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In just under 24 hours, we’ll welcome the first eclipse of the year, a solar eclipse in Pisces. This is quite a long post but hopefully you'll find it useful.


Solar eclipses always take place on a New Moon, and when the Sun and Moon are within 18 degrees of either the South Node or North Node. At this week’s eclipse, the Sun and Moon are at 29 degrees of Pisces, while the South Node is at just under 10 degrees of Aries. Solar and lunar eclipses usually come in pairs (sometimes triplets) that occur two weeks apart. This solar eclipse will be followed by a lunar eclipse (and Full Moon) at 14 degrees of Libra on 3/4 April.

Solar eclipses can either be total, partial or annular, depending on how close the Sun and Moon are to the North or South Node, and how close the Moon is to Earth. This week’s eclipse is a partial solar eclipse. While a partial eclipse isn’t considered as powerful as a total eclipse, the Moon is quite close to the Earth now (making this New Moon a “Supermoon”), which many astrologers see as a strengthening factor for this eclipse.


At a solar eclipse, the Moon, which represents our unconscious and our emotions, needs, memories and habitual responses, eclipses the Sun, which represents our conscious self and our spirit, essence and life force. The world can seem to go still at a solar eclipse, as our source of light and life is briefly blocked by the Moon. It’s not hard to see why the ancients feared them so much! On a psychological level, solar eclipses often bring up shadow material for us to process. Depending on how sensitive you are, you may feel a sense of uncertainty, and perhaps even dread, and your emotions and anxiety levels can run high.

This week's solar eclipse is an unusual one in that it takes place at the final degree of Pisces – 29 degrees and 27 minutes to be exact – which is also the final degree of the entire zodiac. Interestingly, this degree is about release and completion, so we have a contradiction here in that we have a New Moon eclipse, which represents new beginnings, taking place at a point in the zodiac that's all about endings! Solar eclipses often bring about a deep psychological shift that sees us close down one part of our life and move onto a new path (sometimes by choice, sometimes not). Because of the degree of this eclipse, and the fact that it’s quickly followed by the Equinox - a time of fresh, new beginnings - that sense of one door closing and another one opening could be even more powerful.
Being in the sign of Pisces, what we could be releasing at this eclipse are any illusions, distractions, addictions, unhealthy attachments and unrealistic dreams that are preventing us from materialising the dreams that do have real potential. If you know your chart, look to the house containing 29 degrees of Pisces. This will show you in which area of life you're likely to be ending or releasing something. Within hours of the eclipse, the Moon and the Sun will move into Aries, so the house in your chart containing the early degrees of Aries will tell you where a new path could appear for you. Keep in mind that the effects of an eclipse can be felt in the weeks leading up to and after it.
This eclipse is actually the first in a series of eclipses that will take place across the Virgo-Pisces axis over the next two years. Take note of the themes that arise now as they could come up again a number of times between now and February 2017. We’re likely to have more letting go to do over the next couple of years!
All eclipses belong to a particular group or family known as a Saros Series. This week’s eclipse belongs to the Saros Series known as SS17 South. Bernadette Brady, author of the book titled “Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark”, states that this family of eclipses is about ‘sudden success in group projects or personal relationship matters. Happiness in love, thinking of love matters, good news concerning relationships or creative expression with a group’. Jupiter, the ruler of this eclipse is in Leo, which could expand the creative and self-expressive vibe of this eclipse. Confidently putting yourself out there, in a group or relationship situation, could open some doors for you now, although it’s worth keeping in mind that Jupiter is still retrograde and that eclipse seasons are not generally good times to make new commitments. If doors open for you now, try to wait until after the lunar eclipse in a couple of weeks before you walk through them.
While this eclipse could be accompanied by a sense of loss, remember that if anything leaves your life now, it's clearing the way for something new to come in. The more gracefully you can let things go now, the more you can enjoy the new beginning that's likely to be just around the corner.

Auriel Morgana
Posted 2 days ago by LUZ ZOHAR

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Solar Eclipse- Spring/Autumn Equinox -March 20th 2015

The last months have seen us meeting powerful challenges in order that we let go of past hurts and karma in readiness for this powerful astrological gateway to the new paradigm. Below is an excerpt from Kelly Rosano whom I resonate with as an incredible astrologer. May we set our intentions in ceremony tomorrow for the continued upliftment of all humanity! Namaste ( Emoticono heart )

“…Eclipses are the most powerful transit that you can experience. They herald major beginnings and endings. Pisces is the most psychic and sensitive sign in the zodiac. Your emotions will feel strong and deep.

