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Alan Perez:



Yes Little son; the ark of partnerships is the agreement of the own human thought; this agreement is between the virtues of the spirit and the elements of nature; and each one of you made an agreement with the living elements of your world; this agreement was known in the past in the different human psychologies; the pharaohs aware of it; and represented in a coffin that had square form; the people of Israel did what was symbolized by four pillars; and carrying the ark by where traveling; had not yet temple; the temples of worship material left when it emerged the trade; it was to get the most out of the faith of the people; there were many Wars between those who wanted to perpetuate the ancient Ark of the alliances, and the builders of temples; traders and exploiters defended the past because it suited their selfish interests; and as it is written that every spirit is tested in his thinking, the Father Jehovah left free to the spirit; it was his free will the one chosen by the fate of his test; the Spirit gave its skill and quality to their own thoughts; and if the materialistic world is guided by worship material was by the tendency of the spirits ambitious; of those who take advantage of any event or human phenomenon; because they see That faith is perpetual; and see in it their assured gains; the so-called religious rock is one of these sects trading; everything reduced to money; said helping others; in a certain way makes it; rather, they are those who perpetuate the need in others; if capitalism operator to created to rich and poor, Why the rock is allying with it? Why does not the excommunicated? Why did it with many innocent people? Why blesses weapons product of capitalism? knowing these demons, that the divine commandment says: You shall not kill; the rock of human selfishness, the whore trade, that cheated to millions and millions of children will fall as should fall false christs; this sect that is always boasts of love of neighbor, was the first to deny the Lamb of God; because their spirits live materialized and excited; wanted to be the first in the kingdom, to explain to the others who came to a planet Earth, the laws of the Father; more, their spiritual hierarchies were very small; what is proposed, needed a moral power higher; should be more pure creatures; And not to be tempted by wealth; the largest of the illusions; because of riches, it does not enter into the Kingdom, no religious spirit; the word rock symbolizes in the Kingdom, the spiritual selfishness of the creatures; these demons of worship material, believe that rock means to eternity of the Church; nothing more wrong, because in this world there is no rock that is eternal; all become dust; because of the dust left; the spirits religious, will be the first to be tried; because so requested them in the Kingdom; as the cause that it will defend on Earth, is the first, called to be the first to be tried before the world; these spirits, are the same Pharisees Of the past; they called born again to amend errors committed in other worlds; in distant planets, did the same for what they have done in your world; divide the faith of mankind in many beliefs; having a single truth; a just God only; truly, I say to you only Satan is thus divided itself; and this means that the religious rock, is divided and falls by his own law; to the same who deceived, will be your judges; because writing was: with the rod that measure, thou shalt be measured; and the yardstick is the morale of the Commandments is the doctrine of the Lamb of God; that was announced for many centuries in the scriptures.-

Yes Little son; the ark of alliances is infinite; everything that exists is an ark in their own laws; because the alliances of the Kingdom of Heaven, have no limit; includes the whole of nature; and all the known universe and unknown; until your microscopic pores of your flesh, have His Ark of alliances; because nobody is disinherited; the Ark of the Alliances has everything that there are and will be in the universe; includes matter and spirit; all are judged by their own Ark; until the microbes in your world; knowledge of the Ark of the alliances, was by revelation; as been the whole word, exit of the free will of the Creator; Any disclosure is also an ark; and all that you have created in your world, is an ark; the term Ark is a heavenly term; and means materialization of spiritual facts; and your individuality is also an ark; that has skill and quality; the Ark of the Alliances has 318 virtues; because your thinking has that number of virtues; the Ark of partnerships is the complement of all human thought; because you all have a point of origin; in your concepts that you had on the existence, never gave you the true light of your origin; because so asked for in the kingdom of heaven; all your alliances have skill and quality and a psychology Trial; and is your individuality which expresses the skill and quality; is your way of being; and for all there is a justice; although the facts of your life are not identical to that of another; divine justice encompasses not only the facts of life; but, that all collective event; everything that happened around you; all meetings that did in life; the organization of the materialistic world, being the product of the rape, was conceived in the kingdom; because nothing is created without the permission of God; the insistence of the spirits to prove this or that philosophy, is infinite; and the Creator Seeing the future violations, nothing says; because every creature must live out their own errors; if you do not live, did not know; and it would not be perfect; while you knew everything; the know everything is relative to the evolution; because nobody in the universe knows everything; only the Father knows everything; this is due to the infinite expands at a speed that escapes all; less the Father; because it is the creator of all about the whole; the ark of the alliances to always existed; because there have always been universe; the principle of how