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December 2016 – Galactic Alignment + Solstice

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Carl Jung:
” Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”
 Carl Jung
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December 2016 – Galactic Alignment + Solstice

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By Simone M Matthews
Monday, December 12th, 2016

In this generation on Earth, during the period of the December Winter/Summer Solstice each year (see below discussion on the Solstice energy), we experience a GALACTIC ALIGNMENT of the Earth, Sun & Galactic Centre in the Astrological Sign of Sagittarius.
This EXACT alignment this year takes place on the 18 December 2016 (see image right, please click on the image to enlarge)… after our SUPERMOON on the 13/14 December.
During this time, as discussed in my Aetheric Healing™ eCourse, HUMANITY is positioned in the centre of the GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE – a tetrahedron of energy formed by the Earth, Sirius, Alcyone & the Galactic Centre (see diagram below).
This TETRAHEDRON of energy surrounding each and everyone of us seeks to ‘STRUCTURE the WATER’ within our bodies (see diagram below) such that we litterally become walking LIQUID CRYSTALS.
Every cell within our body is thus bathed in this GALACTIC LIQUID CRYSTAL resonance, which in turn ACTIVATES our DNA and ATTUNES (increase in resonance) our genetic potential.
At this time each year, this GALACTIC ALIGNMENT COSMIC BLUEPRINT – formed by Earth, Sirius, Alcyone & the Galactic Centre supports us in stepping into (both individually & collectively) our greater Evolutionary Purpose and helps us to step into the grandest version of the greatest vision that we have ever held for ourselves.
The energy of the GALACTIC ALIGNMENT is also amplified through our Solar Systems transition through the Photon Band/Belt of Alcyone – essentially weaving/birthing ‘The Divine Feminine’ within our hearts, minds and souls. Read More >

How to embrace the Galactic Alignment Energy
During the GALACTIC ALIGNMENT on the 18 December 2016, you may wish to make a time to go with in and through the energetic frequencies of the GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE, as taught within our Aetheric Healing™ eCourse, perform the following:
Place your hands in ‘Prayer Position’ over your HEART (see diagram right) and focus on the rhythm of your breath. Through your breath your Nervous System acts like a tuning fork or antennae picking up the signals of creation; signals that lie not only deep within your DNA but also the frequencies of nature, the Earth, the stars, the planets, through to Galaxies and Universes.
Once your nervous system is in deep resonance with the field, you then connect with your Higher-Self to become the observer of your human experience within the boundless expression of the Aetheric Field. Through a series of internal/external enquiries you see beyond the veil of illusion and awaken your consciousness to a greater understanding of your human potential through the Aetheric Field.
Within this awakened knowledge, you then re-pattern your Nervous System to express the authentic truth of your I AM PRESENCE. You move beyond pain, struggle, limitation and fear to now emanate wholeness, abundance, compassion and kindness from a place self-love. Your neural pathways now radiate this new energy field, which in-turn activates your DNA, changes your cellular functioning, brings your emotional/mental mind into alignment with your I AM Presence and you flow with infinite Soul Potential within the Aetheric Field.
Overall… our 18 December 2016 GALACTIC ALIGNMENT will support you in breathing through the symphony of universal intelligence expressing itself through you.
When you live your life as a conscious expression of this universal intelligence, your life takes on a greater purpose, your relationships become more meaningful and you ooze luminescent health & vitality.
Summer/Winter Solstice – December 21, 2016
On the 21 December we have the Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) and the Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere).
The Northern Hemisphere WINTER SOLSTICE marks the LONGEST day of the year, whilst the Southern Hemisphere SUMMER SOLSTICE marks the SHORTEST Day of the year. Due to the tilt of the Earth (see the diagram below), at our 21 December Solstice, the Artic Circle (Northern Hemisphere) will experience 24 hours of darkness whereby the Sun does not rise and Antartica (Southern Hemisphere) will experience 24 hours of light whereby the Sun does not set.

In the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE, the December SOLSTICE it is a time of celebration, a joyous time to open you HEART and shine your LIGHT and share your LOVE through the Great Exhalation of the Cosmic Breath. It is a time of JOY, CELEBRATION and DANCE with life as we reach the threshold of peak growth for the year.
In the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE, the December SOLSTICE it is a time of inward reflection, a time to move into our HEARTs and connect with our LIGHT within and breath in the LOVE through the Great Inhalation of the Cosmic Breath. It is a time of inner NURTURING & REGENERATION in preparation for our emergence into the world as the days gradually grow longer.
During the Solstice… I recommend taking the wisdoms garnered during our GALACTIC ALIGNMENT on the 18 December and anchoring these UNIVERSAL TRUTHS within your HEART.
Consider lighting a candle and honouring the LIGHT of joy, blissful abundance, compassion, peace & kindness. Take a moment to BREATHE and unify the Solstice Polarity within your HEART. As we then move into the threshold of a new cycle, it is a time to come together with all humanity through the LIGHT of our LOVE and send a wave of unifying peace through the Crystalline Wisdom Field of our Earth as we step into a NEW YEAR ‘Universal 1’ Cycle in 2017.
© Simone M. Matthews
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