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Why would insist on writing a few little notes about silence, verging at times on boredom of those who read these notes over and over again…? first, because, basically, although at first glance might seem selfish, I use to write for me… yes, that is because I find out that for me has been the best way to stay alert to the practice of silence… I must remain attentive to what I say and write, about the silence, inspired by the writings of John Tauler, 1000 ac or something. The responsibility to share something with my fellow co students (pro.ve), fraters and sorors, forces me to practice in a more continuous silence, which is not easy: daily activity does not allow it, family obligations do not allow it... then, the work does not allow it too, and when we seem to have the time and the solitude necessary to practice silence, another obstacle appears: Ourselves: how? ... We remember that we must do something urgently… Of course, we want a cup of coffee, to help us to concentrate: and this is another issue : focus: ... we can not come to mind a thousand matters... when we realize we are thinking something else, and that we are not in silence... Is that what happens to me over the years… the external silence, Then the internal, are necessary, so we can concentrate, and then visualize, and finally meditate... and... Then what it should be... among this should be, contact with our inner being... and dc, the divine cosmic… We should practice it every day... but even this is an obstacle more: we Get bored, create resistance, and abandon the practice of silence… Even the reading of our lessons: for a week... For a year... 10 years, even more… What went wrong here? the ultimate purpose, we lose sight of it… if we exercise, we keep daily practice of the routine, and more, if we see rapid results… in our practice, the results are not so obvious… therefore, we leave and leave aside all personal evolution… we must maintain our current purpose and ultimate purpose present in our minds, daily… I've been through all these problems myself, and I’m facing it every day… so, this is why I am writing this blog as a reminder to me, and one such example: example, perhaps, for my fellow co students can realize that we handle the same problems... For now, I say goodbye until the next note...

                        Light, Life, Love.

                Love is the law…Love is the Will


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