“You may be moody and introspective. This is because your feelings rising from your subconscious may be difficult to articulate and communicate. Your sub-conscious speaks in a different language than your conscious mind.
“Your psychic abilities are increasing. Your intuition is strong. You could have spiritual experiences. Trust your intuition. Trust your instincts. Much insight can come to you now.
“…Watch out for fears and phobias that may wash over you. Stay in the present. Your power is in the now. This Pisces eclipse is bringing to light your mission in this life. Your soul’s purpose.”
“…Dream what you want to see in the world. You do not need to fix, save and rescue other people. You want to let people live their own lives. Allow others to learn from their experiences. This is the path to Self-mastery.
“Practice the Law of Allowing. That is create the space for others to find their own answers…If you want to help other people, role model a great life. When you do what is right for you, it is right for everyone else. The Law of Attraction is matching your energy, words and behaviour”
“…The Moon enters Aries less than an hour after the eclipse. Thirteen hours later the Sun enters Aries. You have the Spring/Fall Equinox.
“Your mood will shift rapidly…For you will be ready to launch into action. Having both lights (the Sun and the Moon) in Aries…”
“March 20 could be the most intense day this year. The total eclipse followed by the equinox creates a powerful portal. You can access higher dimensions of consciousness….”
“This is an awesome opportunity to merge with your Soul Self. Be who you really are. Be your authentic Self. March 20 is a brilliant day for ritual and prayer.
“Set your intention for what you want to create in the new season. Dance with Creator.”

© Copyright 2015 ~KELLEY ROSANO All Rights Reserved

Art courtesy of my dear friend Ellen Vaman .. Ellen Love Vaman Art (♥)
Posted 3 days ago by LUZ ZOHAR

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It Has Begun -- Galactic Transmission from Home

It Has Begun -- Galactic Transmission from Home


I close this book with the very first message I received on April 11, 2012, the morning that I began the series.

After a long dream of being in someone else's house and realizing it was time for me to leave and go to my own house, I woke up at 5:55 with the words: "Transmissions from Home."

When I heard the words, "Transmissions from Home," I saw a man sitting at a desk, like a newscaster. He was blond and had on a uniform, which looked like the uniform of a Galactic Being.

His uniform was white and gold with an insignia over his heart. There were also golden adornments on his shoulders and his collar was like straight up, like a military uniform. In fact, it was like a Dress Military Uniform, but not from our military.

I got up and went into my office to get this transmission. I turned on the computer and wrote, "I am ready for your transmission now. Would you please send me your message?" My answer was:

"Dearest Members of Earth,

We are members of the Galactic Federation speaking to you today to tell you that our landings have begun. We come first to our awakened ones within their dreams and meditations. We are here to speak to all who can receive our messages so that we can prepare you. Then, you can prepare others."

From that first message, the Pleiadians story rushed through my fingers. Most of the time I felt as thought I was reading for the first time as I wrote it. I share the story as I received it and hope that it touches your heart and changes your life as much as it did mine.
See you in the higher dimensions.
Suzanne Lie

I did NOT write the rest of the message that I receiving that morning of 4-11-12. Since the books will soon be released, I wanted to share with you, the readers of my blog, the rest of the message.

I feel as though I "know" you all. Also, you are accustomed to some of the far out info I have posted. As we prepare for 2015, It Is The NOW to expand our conscious awareness of the myriad possibilities of our multidimensional reality.

Below, I post the rest of that morning message that I did NOT post in the book. In fact, this message is a composite of another message that I found from the same day that I did not even remember writing.

I have combined those two messages:

Transmissions from Home (Continued)
You have been hearing many messages from your Internet about the great changes that are about to commence regarding the removal of those who have created harm and chaos due to their selfish ways.

These words are true. In fact, this is why we have come to you today. We have come into the dreams and meditations of the grounded/ascending ones to validate the messages you have been receiving.

We are coming into your consciousness in such a vivid fashion that you cannot deny our message or call it "just a dream" or "your imagination." WE know that the formal commencement of your Return Home has been a long awaited dream.

However, you dared not imagine that the time was here. You did not want to discover again that it was "just your imagination." We tell you NOW that your imagination is your fifth dimensional consciousness and your dreams are correct.

On this day/night of April 11, 2012 we are broadcasting this message to our ascending ones to tell you to prepare for your return. We hear you say, "But we have heard these words before and prepared so many times. How can we build our expectation only be disappointed again?"

We have read your minds and it is because of these thoughts that we have come into your consciousness to speak to each of you in an individual manner. We wish to tell each dear members of our Earth Team that the process of ascension has begun in earnest.

Today, 4-11-12 the secret arrests have begun across the world, and those who have sought power over humanity for eons have lost! Yes, they have lost their power, they have lost their money and, most important, they have lost their ability to strike fear into your hearts and minds.

