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Looking Back to Move Forward

Dear Arquelle,

I can feel you inside of me. Actually, I can feel you inside of my High Heart. I am directed now to find the first time that I heard from the Arcturians in 1994…

Beloved Suzille,

We speak to you from Arcturus. We want to tell you that we are coming. Remember when you said that you would volunteer your home for our landing? We heard you, and we are taking up your offer. (I didn’t understand the true meaning of that statement for many years.)

There are many different sources, which are receiving many different messages. Each of these messages contains a portion of the Truth. In the same manner, each of your incarnations on this planet holds a portion of the truth, which you personally need to understand before you can complete your process of life on this vibration. (I went through this process by writing Visions From Venus and Reconstructing Reality.) There are, also, many different portions of your society, which hold a different piece of the whole.

Different pieces of the whole are held in different areas of the planet to assure the successful process of Earth's evolution. You do not need to hear every voice of all your incarnations. Furthermore, you also do not need to hear every message from every other member of your planet to fully move into your personal understanding. However, it is helpful to KNOW that a wonderful moment is now (1994) commencing.

One of the messages which you have read is about a photon belt (the story that was going around in 1994 when the word “ascension” was barely spoken), which will quickly change the vibratory rate of the planet and your entire Solar System. This photon belt is indeed true, but it need not have the extreme effect upon your reality that the channeler received. Remember, there are many options here for you to consider.

One is that you and yours may choose to NOT experience the reality of moving through the 3 days of darkness of the Photon Belt.
Another is that you can move through time and space to a period where that experience has been completed.
Another is that you will take upon yourself OUR vibration, your true vibration of Arcturus. In this way you will rise above the actual experience of "death."

Do you remember when we came to you? Do you remember how you channeled our name when you had not heard of us yet? (This was just a few days before.) We are here, dear one. You are awakened enough so that you can work with us more deeply.

For a long time, I wondered if the Arcturians, were “just my imagination,” but communicating with them made my life so much better that I didn’t care if they were real or not. I had had communications form unseen beings and unseen realities my whole life. Therefore, I settled into my possible insanity and enjoyed their deep guidance.

Now to experience you, Arquelle, an emanation of Arcturus within my own form is yet another Arcturian surprise. In fact, to experience a fifth dimensional Arcturian form within my earth vessel is, well, I don’t know what it is. I am just now settling into the concept of a fifth dimensional form of Arcturian Nature within ME. It does not seem impossible. In fact, it seems to be an expedient way to ascend this form.

I guess that the concept is so unique that it is taking me a while to liveit. I know if I am to truly believe that I have received this boost towards ascension I will have to believe that it is real. If I do not hold that belief, I will not be able to fully embrace and integrate this energy field into my SELF.

The process of writing Mytria and Mytre’s story has helped me to integrate my Pleiadian energy. However, I seem to be avoiding hearing Mytre’s story of mind over matter. Actually, I can see why there would need to be a lot of preparation for such a huge concept ad “mind over Matter.” Perhaps, that is why you, Arquelle, have come into my consciousness.

You did first come to me when I was also speaking with Mytre. Yes, I am hearing inside that it is vital that we, the ascending ones, believe the unbelievable in order to allow our ascension. I guess I did not choose to enter a “Photon Belt,” which I suspect was either a different, possible reality or a 1994 misinterpretation of Planetary Ascension.

On the other hand, I may have moved through time and into a reality in which the Photon Belt “disaster” never happened. But, clearly I have taken the third option of taking upon myself the Arcturian vibration, as well as quite a few other Galactic vibrations.

My instincts tell me that the Galactics are making themselves so visible now because so many of us in the physical are embracing and integrating our Galactic Heritage. Once we accept and integrate the Higher Expressions of our SELF, we will embrace that the myriad Starships in the sky as our Star Family’s mobile homes. Then, there is no reason for fear.

However, I can see why the remaining Dark Ones would be afraid of the Galactics and why they would want to spread as much fear about the sightings as possible. However, the Galactics know that that which is familiar is NOT frightening. Therefore, they have shown themselves again and again, but only those who could believe in them, can actually see them.

It is a physiological fact that if something is deemed “impossible,” it can also be “unperceivable.” The level of fear that arises with the sight of something that one cannot believe sends a “not real” image to brain. Then, just as the Natives could not see Captain Cook’s sailing ship, those who cannot believe that we are a Galactic Society will not see the Starships.

In 1994 I could not believe that the Arcturians would “land inside of me.” Therefore, I could only imagine that they would use my house as a landing area for their Scout Ships. Of course, my house was way too small, but the only facts available about Starships then were in Sci Fi or Horror films. It is interesting that the Illuminati-run television shows no longer have any representations of a peaceful life as members of the Galactic Federation!

I have heard from many of my readers that they feel isolated and have no one to talk to about the most important thing that has EVER happened—Personal and Planetary Ascension. Fortunately, we have the Internet. I have dearly loved being in the wilds of Gaia, but I have missed being able to communicate via the Internet. I have driven miles to find an Internet connection and even had to have someone post the last blog for me. It seems that posting a blog takes a much better Internet connection than writing and answering emails, which I have not had many chances to do either.

It is so important that we can talk to each other about our process of ascension. Therefore, give it a test run. Find a “cover story,” a lead-in to test the waters as to whether or not that person is able to share the ascension topic with you. If you say something neutral such as, “Wow, did you see the UFO flying over the Olympic fireworks? What do you think about that?”

You brought up the topic, which is exactly why the Galactics appeared in that fashion. I remember long ago when the Olympics were in Los Angeles. They had a huge UFO landing as part of the opening celebration. All the commentator could say was, “Only in California!” Which is likely why I chose to incarnate and live my life here.

Dear Arquelle, I have gotten way off track in my communication with you. So I had best not judge another for avoidance, as I seem to be avoiding you. Therefore, I am going to meditate so that I can expand my consciousness to the frequency of my SELF who knows that I DO deserve to have a fifth-dimensional, Arcturian being within “little’ ol me.”

