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Archangel Michael: Silence

Posted on Nov 6, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Archangel Michael, Daniel Scranton
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Archangel Michael
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

November 5, 2014

“Silence is a rare and not often sought commodity in your world. You have your hustle and bustle, your fast-paced lives, your instant access to information, products and services. And many of you are like kids in a candy store, because there is so much that is available to you and much of it is free. But what is also free and of much greater value to you now is the absence of all that is available. You have fast-moving energy, and you all attempt to keep up with it physically.

But what if you didn’t? What if instead you stopped, slowed down, got silent, and appreciated the movement of energy? We notice that many of you force yourselves to get sick or injured so that you will have a reason to slow down, to take it easy, and to get silent. Sometimes you go on vacations, and when you do you notice that there is less to do, there are less thoughts floating around, and you have more freedom to explore your consciousness. And some of you very much appreciate that time, and others of you cannot stand it.

Silence is a tool for you. It is not the absence of anything. Silence is not the absence of sound. Silence is a state of being, quite similar to peace. If you can enjoy silence, and solitude, and a lack of activity, then you can access greater and greater powers and abilities, because they are already there. They are already waiting for you to see them, to reach for them, to touch them, to envelope yourselves in more of that which you are and to be comfortable in silence.

And when you do accomplish this, you will notice that everything around you has slowed down to meet your newfound state of being. And the thing about everything slowing down is you actually have time to savor it, to integrate it, and to appreciate it. And isn’t that what you really want to do?

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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Dear Earth ones, thank you for joining me on the Arcturian Mothership. Later in my story I will share with you the joy of our Pleiadian Ascension, which was long ago in your Earth time. However, since I now resonate beyond the limitations of time, I can calibrate my multidimensional consciousness to any time zone or frequency of reality. In fact, I first learned this skill of calibrating my consciousness onboard this very Mothership.

Fifth Dimensional Beings on the Mothership

Before I begin our tour of the sixth dimensional sections of the Mothership, I would like to talk about the fifth dimensional Beings onboard the Ship. Actually, when someone resonates to their fifth dimensional expression, they are also connected with their Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, it is more correct to say when beings choose to resonate to their fifth dimensional expression.

A fifth dimensional being’s form is very mutable, which can easily be altered by their thoughts and emotions. Therefore, those in fifth dimensional forms may appear to be solid on one occasion, but then suddenly appear in a translucent Lightbody.

Lightbody is a very comfortable form as there is very little mass. Lightbodies do not experience bodily sensations such as hunger, thirst, hot or cold. Furthermore, the high frequency of a Lightbody is a wonderful receptacle for unconditional love. Also, just as your earth body “eats” the physical elements found on Earth, a Lightbody “eats” only light.

The Lightbody can, also, instantly receive, maintain, understand and dispense huge amounts of information. Hence, when a Lightbody is resonating to its highest frequencies, it is a living expression multidimensional light, as well as that light’s highest expression of unconditional love. It is this unconditional love that makes our Unity Consciousness such a powerful fuel for our Mothership.

There are areas of the Ship that are just for visitors. In these areas, we choose to wear humanoid, dense appearing forms to create an easier adjustment for our ascending friends. Then, when we return to other quarters of the Ship, we can feel free to take on whatever form we wish. This process is much like coming home from work and changing into comfortable clothes. However, we change into comfortable bodies.

Within our “comfortable bodies” we can more easily merge with others in the same manner that any lights might merge. When we merge our Lightbodies, we instantly experience everything in the same manner as they do. In fact, there are certain occasions when the Mothership and the entire crew merge into the ONE of the NOW.

We find these times to be similar to what you have called Heaven. We only create this merging when the visitors are known to be able to accept this intensity of light. As many of you have experienced during your ascension process, taking on a frequency of light that is too far beyond your base frequency can cause many issues with your earth vessel.

We, also, experienced this sensation once the frequency of our Pleiadian world began to expand into the fifth dimension. Hence, we gathered together all the healers and leaders who had already experienced this process and created a network through which the ascending ones could always find help. Establishing this Network was no small task, as most people were already overwhelmed with their own process of ascension.

On the other hand, our Network found that when they used the higher frequencies they were downloading that they actually felt better. Light, especially expanding Light, can more easily integrate into any system when it is given a path of movement. Light that is motionless becomes agitated and can create fear and anxiety in the one who have newly downloaded it.

