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Carl Jung:
“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”Carl Jung

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Identifying And Assisting Walk in Souls – Facts You Must Know
What are walk in souls? a walk in soul is a soul exchange which takes place in the body of a walk out soul, a soul that has completed only part of their mission on Earth and for what ever reason they prepared to depart. The walk in soul decides to complete the rest of the contract left by the walk out soul. Instead of letting the healthy body die another soul steps in and continues where the original soul left off. A walk in soul can also be a companion soul in spirit form walking with a soul with a physical body. A walk in can be a soul which has fragmented and has returned home reuniting with the soul mate in a body. Lets look at the different types of walk in souls that we may encounter.

Different Types Of Walk In Souls
Walk in’s can be from many places and dimensions. They could be from the Pleiades, Sirius,Arcturus etc and often even Earth. From a more structured perspective could be a combined divine spirit here to encompass human souls, or could be in the same soul family as the old soul.
As I have mentioned many walk-ins are soul family members, who have decided to give another soul a taste of the Earth experience. This type of agreement seems to be the easiest because they have other soul family members on Earth, so the vibration and recognition stay the same.
The soul family exchange may have the higher vibrational master come in at the beginning to kick start or they may come in at the end to finish the job.
The Temporary walk in souls
If your soul is needed elsewhere another soul can come in to hold the fort for a short term, while the original soul takes care of business or receives healing.
Soul Exchange
This is probably the most difficult for walk-in’s to integrate. For the soul to be allowed to exchange places, there is a possible accident combined with memory loss. With this strategy there is however an excuse for the new soul that does not recognize their family or spouse.
There seems to be small amount of soul particle left from the original soul for the walk-in to rely on, basic needs like eating, talking etc.
Soul Braiding
Since the full experience can be very confusing and complex for the walk-in and soul family, most of the souls plan to gradually integrate their energies into the body whilst the old soul gradually leaves. As you can see there are many different ways walk in souls can take place. Do you think you have had a walk in soul experience or do you know someone who has? If you have leave a comment below.
Posted Yesterday by Juan Pablo Rodriguez

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