everything started, is a question that arises in all the worlds; because it is born looking for the truth; the truth is the Continuity of the living word of God; and there is no other eternal truth; and there is another truth is relative and output of the truth of the Father; all truth recognizes the Father; and the first truth the truth of the Father, judged the other; because all truth returns to the Father; because nobody is disinherited; the first truth has been revealed many times to the world; there was in the past other creatures, that you do not knew; and the number of these beings is as the number of arenas, that contains a desert; not to know the existence of these beings, is and was a request of you; it was included in The oblivion of the past that all humanity requested; and you are granted; this revelation the knew the cursed pharaohs; because they possessed powers that studying the past of the Earth; more, were not in the world; they were taken from the world, by Father Lord; it is a thousand times preferable not to be wise, before that violate a microscopic part of my law; it is what happened to these beings; enslaved the people of Israel, taught him the ambition to gold, and made worship as gods in the Earth; nobody is born to be worshipped; is born to cultivate the humility and refined for a better life; none of my commandments sends worshipping; or send be king; because no king Or queen enter the kingdom of heaven; nor any noble of this world; this title mundane as the king, represent the maximum pride of the human spirit; only the children of the work are great in the kingdom; writing was: Son of man; because the man is the product of the work; and all work makes men; the Ark of partnerships is a living alliance that calls for justice, when the spirits return to the point where left; all your 318 virtues arise from your spirit; and as are more microscopic that your spirits, they are the first to enter heaven; because everything tiny and all humble, is treated first; as was sent in the Earth: the humble are the first; and your virtues remain in the Kingdom, acquired enormous proportions; because they are large of knowledge and have each one of them, free will; as has your spirit; and are the virtues of your thinking, which you accuse; they joined your spirit, to refined in the human life; here is the main cause of why the scriptures; because all scripture you was given, to refine your virtues; that are the components of your moral; of your Ark of Life; that to sin, violated the law of the ark; because the converted into their accusers; and which has done well to exalted his ark; and Converts in your defenders; here is the cause of that Satan is thus divided same; because the virtues in their free will, divided their views; and many times it happens that the spirit is only; because their virtues are turned against him; this is common in the spirits immoral; the outrageous; those who were naked before the world; because in the distant planet, were cursed in the revelation, by Father Jehovah; as equally to the that divided the world; in the spiritual and the material; this is the rock of religion and the capitalist rock; the first divided the world of faith, in many beliefs; having a just God only; and the second by dividing the Same live in the world, in rich and poor; imposed to my children, the alternative to be like them, or perish; forced to my sons, to serve two masters: to poverty and wealth; and none of the two, is a tree of the Father; and are unknown in the kingdom of heaven; neither the one nor the other are; because every tree that does not planted the Father, root is started; the disappearance of the religious rocks and capitalist, marks the happiest time of the world; because it falls the cause of all the ills of the humanity; evils that lasted for centuries; because every spirit is tested in life; this yoke that is own of spirits Arrears, will be booted the human evolution; and will be their same victims whom the judge; continue to serve these two rocks, is to perpetuate the estrangement of the Kingdom of Heaven, because each passing second, is an existence more in the estrangement; humanity is advised; serve the demon of falsehood and illusion, costs the future spiritual happiness; the ark of any alliance, also knows of the notice; because your virtues listen; nobody is disinherited; divine justice begins from the moment that you read the doctrine of the Lamb of God; or listen that came a revelation; because just hear, see or speak of the Father, and must be run to her; Don't you are taught that your Creator is above all things? is then, above all the chores; on all the concerns; and whoever does not acted thus, does not enter into the kingdom of heaven; because it violated the law; violated the mandate; this revelation will cause crying and gnashing of teeth, in all those who were the first to see, rolls of lamb; and not given importance; these are the first violators of the law; they asked to be the first in the Kingdom, in view the scriptures telepathic of lamb; and were granted; if they had been more humble, and if they were not so excited in customs that did not leave the Father, not Would cry; and lost the only opportunity, entering the kingdom; if they were indifferent to the who came into the world in the name of the Lord, so will find indifference in the kingdom; because the below affects up; there is law that judges whether up or down; and if the first i tried as requested, had been concerned in their free time of my scriptures, would have read a parable that they had to meet: the who has eyes that see; which have mouth that talk and who have ears that hear; this means that the new of the Father, there are to be made known; there is to be silent; because he is above all things; and everyone That hides the world any disclosure or truth, shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven; accused shall be by their own virtues, selfishness intellectual; and all contempt for my living word, is measured by seconds; From the very moment of the spurned, until the moment of