
She WAS the Body of Gaia!

She could feel her human body, not as “just as one body of just one person.” Within that moment of the NOW, she KNEW that her individual, human body was ONE with Gaia’s collective, planetary body.

For an endless moment of No-Time, she experienced herself as being a planet. All she could do was fall to the EARTH, that she had become, to cry rivers of Gaia’s WATER, until a FIRE of life ignited within her core.

Slowly, she arose. As she stood tall within the knowing of her true being, she took a long, deep breath of Gaia’s sweet AIR. As she exhaled, she heard a deep inner voice say,

“I AM Gaia! I am within your personal body, and you are within my planetary body.

“Within this NOW we—person and planet—are ONE!

“Therefore, just as you must learn, and/or remember, how to treat me with Unconditional Love. You must also learn, and/or remember, how to treat your self with Unconditional Love.

“Dear humans of my planetary body, I ask you NOW,
‘How can you give away what you do not possess within your self?’
“In order to give away Unconditional Love, you must first have it towards your self.

“But what is Unconditional Love?”
I, your Earth Mother, hear you ask.

“Beloved humans, you were meant to be the protectors of my Earthly body, I know that I NOW speak to those who have chosen to take an earth vessel, not because you needed to clear your own, human karma.
NO, I speak to you my dear humans who know me as your Beloved Earth Mother.

“What I say to you, dear humans, is that YOU were meant to be the “Keepers of MY Land,” and the great cetaceans were meant to be the “Keepers of MY Water.” Dear humans, I speak to you NOW to remind you of the promise that you made before you took your humanoid form.

“I, your Mother Earth, remind YOU that you are to be the “Keepers of My Land.”
Can you experience how my Earth has created a form for you?
Can you feel how my Air fills your lungs to allow your earth vessel to breathe?
Can you realize how my Fire creates the synapses of your nervous system?
Can you remember that your body is filled with, and must drink, Water to remain alive?

I AM your Mother Earth and YOU ARE my children.
Love me as unconditionally as I love you, so that you can fulfill the promise that you made before you took your earth vessel, which was…





Can WE Make that same promise NOW?

(all pictures by Suzanne Lie) Posted by Suzanne Lie at 9:40 AM

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lunes, 20 de marzo de 2017

Being ONE with Gaia- The Arcturians and Our Galactic Family--Through Suzanne Lie

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Carl Jung:

“Mistakes are, after all, the foundations of truth, and if a man does not know what a thing is, it is at least an increase in knowledge if he knows what it is not.”
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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Being ONE with Gaia- The Arcturians and Our Galactic Family--Through Suzanne Lie


Being ONE with Gaia

The Arcturians and Our Galactic Family
Dear Readers,

I wish to share with you that I have been moving through a deep process of transmuting my SELF into an entirely different reality. With great thanksgivings I add that the reality to which I am “moving” is the life that my true SELF has always wanted, but kept that desire as an “impossible reality” that I could only imagine and dream about.

Of course, in order for the “new” to enter, I had to first release the “old.” I will take a moment to explain that the manifestation of this shift is that I am now in the process of moving into what I would call a, “fifth dimensional community.”

Of course, it has Internet, so I can continue meeting and communicating with all of you in the same manner as always. I wanted to write this article to remind you all that our “long term dreams” CAN come true.”

In my case, this move is the fulfillment of a very long-term dream about living as ONE with Nature. I imagined that life as a child and teen, and I went to a college that was in the redwoods when I graduated from High School.

However, I was not ready for that change then and only lasted one semester in that environment. I was too young to change, and I had many processes to experience before I could return to that dream and totally live it.

We are now fulfilling that dream. This time, we bought a house and are moving soon to that location. Of course, we went into Nature for most of our vacations, so we could always “visit” our dream, but now we, my husband and I, will LIVE that dream.

I wanted to share this information with you, because I feel you all as friends. I also wanted to share this information because my Inner Guides directed me to share it. I do not have the details of why they have directed me in this manner, but I will ask them now and share their answer with you, my readers.