(Note from Sue, I hope that is true. I do know that a wounded animal is more dangerous. Perhaps that is why our news tells of disaster after disaster.)

Of course, there are still many earthlings who choose to linger in fear rather than accept that what they have always desired is NOW theirs to behold. This is why we have come to you today to tell you to prepare to accept these changes with LOVE.

Do NOT allow ANY fear to enter your being, for that is the tool of the dark ones. Hence, we are speaking personally to all of you, as doubt is the foundation for fear. We realize that many of you will not realize that you have received this message, yet, but be patient, and you will remember that you have personally received our guarantee that


We know that there are many levels of that simple statement, so we will give you more details. What has begun is the removal of those who have stood in the way of your joy of ascension since the time leading up to the fall of Atlantis.

Atlantis was to serve as an opener of Portals so that the next 13,000 years would lead up to Planetary Ascension. It was the Divine Plan that there would be myriad personal ascensions when Gaia was "at the back door" of the Galactic Center.

Unfortunately, that was not the case because Atlantis fell into great darkness. Many of you died in service during that time and carried that wounding throughout the next 13,000 years of your incarnations.

Worse yet, the dark ones, the Brothers of Biel, appeared to have won the battle between light and dark and great planetary destruction reigned for many millennia. The dark ones had successfully culled the herd, by killing millions of humans. This "culling of the herd" was the dark ones intention.

However, during your current era YOU, the Forces of Light, have won!

You, our grounded warriors, have been joining us night after night in your finer bodies to assist us with our plans and arrangements. Then, you have awakened in the morning to your earth vessel and began yet another day in the third dimension.

Do you see now why you have been so very tired? Your sleep has not been restful because you have chosen to assist us in your finer bodies, while your third dimensional form regenerated.

We want you to know that you all will begin to feel better soon! There is just the "mopping up" to be done, which you are all happily joining in on while your earth vessel sleeps. Very soon, your "sleep" will NOT be spent battling the forces of darkness, but preparing New Earth for immediate occupancy.

Yes, we do mean immediate. YOU, our Earth Warriors who have tenaciously served our ranks to complete this cycle of destruction, will be spending your "sleep" time preparing New Earth.

Many of you have chosen NOT to remember your dreams, as they were about your great service to Earth in which you were working to remove all that which was trying to halt Gaia's transmutation.

Therefore, you needed to forget your "night shift" because you had to awaken to the third dimension and go back to WORK again. Many of our grounded warriors have been experiencing illness because of their constant service.

On the other hand, your illness has also been a symptom of transformation. Your service to the ONE has initiated your return to Lightbody. Hence, your physical forms are feeling like a skin that has grown too small for you and is very restrictive.

You may even feel like a snake that wants to rest so that you can "shed your old skin." In fact, we encourage you to rest as much as possible because you will be called upon to calm the fears of those who are un-awakened and un-aware.

We need you, the Earth-based members of our Galactic Federation and Angelic Realms, to hold the ever-accelerating Light. We need you, who represent the Earth Based members of our Galactic and Angelic Realms, to carry the ever-accelerating light so that you can better channel your unconditional love to other incarnated ones.

Those who are uninformed may suffer fear, and the best antidote for fear is multidimensional truth and unconditional love. Thus, we send each and every one of you the truth of planetary ascension and the unconditional love that flows from the heart of our Galactic Center.

We send you this light and love to you, our dear grounded expressions of SELF, and ask that you share our gift throughout your daily life. The uninformed may fear your gift, but the best antidote for fear is TRUTH and LOVE.

Therefore, we send to each and every one of you the TRUTH of planetary ascension and the unconditional love that streams from our hearts and from the Galactic Center.

Your Milky Way Galaxy is being cleared of polarity and Earth, the schoolroom for myriad inter-galactic civilizations, is a pivotal planet in this "righting of the ship." With the release of polarity, the wobbling spin of Gaia can be corrected and Earth can "spin" into the higher frequencies of New Earth.

Our message today is to tell you that the tide has turned. Release the fear and restrictions of the old and Embrace the joy of creating New Earth. Your personal and planetary ascension is well underway!

In closing, we remind you that 'time' is an illusion of the third dimension. Hence, the NOW of which we speak can only be experienced through your fifth dimensional consciousness.

Remember dear "Away Team" we are always with you, for we are ONE.

~ Arcturian/Pleaidian message delivered via Mytre the Pleiadian

Posted 23rd December 2014 by LUZ ZOHAR

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sábado, 21 de marzo de 2015

sharing.:::.2.1.0 _ _UFOs - OVNIs - Science - more...