repentance; sum the seconds that contains the time, day, week and year; and calculated the amount of the debt; each second of contempt is equivalent to an existence outside the Kingdom of Heaven; and all oblivion to the law of the Father, there was equal pay; all promised worship me in mind, all the moments of your life; and you are granted; Understand now why I was taught: You will worship your Lord over all things? on all things includes the most microscopic time of your thinking; I know that did a system of life that you flew of fancy; your moments were entertained in the ephemeral; and not in the eternity of Father; more, above all things, judges in more severe form, the cause of your fall; because if it punished the sinner, more punished yet, is that by which comes the sin; and any cause of all evil in this world, is in the creators of money; because I will tell you that if these demons of exploitation and ambition, had not come to This world, ye enter the kingdom of heaven; because no ye need of any opinion; because there would be no cause - the cause of your fall is the cause of the science of well; the material well-being, which came out of a source, that it did not take into account the mandate of the Father; and that mandate was that all humble is first; first in all things of this world; first to govern; first to make laws; first in everything that your mind can imagine; more, that did not happen; you know well that it is just the opposite; the first are the so-called rich; the excited higher; a present transitory; which only measured by their eyes; rather limited; That is enclosed in a present; and when they are just the gold, it ended for them the life; they just stay the way of suicide; indeed I say that if I leave that these demons of deception, continue ruling the world, ye finish off being slaves; because the philosophy of the rich, is philosophy dead; does not fall to the eternity of the kingdoms of the heavens; this happened in the past; when the first rich and exploiters called pharaohs, they wished to exploit the ancient world; they succeeded and fell, and anyone who attempts to violate the law of the Father, falls off sooner or later; and as well as have fallen all individual tyrants of the past also fall tyrants collective; in the past Fell the cursed Osiris dynasty; now falls the sect of the rock and the beast of capitalism; two collective tyrants; because grouped to millions of beings; the yoke of the world reaches its end; a yoke that served as a test and of justice to the world; and at the same time served to test the intentions of certain demons; these demons are the ones who created the capitalism; the system of capitalist life and religion materialistic, will be remembered by future generations, as the era of darkness; because none of this was entered the kingdom of heaven; and from the future, his creatures will make infinite comments; As that eat one another; exhibiting the Meat quartered in butchers; because these beings of the future, not eat meat; out of respect for the divine commandment that says: You shall not kill; what you call "animals, are not in the Kingdom; and they will not in the future of your world; the Creator does not create animals; creates children; whatever form they take, and not the looks with contempt, you are accustomed; of truth I tell you that anyone who ate meat or that spurned to one of my humble, shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven; because no murderer to entered; certainly that to defend life, many times it is necessary to kill; is justified, that kills to save his life; because she asked the Experience; and was granted; more, which kills by whim, more earned him had not been born; because you must pay on distant worlds, pore by pore of his victim; and each little pore of dead meat, represents an existence in that the killer becomes the murdered; because with the rod that measured is measured; and pays an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; the same law for those who ate meat and knew the contents of my commandments; all ark is living and of infinite forms; if you spirits rights, conceive of the shape of your ark, the so-called animals also the conceived; and theirs is the first in the kingdom of heaven; because everything Humble and despised, is first in the kingdom; this divine mandate is the first; because all journeyed microscopic; and still you are; and not you realize because you are surrounded by other microbes; that are more microbes that you; and this feeling also asked; and you are granted; whatever the microbe, has the same rights as all; if you ye violated law, ye violated law of small; because your virtues are the most microscopic you; and they resent any violation; what the body affects the spirit; the above impacts in the below; and the below affects up; because your faults are Tried in the kingdom of heaven; and together with you, are also tried the elements of your nature; which your eyes saw; what your hands have touched; what your smell smelled; your ear heard, and what your mouth spoke; because everything is a living being; and everything has the rights that has one; neither more nor less; until the waters that you we bathed; all its molecules speak; as all the molecules of all foods that ye consumed; and here is the weeping and gnashing of teeth by those who ate meat; because in the Kingdom feel cry to the pores of the flesh of his brothers; and that they ate; the ox, The cow, the dog, the cat and all the animals that know, are spirits as you; and as have the same rights that ye have, they also called test a life; born again; because nobody is disinherited; by virtue of their free will, is that chose a different way of life and physical; chose another skill and quality in its philosophy; they were humble in the land, and large in the sky; because in the case of evidence of life on distant planets, the divine father he prefers the more humble and despised; because he went through the same; nothing is impossible in the creator of the universe.-

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