Perhaps it is not my consciousness I should raise, but my self-esteem. Or, maybe, there is no difference between the two? I will tell you what I find out after my meditation…

Below are fragments of my meditation. The higher levels are to be recovered later:

I could not determine Arquelle’s gender as it is androgynous, like all fifth dimensionals. First, I heard, “Ascension is a progressive process, as on Alcea. (See earlier blog) I, superconscious, Suzille progressively transmutes into Arquelle WHILE ego, Sue progressively transmutes superconscious Suzille WHILE wounded—ego progressively transmutes into daily-life, self.

I saw each of the above transitions as simple as the births on Alcea. I observed as I easily allowed my Arquelle SELF to flow from within me while I swam circles around it. Then, suddenly, I became Arquelle. I was on the Scout Ship that the Zeta landed in front of my house.

This experience was not physical, but it was during a very vivid meditation. Was that experience related to the 1994 statement from the Arcturians? The Zeta said, “This is your ship.” I then vaguely remember being on the big, Starship and fell off into a very deep sleep. I woke up with the words of,
“Let the Miracle happen.”

August 1, 2012
The Nature of Ascension

Good Morning, we are Arquelle,

We are your fifth dimensional form within the costume of your third dimensional earth vessel. Mytre will soon begin his account of Pleiadian ascension after I/we, Arquelle, give you a brief explanation about the nature of ascension. Since entering the unknown has a fearful quality, it is helpful to helpful to fully understand the ascension process that your entire reality is NOW experiencing. Hence, we speakthrough you and not to you, so that all who are interested can receive our message.

Ascension is a process of unraveling the exterior levels of reality to find your Core SELF. Just as the core of a seed holds the DNA for the fully-grown tree, your Core holds the DNA for your true, Multidimensional SELF. The Core of your Essence slowly descends from the highest frequencies of your expression to begin its journey through lower and lower frequencies of reality and into the worlds of physical manifestation.

On the way down the frequency scale your Core collected layer upon layer of lower frequency shells. These shells protected your Core as it made its journey through lower and lower frequencies of reality and into the realm of physicality. As your consciousness made this journey, you released your attachment to the Core, so that you could experience every descending frequency of reality by attaching your consciousness onto each new outer layer of realty.

The process of ascension is the journey Home back into your Core. You take this journey by attaching your consciousness onto higher and higher frequencies of reality, which you will find within your SELF and closer to your Core. You are wondering why the predicted events have not occurred. This is largely because they no longer need to take place in a sudden moment of shift in order to jar your world into awakening.

Because enough members of your present frequency of reality have already awakened and begun their ascension process, you resonate to a frequency of reality that is beyond the need to create drama in order to “wake up.” Others, who appear to be sharing your reality, may be just now facing their fears. However, enough of you have gone through that process to raise the frequency of your collective reality.

Each of you has attached your consciousness to the frequency of reality in which change does not need to be fearful in order to get your attention. You made this progression when you began to refuse to participate in fear. Your refusal to participate in a lower frequency, fear-based reality detached your consciousness from that layer of reality and turned your attention inward toward the myriad love-based realities that resonate to a higher frequency.

In other words, you remembered enough about the creative powers of “mind over matter,” that you thought to say, “No thank you. I no longer need this experience that reality in order to awaken.” At the same time, there are still others that are within your frequency-band of reality, but in a lower octave, that have not remembered their innate creative abilities within their Core.

It has appears to many that the Galactics have just recently descended into your world to assist you. However, the truth is that you, the ones who can believe in and perceive the Galactics, have ascended into a higher frequency of reality. Therefore, you can now perceive a reality that was once beyond your conscious perception. The fact is that there has been assistance from Gaia’s Star Family for quite some time, but you could not perceive it because your resonance was too low.

The Galactics, Ascended Masters and Celestials have been immensely active in assisting Gaia for over 70 years. However, most of you were unaware of this assistance because your personal frequency and, therefore your perceptions, were calibrated to a frequency in which could not imagine that extra-terrestrial were “real.” At the level/frequency of reality the game of Dark and Light was so intense that anything that was unique or unknown was instantly perceived as dangerous.

There are still many in your present expression of reality that still perceives the Unknown as Dangerous. This discrepancy in perceptions of reality represents the different sub-layers of each octave of reality. Each reality has sub-frequencies, such as your school system. Elementary School has kindergarten through fifth grade. Middle School has sixth through eighth grade and High School has ninth through twelfth grade. Then there are the Collage levels of Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior and the Graduate Levels of Masters and PhD.

Once the “student” has gone through all the sub-layers of their school, they move into a new school. In the same manner, after you move through the sub-layers of your reality, you move into a new octave of your frequency of reality. Just as one town could have all these levels of education within their own town, you will experience “students” on many sub-levels of awakening within your own reality.

However, the ones who are in higher grades, sub-planes of reality, will perceive their world very differently than those in lower grades, sub-planes of reality. After you have completed one level of education (ascension) you move into a different school (octave of reality) that will give you an entirely different view of your reality.

Just as some people do not move up into higher levels of education, some people stop at certain levels of frequencies of reality and do not want to continue their process of ascension any further. Ascension takes a great deal of dedication, and you must constantly take full responsibility for the reality that YOU have created.

When you are in the lower frequencies of the third/fourth dimension, it takes so much “time” for your thoughts and emotions to return to you as manifestations, that it is easy to forget that YOU were the creator of that manifestation. Furthermore, when you are not able to perceive and understand the higher perspective of events in your life, you can slip into the belief that it is not possible to improve your reality.

On the other hand, once you are awakened to your Multidimensional SELF, your higher perceptions allow you to see the ascending layers of frequencies of reality that will lead you to your Core. Once you can perceive the ever-ascending possible realities, you can choose to attach your consciousness to whichever realities that lead you back to your SELF.