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Solar corona viewed by Proba-2 

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Photo of Albert Einstein 

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Greatest show on earth: This is the moment there was a total eclipse in the Faroe Islands this morning, where eclipse-hunters paid thousands to be this morning 

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viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

Aries the Lamb March 21 ~ April 20 .:::. Aries El Cordero 21 de Marzo ~ 20 de Abril

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the Lamb
March 21 ~ April 20

Any sign of the zodiac is ruled, guided, governed, influenced by one of the planets that form the solar system ... these planets, originally 7, more Luna y Sol, color, modify, character, or the health ... some say that the native destiny of each sign ...
Aries, then, has as ruler the planet Mars ... this sign exerts its influence more "powerful" between 1 and 12 APRIL ... the natives of this sign, born in this period possess more pronounced features of his "peculiar nature ...
As it is ARIES: is presented as impulsive ... strong ... stubborn ... never forget that we are talking about the sign "pure" ... to "fit" with your whole personality, we are missing the rest of your chart ...
Having said this, let's continue: young Aryans, are often the leaders of their groups of friends ... they show harsh, but not too cruel ... although much rudeness is bordering on cruelty, surely ... when it comes to bad jokes, they are in their element ... they are very good in sports, and develop much strength, but long wing they lack of resistance ...they are more explosive than resistant ... are best suited, for example, for sprints, not for long distance running ...
For example, they have generally better results in racing 100 meters or 200 meters flat, instead of racing 5 km, for example .... Of course there are exceptions, as I said, depends on your chart and time of birth ...
Or it could be a very good power lifter, which needs a "boost" "strong" and "explosive" ...!
If you are playing tennis, and do not win the game in the first sets, it is very likely to eventually lose the game, for lack of resistance ...
ARIES natives, admire their best qualities far above the others that may have: STRENGTH, and POWER ...
In this way, they can become very good soldiers ... (for war, not good for "goodness" huahuahau) ... soldiers would be fast, aggressive, risky, "advanced" ... are not supposed to serve very well to say, for soldiers or officers of Staff ... their actions should be in the field, on the front ...!
The defense is the best weapon against the "warlike" natives of Aries ... then after they get tired, bored, if not win fast, they are very fast depleting its energy reserves ...
This will continue…


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El Cordero

21 de Marzo ~ 20 de Abril

Todo signo del zodiaco esta regido, guiado, gobernado, influenciado, por uno de los planetas que forman el sistema solar… estos planetas, originalmente 7, mas Luna y Sol, colorean, modifican, el carácter, o la salud…algunos dicen que el destino del nativo de cada signo…
Aries, entonces, tiene como regente al planeta MARTE… este signo ejerce su influencia mas “poderosa” entre el 1 y el 12 de ABRIL… los nativos de este signo nacidos en este periodo poseerán rasgos mas acentuados de su “peculiar naturaleza…
Como es ARIES: se nos presenta como impulsivo… fuerte… obstinado… nunca se olvide que estamos hablando del signo “puro”… para que “calce” con su personalidad completa, falta el resto de su carta natal…
Aclarado esto, sigamos: los jóvenes Arianos, con frecuencia son los cabecillas de sus grupos de amigos… se mostraran rudos, mas que crueles… aunque mucha rudeza raya en crueldad, seguramente… cuando se trata de bromas pesadas, están en su elemento… son muy buenos en el deporte, desarrollan mucha fuerza, pero, ala larga, carecen de resistencia… son mas explosivos, que resistentes…se adaptaran mejor, por ejemplo, a carreras cortas, que a carreras de larga distancia…
Por ejemplo, tendrán, generalmente, mejor resultado, en carreras de 100 metros planos, o 200 metros planos, que en carreras de 5 kilometros, por ejemplo…. Claro que hay ecxepciones, como dije, depende de su carta natal y hora de nacimiento…
O podría ser un muy buen levantador de pesas de potencia, donde se necesita un “impulso” “fuerte” y “explosivo”…!
Si están jugando Tenis, y no ganan el partido en los primeros sets, es muy probable que a la larga, pierdan el partido, por falta de resistencia…
Los nativos de ARIES, admiran sus mejores cualidades muy por encima de las otras que pueda tener: FUERZA, y ENERGIA…
De esta manera, podrían llegar a convertirse en soldados muy buenos…(para la guerra, no buenos de “bondad” juajuajau)… serian soldados rapidos, enérgicos, arriesgados, de “avanzada”… se supone que no servirían muy bien que digamos, para solados u oficiales de Estado Mayor… su accionar debería estar en el campo de acción, en el frente…!
La defensa, es la mejor arma en contra de los “belicosos” nativos de Aries… luego luego se cansan, se aburren, si no ganan rápido, agotando muy rápido sus reservas de energía…
No se vaya muy lejos...
esto, continuara
en una proxima


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