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by FRC Eduardo R Lecea Elizondo 

It is known and proven long that atoms are the building blocks of matter. They are the smallest part of any item that can still be regarded as matter, with the minimum scientific requirements of the matter, because by dividing this basic constituent, we find that its constituent parts are not material but vibration energies, which remain contained to form the atom using the forces of attraction, cohesion, adhesion and repulsion -known by the Rosicrucian mystics since many centuries ago like the spirit energy. The number of electrons in the atom, known as the atomic number, determines "being" of each of the known elements, their unique properties and their vibrational characteristics.

I recently read an article published in a renowned scientific journal. The article exposed "surprising" discoveries that have led to the development of an intricate theory called "String Theory". As I am not a scientist, I tried to understand and analyzing it from a mystical point of view. As stated in that article, according to the latest scientific research there is a strong "probability" that there countless parallel universes in which all us, everybody is living almost simultaneously ... and everything around us too. At some point in this reading I noticed a passage about time and space, where they are considered like arbitrary concepts invented by man to understand and act on their objective reality as an inhabitant of planet Earth, a concept already known to the Rosicrucian mystics since time immemorial.

The explanation for the existence of parallel universes and the possibility of traveling between them depends from electrons. According to the theory, the electrons "do not rotate" around the atoms, but "appear" and "disappear" at a speed greater than the speed of light (which contradicts the theory of Einstein who said that "nothing" can travel at a speed greater than the speed of light). When an electron is located at any point around the atom, it disappears and reappears at a different point, like a light bulb that was switched off and on again elsewhere. Because of the speed with which this happens and the randomness of his "points of comeback", has so far not been possible for scientists accurately determine the "exact point", the place in the space “where it is, where it was or where will be" at a given time, nor time that it remains, so to speak, light or dark. But the matter does not end there:

What happens when an electron is off? Where is it? According to this theory, while an electron remains off in our universe, probably is turning on into another universe, a universe parallel to ours. And when is lighting in another universe, it turn off again and then went into another. During the time it was off in our universe and it took to come back again here -for us an imperceptible fraction of a second, was appearing and disappearing in an infinity of parallel universes. In each disappearance and reappearance there may be slight variations, almost imperceptible, on the location or in the path of the electrons, which could explain that the physical reality were not the same in each parallel universe.

I was reflecting on this issue trying to apply the same theory to the Soul energy, because is closely linked to the spirit energy, interacting, while we still alive. If the string theory and parallel universes are true, the vibrational energy of the soul could be walking from universe to universe, coupled with energy spirit. And going more deep in this reflection, when the electron energy, spirit energy, suffer little changes of location and trajectory in each trip, also affect the way like the soul vibrates while is embodied in people, in each of the parallel universes. Perhaps in every appearance and disappearance between parallel universes, a mini-karma is created in the soul.

So maybe, sudden changes in the interior mood, some diseases, some everyday events and sudden changes in the way we think could be related to these changes between universes. Or maybe it not affects us at all in this universe, but in other universes makes different circumstances, other ways of thinking very different from those we have in this universe.

Anyway, I came to the conclusion that if all these hypothetical parallel universes real exist, all of them would be governed by the same laws of the same infinite intelligence that has created all.

Peace Profound.

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