Just as your education system has different school for different grade levels, realities have different frequency-bands, which have many octave, sub-planes, within that frequency-band/dimension. You are now graduating from the highest octave, sub-plane, of the third/fourth dimension and into the lower octave, sub-plane, of the next frequency-band of the fifth dimension.

Within the fifth dimension, you will no longer be a student, for you have discovered your Inner Teacher. This Inner Teacher has a direct connection with your Core, and can assist you to navigate your way back into your SELF.

Today, you are starting a new month. Years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes are a way to measure time. Yet, time is not a component of your new frequency-band (fifth dimension) of reality for there is only NOW. The release of time is only one of the many changes that you will confront as you move into your next frequency-band of reality (the fifth dimension).

When you first entered Kindergarten, Middle School, High School and College, you likely felt insecure or even frightened. But, when you look back at those times, they seem far away and you seemed so much younger. You are graduating into a new level again.

Look back at what you have learned so far and find the Core of the many lessons that you have learned in you long journey through the physical expression of reality. As you reflect on your past, find the Core to which you are always returned, the Core that has brought you to today.

That Core is your Multidimensional SELF who resonates to every frequency of every reality that you have ever encountered. Therefore, you do not have to create you ascension. Instead, you just “follow the breadcrumbs” back to where you started your long descent into the worlds of form.


We are Arquelle

Posted 3rd August 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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A Not So Brief History of Lemuria
I am calling upon my SELF to assist me to remember the amazing meditational journey that I just had. After it was completed, I rolled up in fetal position and went into a sleep or meditation, which I do not remember. I am finally ready to document my experience. It was a “real” experience by the standards of my Pineal Portal, as well as by the experience of my Portal of the High Heart.
Suzille: Dear Mytre, Can you help me to understand more about my experience?
Mytre: I will happily assist you, dear grounded expression of our Multidimensional SELF. You were being prepared to make this journey by hearing, “the Trail of Tears” over and over in your mind. However, your message was about the first Trail of Tears. The second Trail of Tearswas when the Atlantian—the white/European members of the Brothers of Biel from Atlantis, again conquered the Lamurians in their modern day form of Native Americans.
In the first Trail of Tears, the Lamurians knew that the Atlantian Brothers of Biel would defeat them, and they had to find refuge. Many of them looked to that which is now the American North West, starting at the Santa Barbara Islands of the mid-California coastline, which was then a high peak, Mt. Shasta in Northern California and Mt. Rainier in Washington State.
Some Lamurians lived on the islands peaks off of Santa Barbara. These islands were mountains then, which became low-lying islands after Lemuria sank. The Lamurians lived there until the 1800’s when the dreaded Brothers of Biel, known in recent times as the Illuminati, discovered them and took them from their home on the islands. By the end of one year, they were all dead. Without their beloved land and without their freedom of Spirit, there was no reason to live.
Other groups decided that going underground was much safer. They were correct, for not only have they survived, but they have ascended into a higher fourth/fifth dimensional society. The Lamurians knew that volcanic mountain peaks were the areas of the land that served as a Pineal Gland for the Mother.
The Lamurians also knew that these Planetary Pineal Glands were connected to and fed the planetary High Heart within the Core of the Mother Earth. Therefore, if the Lamurians could live beneath the volcanic mountain peaks, they could live within the High Heart of the Mother.
The Pineal Gland in your physical body serves as a firewall to protect the High Heart from any form of darkness or fear. It also serves as a Portal through which higher light and unconditional love can be downloaded into the physical body. The planetary Pineal Glands serve the Mother in the same manner in which your personal Pinal Gland serves you. However, since Gaia is wearing the form of a planet, she requires more than one High Heart and more than one Pineal Gland.
Some of her Pineal Glands have been blocked by the darkness of the humans living on Her surface, but some are still open. The Lamurians had two reasons for choosing a now home under a mountain peak. One, they knew they could find safety in the High Heart of the Mother. Two, they knew that if they occupied the High Heart of the Mother that they could serve to keep the Pineal Gland above them clear.
The Pineal Gland serves the High Heart by sending it multidimensional light and unconditional love. In return, the High Heart protects the Pineal Gland by sending it the Light Language messages embedded in the multidimensional light and the unconditional love embedded in the highest frequency of that light.
The Mother’s High Heart also sends its message of unconditional love and higher light into the land around the mountain. Native Americans have always worshiped mountain peaks because they can feel the immense love emanating from these peaks. They can also feel the Mother beneath them in all the lands and waters surrounding the peaks.
Fortunately, even the emigrants to America have felt this love and have created National Parks and protected areas around many of the Mother’s Pineal Glands. Also, many humans come to these parks because they can feel the love. They often unconsciously feel the love and believe that they only feel good because they exercised or because they are on vacation.
Since Lemuria was in the Pacific Ocean, the Lamurians made their underground homes beneath the high mountain peaks, Pineal Glands, of North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and whatever bits of their world that survived as Hawaii and Polynesia. In fact, any “native” peoples who believe that their Ancestors came “up from under the land” are descendants of the Lemurian, who took to living beneath the Earth during the destruction of their home.
Since the Lamurians took their refuge under the peaks, in the areas surrounding the Pacific Ocean, they have created huge underground tunnels. By traveling through their underground tunnels, they were able to enter the land from many different areas.
They can travel through these tunnels almost at the speed of light. Those that came up onto the land earlier, adapted to the conditions of that area via the pigmentation of their skin, type of hair, size of body, etc. Also, the ascended, fifth dimensional Lemurian can teletransport their forms to any area that they wish to visit.
Just as the ancient Lamurians were conquered and dominated by the ancient Atlantians, present day Lemurian descendants have been conquered and dominated by the present day Atlantians, primarily the descendants of the Sons of Biel known now as the Illuminati.
“In the Beginning” when Earth was ready for this present round of incarnations, two primary beings were to hold the polarities of masculine and feminine to encourage the greatest extreme of duality for this cycle. The representatives of the Mother, the Lamurians, came first. Then, the representatives of the Father, the Atlantians, came second.
The Lamurians were to serve as polarities of female polarity and the Atlantians were to serve as the male polarity. The Lamurians were very heart focused, as they were to be the Mothers of a new race of peoples. They vowed, just as all the Native Americans have, to be Keepers of the Land. Their service was to hold Gaia steady and healthy.
Lemuria was a huge landmass in what is now called the Pacific Ocean and Atlantis was a huge landmass in what is now known as the Atlantic Ocean. The female-based Lamurians focused on living as ONE with the planet, and represented the High Heart of the Heart Chakra.
Conversely, the Atlantians, the male-based polarity, focused on bringing in the higher light of new ideas and mental growth, much like the Pineal Gland of Crown Chakra. Hence, the feminine and the masculine polarities lived in peace and love for many millennia. Unfortunately, the original plan was corrupted by the arrival of Beings from another world.
These Beings were the Laggards who were not able to ascend with their Homeworld because they could not learn to live in love. These Laggards were much like the Conquistadors coming to South America in that they were immensely technologically advanced beyond the Native Peoples. They came into Atlantis rather than Lemuria because it was more mentally based, like they were.
At first the Atlantians were very happy to have this new information that was openly shared with them, so they fell into the many traps that were set by the Laggards. The Laggards were a gang of ruffians from different planets and star systems who had banned together because they were not able to ascend with their various Homeworlds. This is why there is so much confusion about who actutally started the fall of Earth into Her lowest third dimensional density.
We will not go into the fall of Atlantis other than to say that these Laggards became the Sons of Biel, the Dark Robes of Atlantis. They have hidden within the cloak of darkness since then. They were responsible first for the fall of Lemurian, then for the fall of Atlantis and for the myriad dastardly deeds of their group now known as the Illuminati. In other words, they were the representatives of “Dark Side” since they came to Earth.
In fact, these Laggards tried to stop ascension in their own Homeworld, which is why they did not ascend. However, it is important to remember that all polarized worlds have “good guys” and “bad guys” to keep that reality active in the third dimension. Unfortunately, these groups were not just physical because they chose to maintain a form in the Lower Astral Plane.
Fortunately, The Galactic Federation has come to assist in finally ejecting these Laggards, in their many forms, form this entire Galaxy. In fact, there are many members of our Galactic Federation who have chosen to wear a third dimensional form at this “time” in order to help Gaia, as she once helped them. Many, if not most, of the people who are drawn to this information have Higher Expressions of SELF in the Galactic Federation.
The Federation has come to assist their descendants and grounded expressions, but they are primarily here to assist Gaia. Gaia once offered them Her Earth as a place to learn, grow and even ascend. Furthermore, the Lamurians will be coming up from underground when the Galactics land and the Celestial will fill the skies. All earthlings, past, present and future will join as ONE to embrace the grand event of Planetary Ascension.
S. Thank you Mytre. I will begin where my visit to Lemuria began, which was with my meditation. I will try to remember to recount the important information that I received. In fact, I will ask Arquelle, my fifth dimensional Arcturian whom I just met, to assist me.
Dear Arquelle, can you assist me in remembering this morning meditation?
ARQUELLE: Yes, I will be happy to assist you, for I was within you during your experience. WE will begin the journey by taking all that read this through the same meditation that preceded your “visit in consciousness:”
A Visit to Underground Lemuria
· Please begin by modulating your breath so that your exhales are twice as long as your inhales…
· To activate your Third Eye, inhale, and exhale through your nose…
· Now, imagine that you are inhaling through your High Heart and exhaling through your Third Eye to create your “point of intention”…
· Through this point of intention, visualize a high volcanic mountain such Mt. Shasta in California, Mt. Rainier in Washington State, or one in your own area…
· Align the mountain peak with your Pineal Gland at your Crown, while you feel your High Heart at your Heart directly beneath it…
· Place your point of intention within the mountain peak…
· Now, slowly allow your point of intention to travel down from your Crown, past your Brow, through your Throat and into your High Heart…
(Your “point of intention” is the steering mechanism for you inter-dimensional journeys. Set your intention in your Third Eye to navigate and in your High Heart to land.)
See yourself in a darkened area, much like inside the Great Pyramid. As you look around for a source of light you see before you a long stairway that appears to be leading into the Light.

