martes, 17 de enero de 2017


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Carl Jung:
” Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”
 Carl Jung
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There is no longer any doubt that we are in the midst of a major transition on our planet! This transition is impacting us all on every level - emotional, physical, mental and spiritual, and externally is being manifest as changes in every sphere of our life. Our social, political, environmental and financial systems are all breaking down so that we can establish a Higher order, a new way of being.

These changes are being promulgated by intense waves of cosmic energy coming at us through our sun from deep in our galaxy. We are all being 're-booted' in order to align with the Higher way of being which requires us as individuals and as a species to live more deeply from the heart. The so-called awakening is happening before our very eyes and we are all a vital part of this transformation.

The intensity of this new energy, along with changes in the electromagnetic stability of our own planet means that our personal energy fields are changing, and in fact NEED to change in order for us to align, access and utilise this highly charged, spiritual energy. This is where the DIAMOND LIGHT GRID takes on such an important role, and it is a vital aspect of the very evolution of our humanity.

The DIAMOND LIGHT GRID is a sacred architecture, a CRYSTALLINE MATRIX OF LIGHT that is restructuring our auric fields to take on the form of an octahedral diamond - 2 pyramids joined base to base. In the same way that many are describing new planetary grids (also known as paradise grids), so too is your personal energy field requiring an alignment to this form through the architecture of the diamond. The macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm and vice-versa. As above, so below. The DIAMOND grid network is reflected as a deep organising principle throughout the universe - from the way that galaxies cluster together, to the way that our DNA spirals in its perfected form.

Your personal Diamond Light Grid therefore, is your link to a Higher Level of Consciousness. At the symbolic level it represents a deep impulse to recognise our own perfection and true place in this universe. It is no mistake that the gem diamond is used to symbilise love, beauty, perfection and esteemed value. It represents our soul's attaiment of spiritual perfection and a deep connection with the Highest aspects of our being. You may find it interesting to note that the strength of the gem diamond - widely recognised as the hardest stone, is as a result of the internal arrangement of its atoms forming in an octahedral - cubic structure.

This same strength is what your DIAMOND LIGHT GRID brings to your energy fields, enabling you to hold and utilise far higher quantities of super-charged, high frequency energy. It also strengthens your emotional, mental and phsyical bodies providing you with the means at all levels to expand and evolve while holding your personal space with a greater degree of balance and authentic power. It is the vehicle for recalibrating you to your Highest expression and the energy of your soul. It is your conduit to Source and an embodiment of the heart of All that IS.

You are a part of this ever strengthening grid of light weaving its form across the planet. Take up your place as we reconnect humanity with its original diamond blueprint and co-create a more harmonious world. It all begins with us!

Julie Umpleby
I (your name) am merging with every particle of the highest diamond light, feeling every particle of the highest living light pyramid structure, activate every parts of my being - Join in and feel the expansion
~ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes
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