Dear Arcturians and members of my Galactic Family,
Please assist me to understand why I have been directed to share my personal experience in this manner.

Dear Suzille,
We have asked you to share your experience of “moving into your True SELF,” as we would call it, because it is the NOW for ALL of our multidimensional representatives to Earth to remember, and become, their true SELF.

We also add, that every single human on Earth, even the Illuminati, has the possible reality to initiate their Return to SELF. What we mean by “Return to SELF,” is that Gaia will be increasingly able to open more and more of Her fifth dimensional territories for habitation of Her earthly inhabitants.

Of course, there are two components to this shift. ONE is making that shift/expansion into your fifth dimensional consciousness, and TWO is remaining within that state of consciousness in order to calibrate your perceptions to that frequency of reality.

The only reality that your earth vessel can perceive is the reality that matches your state of consciousness. As you know, there are uncountable versions/frequencies of reality that are always running, all the time.

In order to experience any of these realities, you must calibrate your consciousness, and hence your perceptions, to the frequency of reality that you wish to perceive. Of course, your challenge is to have enough mastery of your thoughts and emotions to be able to “calibrate your consciousness” to the higher frequencies of reality.

Gaia is NOW in the midst of re-calibrating Her baseline from the third dimensional, and lower to mid fourth dimensional, into a baseline frequency of the fifth dimension. In other words, Gaia is ready to return to Her fifth dimensional Lightbody Planet and is inviting ALL Her inhabitants to join Her within that higher frequency of reality.

The third through mid-fourth dimensional Matrix that has housed many of Her inhabitants will be released. Then, those who can resonate their consciousness to Gaia’s higher fourth and fifth dimensional resonance will join Gaia with Her Earthly Ascension.

Please remember that “time,” as you measure it in the third and lower fourth dimension is only an illusion of the 3D Matrix. Hence, as Gaia’s 3D Matrix move further and further away from Gaia’s Earth, all those who can only resonate to the 3D Matrix will also move further and further away from Gaia’s ascending planet.

Furthermore, as Gaia embraces more and more of the Higher Light through which She is traveling, Her Planetary Consciousness will expand into higher and higher frequencies of the fourth dimension, as well as into the fifth dimension.

Eventually, Gaia’s Third Dimensional Matrix, on which the polarities of good and bad battle for position, will no longer be able to resonate to Gaia’s higher frequencies. Within that NOW, the Matrix will fracture and it will need to leave Earth in search of a lower frequency planet around which it can adhere.

Those who still live on the 3D Matrix, will not be aware of what is occurring as the 3D Matrix will not change. Hence, those who can only adhere their consciousness to the Matrix will NOT see a difference in their reality.

Eventually, the 3D Matrix will adhere to another planet on which it can afford its residents the opportunity to continue their “power over others” versus “powerless victims” format.

Those who have resonated to the frequency of the 3D Matrix for many incarnations have been in search of Power Over because they could not relate to the immense Power Within that they carried within their High Heart and Multidimensional Mind.

However, the Multiverse is forgiving. Therefore, it will grant these lost ones yet another opportunity to release their need to have “power OVER” others and seek their own power within so that they can “return to their Soul’s innate Infinite Wisdom, Power, and Love.

Those who have chosen the third dimensional path will continue their lives in much the same manner as they always have. Interestingly, because they are seeking “power over others,” they will likely NOT perceive that their reality has shifted.

Remember, that one can only perceive the frequency of reality that resonates to their state of consciousness. Therefore, since they remain bound to the 3D Matrix, their consciousness will be bound to the 3D experience of reality.

Therefore, they will only be able to perceive the third dimension. Please remember that there are New Souls and Old Souls. A New Soul is a being that has not had many incarnations on the third dimension.

Therefore, they do not know Gaia’s third dimensional operating system, which are based on time, space, separation, and energy out equals energy back. Therefore, they have not yet realized that when negative energy comes to them, that they are the hidden source of that energy field.