You follow that stairway and discover that it is very steep. Nonetheless, you surrender into your process, and discover that you can float just above the stairway. Now, it takes no effort to climb it.
On the other hand, if you divert your awareness away from the stairway, it begins to disappear. Therefore, you stay focused on this inner stairway and surrender to the experience of floating up the stairs. When you are almost to the top stair, you find that you are floating into the nowhere of nothingness.
Within the nothingness there is no form or structure. There is only pure consciousness. Taking long, slow, deep breaths, you ALLOW your self to release the illusion of form…
As you do so, you begin to experience your SELF, free of form and floating through the “nothingness” as pure consciousness…
Your intention now moves to the Portal of your High Heart, as you feel that it is opening…
You place your hands on your High Heat and hold your point of intention on the opening of the Portal to your High Heart...
Now, perceive that you are in a dark tunnel traveling extremely fast. You cannot see what you are traveling in, but you see the walls of the rounded tunnel speeding past you. You do not feel a sense of movement because you are traveling as pure consciousness.
Suddenly, you seem to be awakening from sleeping in a bunk bed. In front of you are a wooden table and a man who is preparing a meal. The table confuses you, as it seems to be long, then short, then so long you can’t see the end of it.
The man turns towards you and says hello. Then, he looks into your eyes and says, “Oh, you are a visitor. My son has welcomed another Top-Sider to visit through his perception.”
As you stand, the man walks towards you and gives a marvelous Bear Hug. You can feel the unconditional love and total acceptance flowing from his heart and into yours.
“Welcome, welcome,” he says. “You are just in time for our morning repast. They will be entering soon. Would you like to wear your own form now?”
In response to your confused expression he explains, “I mean do you want to show us the form you are wearing on the Land? We would love to meet you.”
As you try to remember how your body looks, the room fills with happy, calm, peaceful people finding a place to sit at the table. As they enter, you realize that you can choose to perceive as much of the table as you desire. If you only want to be with a few friends, you are alone with them, but if you want to see the entire group, you see a huge table that extends farther than you can clearly see.
The mystery of the table distracts you enough that can you unconsciously imagine you are wearing your earth form.
“Oh, you are wearing your form now.” Speaks the man who welcomed you. “My name is Rathfer, and my son, through whom you have found us, is named Jaquer.”
Jaquer, who appears to be an adolescent, steps forward. He smiles warmly and takes ahold of your arm (rather than you hand) with both hands. His hands feel warm and loving, and he appears quite familiar to you.
“Oh yes,” Jaquer says, “You recognize me as I am your Greeter. I know I look young, but we can choose our age here, and I like the body I am wearing. As a Greeter, I offer a beacon to call visitors to our world and assist them in coming through our Portal. Thank you so much for accepting my invitation.”
Rafter comes forward to say, “My son is quite talented. He seems young because he took a form on our Homeworld of Arcturus to become a Greeter so that the ascending ones could visit us here in Lemuria. Come, partake of our meal with us.”
You join the table and meet many of the Lamurians. They are all warm, filled with joy and have a zest for life that has been lost to most “top-siders.” They are all different, yet they are all ONE at the same time. Furthermore, they all seem to be talking to you at the same time, but somehow, you can understand everyone.
“You can understand us because you are wearing a fifth dimensional form,” says a lovely young woman. “My name is Shaylee. In response to your unasked question, I am only 102 of your earth years. You see, we do not age here unless we choose to. We are never sick, and we don’t die.
“We have ascended our frequency of form beyond polarity. Therefore, there is no bad to create the fear that causes your aging, illness and eventual death. When we come topside, we will assist you in remembering how to activate your fifth dimensional form just as we have,” Shaylee says, as she begins to fade from your vision.
Shaylee stands with great intention and all conversation stops. Everyone turns his or her attention to Shaylee, who says, “Dearest Family of Life, our visitor is tiring and will soon leave us. Can we all send our unconditional love to accompany and direct this ascending one back to 3D Earth?”
Everyone in the room stands, turns toward you. With clear minds and open hearts sends you unconditional love…
You can barely take the force of it and know that it will take awhile to embrace and integrate this gift of unconditional love from your new friends.
As the room begins to fade, you manage to say to everyone, “Thank you, I will return!”
The room wavers and begins to disappear, but you hear the collective message of, “We will see you top-side very soon. Please tell your friends.”
“How can I meet you again?” You call, almost to your SELF.
“You will find us in the Quiet.” Responds Shaylee as she disappears from your vision, but never from your mind.


