lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2016

Energy Update ~ CHRISTmas Day, Tying Up Old 'Loose Ends'

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Carl Jung:
” Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”
 Carl Jung
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Energy Update ~ CHRISTmas Day, Tying Up Old 'Loose Ends'

December 25, 2016

By Anastacia

Blue Beyond - CHRISTmas day - Tying up old 'loose ends' - 25th December 2016

As we have come into a very new CHRISTmas energy, then there comes the 'tying up of loose ends' of the old, as we do so.

Clearing a path through the old threads and path with the new..breaking through the old stagnant energy.

Underlying grief and sadness for and of the old as we are feeling the new.

A lot of this has been held in our aura energy field - left of by-product' of times past. Releasing that anger, fear and resentment.

Seeing the 'old' in a bubble to our left, as we create a new experience in the new.

And as we do this, there is a cross over and passing by of both energies, the new and the old.

Shifting through and clearing out.

On a new strong 'wave' of energy as we go about our way and our day.

Not being part of the old world 'mad rush' of going out and about in all one is doing or feels they need to do.

By all means if one wants to do this, then great...yet when one gets older, one grows out of this.

To reach the true meaning of CHRISTmas of the CHRIST unconditional love - coming from within as we then allow our Inner Light to Shine to the World.

To come back to, it is about being with our loved ones, this is what true CHRISTmas Spirit is about.

To find that loving CHRIST energy within ourselves....even if we are by ourselves as really, we are never by ourselves...only if we isolate ourselves. And for those souls, my heart and love goes out to you in all you are and experiencing.

I know it can be a very testing time with families as we can be so different and 'far apart' in our beliefs and where we are each at.

Yet, we need to be the calm and the love in the centre, our Centre.

"Brushing off' or not taking 'others' energies on and what they are going through or where they are coming from or what they are projecting out.

Be the Shining Light or the Guiding Star in all you are and who you are.

And thankyou for the year of being here right here with me through all of these energies as we have traversed through so much 'New Ground' for and with ourselves and humanity.

We are a league of extraordinary souls who have persisted and transmuted SO MUCH to get where we are at now.

We are in the here and now in a way never been reached before.

And we need to be very 'proud' of ourselves in a loving way of honouring ourselves and our soul and spirit.

As we have achieved so very much.

I love you and thankyou for being here with me at this time...and for future days and roads we are now creating newly.

All my love


Posted Yesterday by Juan Pablo Rodriguez

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