Therefore, they miss the opportunity to consciously receive the energy fields that they have sent out. When they can consciously perceive the return of what they have sent out, they have an instant feedback system.

If what they feel is anger or sorrow, it is because (usually in an unconscious manner) they have sent out that energy field. Once they realize that they are actually in an on-going process of creating that which they perceive as coming to them, they have an opportunity to learn.

Gaia’s polarities of “good and love” versus “bad and fear” will assist them to realize that when they send out love to others it makes them feel Good. On the other hand, when they send out fear to others, it makes them feel Bad.

ALL of the Ascended Masters on Earth have mastered that lesson. Even in the midst of great suffering, they continued to ONLY send out love, especially Unconditional Love. Therefore, they crossed over into the Astral Plane at their death with a consciousness filled with Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness.

It was this state of consciousness that allowed them to “ascend” into their fifth dimensional Lightbody and eventually became Ascended Masters and/or religious icons. However, the Ascended Masters had no desire to become “icons,” and tried to tell their disciples NOT to worship them.

However, for much of Earth’s history, few humans could realize that their spiritual leader did not desire their worship, and actually wanted their disciples to live in the same manner as that ascended one had lived.

The ascended ones did not perceive themselves as Gods in the manner in which their disciples perceived them. Instead, they wanted their disciples to go through the same process that they had taught them via their process of resonating to their own ascension.

Of course, few humans have been able to live a life based on Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness for ALL lives—even the person who was responsible for their death.

However, within your NOW, your own Multidimensional SELF is able to communicate with you in a manner that was not possible before. Those humans who have been able to “love selves as much as they love others” have created a Circular Path between the third, fourth and fifth dimension of reality.

This Circular Path allows the ascending ones to realize that they are “not saints.” Instead, they are Multidimensional Beings who have chosen to take a third dimensional earth vessel in order to best assist dear planet Gaia with Her process of Planetary Ascension.

There are many ones who could have become Ascended Masters within their earthly incarnation, but the “power over others” that could be gained, as well as the “wealth and recognition” that their ego-self craved, lowered their consciousness and hardened their hearts.

Therefore, they chose the glory of the third dimension over the unconditional love and power within of the fifth dimension and beyond. In fact, most of the Ascended Masters had several, or many, “rehearsal lives” in which they became fully aware of the great challenge presented by taking a third dimensional body.

We, the Galactics, and even the Angelics and Ascended Ones have all moved through the initiations of “power over others” versus “power within.” Third dimensional Earth resonates to such a low frequency within your NOW, and has suffered two world wars, atom bombs and the radiation from the Chernobyl “accident.”

Beloved Gaia has suffered greatly in Her third dimensional form and anxiously awaits Her full return to Her innate fifth dimensional form. However, because Gaia—who is the Living Being often known as Earth—is deeply dedicated to ascending as many of Her inhabitants as possible.

She is currently faced with a huge challenge. She deeply wishes to ascend all Her humans. However, many humans are responsible for the murder of many of Gaia’s species of birds, animals, fish, core, oceans, water, air etc. etc. She is faced with a great decision.

Does she ascend NOW in order to rescue all of Her life forms above, or should she wait longer so that more humans will be able to ascend as well? After much pondering of this question, Gaia has decided to contact the Galactic worlds that surround Her.

Venus instantly rushed to Gaia’s rescue, as did many of the Galactics who are now surrounding Gaia. From their Starships, they are constantly assisting Gaia, but humanity sends our more destruction as soon as an area is cleared.

Therefore, we end this transmission with a loving plea to ALL humans on Earth. We, your higher dimensional expressions of SELF—The Galactics—call on you to remember NOW, the reason why YOU chose to take a third dimensional earth vessel within this NOW.
YOU are important and WE need your assistance NOW!!

The Arcturians and Your Galactic Family

This Equinox on Monday, March 20
Spring Forward into 5D

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MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2017

1:00-2:00 PM PDT

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