Listen to the Quiet ~ as it floats throughout the air
Listen to the Quiet ~ you can hear it everywhere
The Quiet will remain inside ~ the moment you can hear it
That moment’s here, it’s yours to take ~there is no need to fear it
The Quiet is a force ~ it’s the core of life and love
It’s a part of you down, deep inside ~ and comes from up above
If you listen to the Quiet ~ you’ll find there is a way
To take the stress inside your mind ~ and let it flow away
With the stress released, what’s left is YOU ~ the ONE who lives inside
This ONE was there, each time you laughed ~ and held you when you cried
If you listen to the Quiet ~ you’ll find it is within you
The Quiet is the still, small voice ~ that tells you what you CAN do
It will tell you how to listen ~ so you’ll understand the reason
All life must have a flow ~ and each moment has its season
In THIS season you are longing ~ for the SELF you fear you lost
When you took the Path of NOT you ~ and now you feel the cost
Accept the flow of HERE and NOW ~ within your heart and mind
To discover you are happy ~ with the Mystery you will find

Now take the Mystery, you once lost ~ in a moment of desire
And send it deep into your heart ~ to find your inner fire

This fire frees what is complete ~ to make room for the new
To release all stress inside your mind ~ so your real SELF can come through

With your true SELF at the helm ~ and the Captain of each day
You’ll know the Way to live your life ~ and take some time to play

For, to play within the Quiet ~ your heart can open wide
To BE the glory and the truth ~ of the ONE you are inside

(Note to Readers,
All these experiences, Parts I to IV, occurred within the three days that we stayed in the Faerie Cottage in the woods. However, multidimensional experiences come in many layers. The first layer was when I quickly jotted down what I had experienced. Then it took me over a week to go back, and fill in the other layers that came into my consciousness as I integrated these experiences into my daily life. I say this to you so that you can remember that as you go back over your inter-dimensional experiences, you will find some real gems of wisdom hidden from your first perception.)

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 2nd August 2012 by Juan Pablo
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martes, 23 de septiembre de 2014

sharing:::▶ Rosicrucian Public Lecture - Dr Lonnie Edwards (Invocation & Meditation Exercise) -A MESSAGE FROM SAINT GERMAIN AND THE ARCTURIANS:::

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30/07/2012 channeled by Méline Lafont

Dear Ones,

There’s a lot going on presently and we see the confirmations about the Divine timeline of August 4th turning up everywhere in a myriad of information sources. And it is quite obvious that Lightworkers are thrilled about these unfoldings. We too are enjoyed and we see an enormous power of cooperation and of Light transcend the surfaces : a fact that can be likened to the pulsar of a solar flame from the sun. You now have every right to be overjoyed, my dear ones! We feel the exact same things up here in the Higher Realms. Our Galactic Brothers are very committed to finalize this Disclosure project and can barely restraint themselves because they so long to inform you who they are and why they have come. They have come to help you, dear ones. They have come to share their Love and Light with you. They have come to inform you about your own true nature and your origins and tell you so much more.