Sixth Dimensional Sections of the Mothership

I would now like to take you on a tour of the sixth dimensional sections of the Mothership. As I have said before, when I first came to the Mothership, I had expanded my consciousness into my Multidimensional SELF. However, expanding your consciousness into this frequency and actually entering a sixth dimensional reality are not the same experience at all.

Therefore, I will take you back to the door I spoke of before that seemed to open to nowhere. This time I will tell you what happened when I entered the opened the door. I had explored much of the fifth dimensional sections of the Mothership and was ready to see more. With what almost looked like a smirk, my Arcturian Guide said, “Let’s go back to the door to nowhere.”

In a flash of the NOW our fifth dimensional forms were standing in front of that door. I telepathically heard the Arcturians advice to open it, and so I did. This time was totally different. As soon as the door opened, I was pulled through it and into a world I had never known. I was accustomed to the mutable and sometimes formless fifth dimension, but I was unprepared for the sensations of a six dimensional reality.

I felt as though I was being pulled apart, as if my Lightbody was disarticulating. I could feel a fear wanting to rise within me, so I centered my consciousness into the NOW and allowed the unique sensations to take hold of my consciousness. I say “consciousness,” for as soon as I went through the door I was completely formless.

I don’t know how to say this in a sequential manner, but even my consciousness seemed to be disassociated from any familiar sensations, thoughts, emotions or movements. While in my fifth dimensional Lightbody, I had experienced freedom from my Lightbody by allowing my consciousness to flow beyond what appeared to be the loose form of light that I had called my body.

However, in the sixth dimension my consciousness was dispersed into the totality of this world. I felt as though my consciousness had been blown up. Again, I had to deeply connect with the NOW and not allow my energy field to seek my former safety of structure.

I remained focused on NOW, NOW, NOW in order to cling to some center within this field of extremely high energy. Eventually, I became aware of what appeared to be patterns within that which had once been perceived as nothingness. These patterns were not static, as they fluxed and flowed like a buoy on a stormy ocean.

With that picture in my consciousness, I could see how there was a format, such as the ocean and the air, but they were totally intertwined. However, that which was similar to the air was what created the pattern on that which was similar to the water. Everything was in constant flow.
Eventually, as I became accustomed it these sensations, I felt a deep sense of beginnings. What these beginnings were was far beyond my ability to perceive. However, they seemed important and felt comforting.

At that moment, the Arcturian entered the door and touched me on what might have been my Third Eye. Instantly, the room took on a structure. The structure was much like the Viewing Room I have talked about in the fifth dimension. However, NOW I was viewing, and simultaneously being, the sixth dimension.

“This dimension is a potential reality, which is infinitely in the process of being formed,” I heard the Arcturian tell me. It spoke telepathically to force me to abandon my addiction to words, as it had said.

“Was I inside the screen when I entered,” I had to ask.

In response, I was instantly within that same experience of…? I guess I will have to call it Creative Potential. I knew that this time I would have to get myself into some degree of form. I had learned that when the Arcturian seemed to abandon me, it was because it knew that I was ready to find the answer inside myself.

I had also learned that if I doubted myself I would never find the answer. Therefore, I relaxed into the experience and searched within for the knowing. The problem was, where was within. I was in a new world now, and all the rules of this reality were unknown to me. Except, it was a known that I was a Multidimensional Being.

Consequently, I needed to connect with a sixth dimensional expression of my SELF. I remembered that surrender was the key to all higher dimensional worlds. Thus, I surrendered into the experience of floating and flowing in a reality, which I could not see or hear.

On the other hand, somehow I could feel it. Also, I was able to still connect with some sense of my SELF. From within the SELF with whom I was loosely connected, I surrendered completely to that which I could not understand.

As I released the need to understand, a whisper of knowing began to flicker within whatever consciousness I still possessed. The whisper was not in any language, but I felt it as a sensation of willingness to begin. I did not know what I was willing to begin, but I chose to surrender to that willingness, as it was the only touchstone I could find.

I allowed the willingness to grow stronger and stronger until it was predominant over the unknown of my experience. Gradually, this willingness became a vague memory that was so dim I could hardly grasp it. Thus, I fell into the memory and embraced it until it took hold of my dispersed consciousness.

Somehow, this distant memory was able to pull me into a very lose form. Suddenly, I was OUT of the potential and in front of the Viewing Screen standing/flowing next to the mutable form of the Arcturian.

Can a lose form of Arcturian Light smile? Or, maybe that smile was mine?

Please, sleep upon my introduction into the sixth dimension. I will return to continue our journey through the sixth dimensional section of the Mothership…

Mytre and the Arcturian, for now we are ONE!

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 23rd September 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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