At last we detected an opportunity to start up this project. In case the Divine Timeline of August 4th has been overstepped with nothing unfolding, the Galactic Brothers will take over the reins of this Disclosure project. There firstly have been meetings going on between the Galactic Brothers, the groundcrew and the world leaders to determine how we can announce the Galactic Presence to humanity the softest way possible without stirring too much fear in humans ; that has been and always will be our main aim. I personally cooperate in this regard and I have established a strong contact with president Obama, who is himself quite pleased to finally be able to participate in this project. Everything is closely monitored and followed up by our Galactic Brothers, the Arcturians, whose message will be next after I turn my place over to them.

Know my dear ones, that much work went into this project and we can’t just let it pass us by. We cannot give you an exact date as we always live in the NOW. What I can tell you is that the date of August 4th is the ultimate date by which the minions/dark souls must fully cooperate, a promise made by them a long time ago but never kept. Now they have to finally agree to cooperate by then. If they fail to do so than the project will be handed over to the Divine source and carry out by the Galactic Brothers. No matter how, Disclosure will come at the most propitious time. Just don’t link it to an exact date, let go and let God. It will all become crystal clear from that ultimate date, August 4th, how and when things will unfold ; then we can provide further intel. It all depends on the decisions, the timelines, the circumstances… what you can be sure of is that August 4th will bring a huge change as it will be the starting point. Disclosure can no longer be postponed; it happens in your NOW moment. Do take into account that this NOW moment implies a much bigger time-frame than one day : so don’t expect to see an armada of UFO’s on that specific date.

I Love you my dear ones, and I work hard at the Disclosure project in order to guide you through it all as humanity is important to me.

I Am Saint Germain

Greetings beloved humanity and Brethren of Earth!
We are the Arcturians and we wish to come forward in this most auspicious event in your Earth history for it will definitely leave its mark! We wish to confirm to you that everything that has been speculated about the Divine Time and the Divine Plan is based in Truth. We, the Arcturians, do monitor everything carefully how humanity responds at present and how they will respond at the time of First Contact. It is our pleasure to convey to you that up until now you are responding very well which makes the plans easier. There is much that we have to take into account, it has really not been a sinecure to arrive at this present point.

You all had to wait a long time and so did we but now we have reached an opportunity in which we see a chance to announce Disclosure. The negotiations and the talks of the plans are in full swing. Our Earth allies and other representatives of the Light have come to a consensus regarding the ultimate time corresponding with your Earth date of August 4th. After that date all will begin and you may expect to see our ships for starters. Let go of your illusory time factor and see us when we come. That’s how it is going to be : it happens when it happens and no one can tell the time or date with100% certainty. We can only inform you that the time has come for us to show ourselves more and more and to establish first contacts with you.

Allow us to explain what you can expect to happen during the event that you call Disclosure. Our brothers on Earth, whom we call the groundcrew, will cooperate in establishing those first contacts. They have a direct link with us and with other civilizations and they contribute their part in this whole project. They will see to it that everything proceeds swiftly without causing too big a shock for humanity. They are on Earth to soothe troubled hearts and assist them when necessary. Those belonging to this group know this by now or will be informed in the coming days. They already know it subconsciously, they cooperated actively in this project during their astral travels. Besides them, we too have the Galactic groundcrew coming from our civilization who dwell amongst the humans of Earth and who participate in matters of security and in negotiations. All in all we are talking of a huge project which cannot be underestimated in its scope.

We have opted for the Pleiadian civilization to be the first one to establish first contact as they have a humanlike appearance and so, they are least likely to trigger fear and shock in humans. After this initial contact with the Pleiadians, other civilizations will follow. Before First Contact will take place, the sightings of our ships will increase further. Gradually bigger ships will decloak and show themselves to you for longer and longer periods of time. Much anticipation is placed upon the Olympic Games for us to show up and we tell you that it is most probable these games will be used for decloakings of our ships. We are presently still elaborating on that.

But for now let go of the time factor involved and work on yourself. Too much emphasis of you on this matter can work antagonistically and is really counterproductive. Know it will happen, let it go and give Love to the event of Disclosure, to us, to humanity and to Mother Earth.

We are the Arcturians and we thank Méline who has given us the opportunity to come forward with this message. See you soon and thanks for cooperating with our civilizations. We truly appreciate this and we wish that you experience a most glorious event.

Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.be
Posted 31st July 2012 by Juan Pablo
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, September 22, 2014
Arcturian Transmission -- States of Consciousness

Transmissions from the Arcturians

States of Consciousness


We ask you all to go into the Core of your physical form, which will change according to your bodily needs. Your earth vessels are beginning to transmute in earnest now. Therefore, your earth vessel will need the attention of your ever-expanding consciousness. You see it has taken a long “time” for your body to become familiar enough with this higher energy field that it could begin to accept this frequency of light as beneficial as opposed to damaging.

This experience is much like stepping into cold water or a hot bath. At first the “temperature” is uncomfortable, but as your body adapts to the new temperature, it becomes more “normal.” It is the same with the temperature/frequency of light that is increasingly penetrating the body of Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

Just as you need to take some “time” before you become accustomed to the water that was too hot or too cold, your consciousness and your body need to “take some time” before you could fully accept this higher frequency of light. The members of our away team who are awakened to their Mission have been the first ones to openly accept and surrender to the process of transmutation that this higher light offers.

To our volunteers, this light is similar to a “memory from Home” in which reality was brighter, more transparent and easily transmuted via their thoughts and emotions. Those of you wearing earth vessels, human or otherwise, who can remember your true SELF are not frightened by this light. Therefore, you do not resist it. Instead, you can remember to surrender into it.

The memory of your higher dimensional expressions of SELF reminds the expression of YOU wearing an earth vessel that this higher light is familiar. At first your human consciousness resists the light because it feels unfamiliar. Since “what you resist persists,” the more you identify your feelings as “uncomfortable” you will resist them. Then, the sense of discomfort will persist.

On the other hand, if you maintain a constant connection with your higher states of consciousness, you will remember the “feel” of your Lightbody. Then, you will remember that this higher frequency light is a reminder of Home, and you will be able to surrender into the sensations of your body transmuting into a higher frequency.

One of the main symptoms of transmutation is fatigue. In fact, while you just sitting still or relaxing, your body is “working” as hard as if you were running a race. In a way, you are running a race to remember who you are so that YOU can surrender into this process. We remind you that different components of your physical vessel will transmute at different “times.”

Your earth vessel is still a “time vessel,” which means that it is a vessel trapped in time. Since this vessel is trapped in time it ages, gets tired, needs to eat on a routine basis and gets overwhelmed by all it must DO within given timelines. On top of all these time restrictions, your body is undergoing a major transmutation while you simultaneously must use, care for and live within your extremely limited and ever-changing earth vessel.

Do you understand now why you are often so uncomfortable? You are “in-between.” Many of you have not yet fully remembered your true Multidimensional SELF. Hence, you cannot keep your primary state of consciousness within the fifth-dimensional band of your multidimensional consciousness.

While you are still wearing an earth vessel we recommend that your primary consciousness remain within your fifth-dimensional Lightbody, as your sixth-dimensional “body of light” would burnout your physical form. In other words, that state of consciousness would be like running sophisticated software on an old DOS computer.

Hence, when you inter-dimensional journey via your consciousness, leave an inner fifth-dimensional guardian to care for your earth vessel. The Ascended Masters had physical people who watched over their earth vessel while they returned Home to visit and to receive new information.

In your present day, you will need to assign an inner expression of your SELF to guard your earth vessel until you have fully remembered the art of bi-location. Once you consciously remember how to bi-locate, YOU are the inner guardian while you also journey inter-dimensionally. In this manner, YOU are both the guardian and the one who is traveling.

However your physical brain, being much like an old DOS computer, cannot compute that information and will go into adrenaline alert. This adrenaline alert can be damaging to your earth vessel because the hormones of a “fight/flight” response can be dangerous unless your body is active and properly circulating the adrenaline.

Therefore, you need to activate your multidimensional consciousness so that your higher dimensional consciousness can over-light and protect your third dimensional consciousness. In this way, your Multidimensional SELF can teach you to “stretch the limits” of your consciousness to include the higher dimensions.

You may or may not be consciously aware of the myriad “test runs” into higher dimensions that you take every day. You may even ask, “Why am I so tired? It does not appear that I have done very much at all. I used to be able to do these things without such fatigue. Am I getting older?”

Our answer is, “No! Dear volunteers for Gaia’s Ascension, you are leaving time. Since your body is a time vessel, it becomes very confused and disrupted without a physically perceivable time-bound schedule of activities.”

“But what can I do about that?” you ask. “I want to return Home, but I still need to function here on 3D Earth. Don’t I?”

“Yes,” we respond, “You are correct that you still need to function on Earth, as your mission has not yet been completed. In fact, to the perception of your 3D earth vessel, the multidimensional element of your mission is just beginning. Fortunately, your higher expressions of Multidimensional SELF are free of all limits of time.

“Once free of the separation and limitation of your 3D time/space consciousness, you can return to your multidimensional starship or homeworld and/or visit myriad realities, then return to your earth vessel a second after you left.”

We see that many of you are experiencing these “glitches in time.” You walk into a different room, or change to a different chair, and wonder why you chose to do so and why you feel so disoriented. Allow us to explain.

Since your third-dimensional brain has not yet fully merged with your multidimensional mind, there is a “skip in time.” When YOU left your body, leaving your inner guardian in charge, YOU skipped out of your vastly limited third-dimensional brain and into your timeless and limitless multidimensional mind.

Your third dimensional brain can only perceive a brief experience of “leaving time.” Then, in what your third-dimensional, Beta wave consciousness computes as a second later, you return back into your time-vessel. Once you are fully merged with your multidimensional mind, you will be able to remember the messages, experiences and adventures of your Multidimensional SELF.

These memories need the carrier wave of Theta wave consciousness. Theta wave consciousness has been called the “Shamans Consciousness,” as it allows a conscious experience of your inter-dimensional journeys. Alpha wave consciousness assists you to remember your fourth-dimensional dreams and your Delta wave consciousness allows you to remember your excursions into the highest dimensional formless worlds.

We speak a moment now about your brainwaves and states of consciousness:
Brainwaves, like all waves, are measured in two ways. The first is frequency, or speed of electrical pulses. Frequency is measured in cycles per second (cps or HZ), ranging from .5cps to 38cps. The second measurement is amplitude, or how strong the brainwave is. There are four categories of brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. When you are accessing your Multidimensional SELF, you are able to use a combination of all four brainwaves.

Beta Brainwaves represent your ability to consciously process your thoughts. You spend most of your waking moments in Beta wave consciousness, in which your brainwaves pulsate at between 13 and 39 cycles per second. In this state, your attention is focused on the day-to-day outside world.

While in this state of consciousness, you are largely focused on the logical, sequential activity of the left hemisphere, as the brain is busy processing myriad information that has arrived through your five physical senses.

With these brainwaves, your primary state of consciousness is within your third dimensional physical body and reality.

Alpha Brainwaves have a bridging capacity between your conscious and/or your unconscious or superconscious mind. Alpha wave often creates vivid images and a relaxed, detached awareness. When you completely relax, you shift into Alpha waves, which are between 8 and 12 cps. Alpha waves are slower in frequency than Beta, but have greater amplitude.

A person who takes time out to reflect, meditate or takes a break from daily activity often goes into Alpha state of consciousness. While in Alpha consciousness you are aware of both your right and left brain. Therefore, you can experience “whole brain thinking,” which allows you to have creative ideas while you, also, document them and/or put them into action.

With these brainwaves, your primary state of consciousness is usually in the fourth dimension and/or you are totally focused on a creative endeavor.

Theta Brainwaves are your unconscious creativity, inspiration and spiritual connection. Theta waves, 4 to 7 cps, are associated with the deepest experiences of meditation and creativity. Theta waves are even slower than Beta or Alpha and are typically of even greater amplitude. When you narrow your focus primarily to your inner self, you can go into Theta waves.

In this state it is difficult for your third-dimensional awareness to maintain conscious contact with your physical body, as well as with the outside world. To maintain this state of consciousness you must keep your body still. You are so focused on your inside world, that it would not be safe to move around in the physical world. While in this state of consciousness you are able to merge your third-dimensional brain with your multidimensional mind.

With these brainwaves, your primary state of consciousness is usually with your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

Delta Brainwaves are your superconscious empathy, interaction and full connection with the perceptions of your Multidimensional SELF. Delta waves are of the greatest amplitude and the slowest frequency. They usually range from 0.5 or 4 cps. If your brainwaves go down to zero, you would likely be diagnosed as brain dead. However, practiced yogis can consciously achieve this state of consciousness.

In this state of consciousness your bodies are in hibernation mode. In fact, Delta brainwaves are often associated with one being in a coma. While in Delta brainwaves consciousness you can regulate your body temperature and heart rate. You may even appear to be dead, but you are able to revive your self.

You have these great abilities because your primary state of consciousness is within the spectrum of your Multidimensional SELF.

(For more about states of consciousness please click:
http://www.multidimensions.com/the-conscious/physical-body-door/states-of-consciousness/ )

We conclude our transmission for today with the reminder that YOU are creator of your state of consciousness. Furthermore, your state of consciousness largely dictates the reality that YOU are creating.

Blessings to you all! We shall return, for we will NEVER leave. 

Your Arcturian Family 

Posted by Sue at 10:43 AM

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domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2014

Remember Unity -- Arcturian Message .:::. CONVERSATIONS WITH MY SELVES.:::.sharing

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Remember Unity -- Arcturian Message
Unity With ALL Life

Hello everyone, Sue Lie and the Arcturians here. I Sue, as the Arcturians are everywhere, am just back from my trip "Into The Woods." Our friends the whales followed up the coast. Well they didn't follow me, I followed them. Either way I saw their wonderful presence more than I ever had.

They should have been off to Hawaii by now, but they seemed to be enjoying the waters off of Big Sur and Pacific Grove. I know a lot of you are whale lovers, so I lovingly share this information with you.

Perhaps they were telling the humans something? In fact, all life seems to be telling us something, if only we can be still enough and blend enough into the Unity Consciousness of the ONE to communicate with ALL live.

Today, our program is Inter-dimensional Communication with ALL life. The secret to this communication is UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS!

NOW the Arcturians will speak on:

Remembering Unity

An Arcturian Blessing

We, the Arcturians wish to bless our grounded ones who have volunteered to take a body to assist Earth in Her great NOW of planetary ascension.

We primarily wish to tell each and every ONE of you, that YOU have a very special purpose that you have volunteered to fulfill in this NOW of Gaia’s ascension. We apologize for our “confusing” referrals to “time.” We find it extremely limiting to speak in the linear and sequential language of the third dimension.

In our true language, Light Language, the flow of ideas move in circles of light, which are revealed to the listener as pictures, emotions, ideas and sensations. To us, language is similar to a soft breeze that gently caresses our Lightbody. When we feel this caress, we experience it as if it were a word, as telephone ring, a call from another.

Since we all resonate within the ONE, we need not look outside of us into a “different” location, as our grounded ones must do. Instead, we focus inside of our being to “take the call,” or “give our answer.” Of course, since we do not resonate to a time/space reality, the “inner” call and our answer occur simultaneously.

Because our Light Language is free of time and space, you must expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond to receive and understand it. Then, you can fully relax into the awareness of our presence as you allow our “beingness” to integrate into your Multidimensional SELF.

Then, when you return your attention to your physical reality, you can more easily translate our message into Earth language. We ask you to release your habit of time and space, so that you can imagine that you are in the NOW with us.

Please take a moment to do so NOW…

Take a long, slow, deep breath and allow your mind to float into your imagination and your heart to open to the unconditional love of the higher realms…

Breathe in multidimensional light…
Hold it in your heart and allow it to circulate through your earth vessel…
Breathe out multidimensional love to All That Is…


As you relax into your fifth-dimensional consciousness, feel how your earth vessel begins to blur into its environment? This blurring sensation is your Lightbody peeking beyond the limitations of your clay vessel.

Imagine now that your earth vessel is similar to a cave. Your consciousness had to hide in this “cave” in order to find protections from a hostile world.

Imagine yourself in a life in which you lived in a cave to find protection. Do you feel how that body was primitive and dense?

Now, we ask you to imagine that you are finding the courage to step out of that cave. As you step out of the dark cave, you realize that your primitive body begins to evolve.

First, you stand up straight, and then you begin to “think” about your reality instead of perceiving everything as mating, food or danger.

When you begin to think about your reality, rather than how to survive your reality, a curiosity and imagination begins to take hold in your consciousness.

It is then that you awaken your imagination, and you begin to have IDEAS of
What you can do and Who you can be.

You are all coming out of your cave of separation NOW.

As you step out of your cave, your body begins to change. As your body changes, you begin to perceive reality in a new way. The hostile planet that once surrounded you is less hostile, for you are seeing it with new eyes.

You are no longer a victim to the whims of others, because your connection to your SELF constantly reminds you that YOU are the creator of your reality. In the same way, YOU are the creator of your body.

Just as your world changes when your perceptions change, your earth vessel changes when your perceptions of your self change. When you see your self as “just a human,” your body becomes a clay vessel that quickly grows older and is vulnerable to harm and illness.

On the other hand, when you think of your self as the “Light of Spirit,” the concept of your body moves beyond the limits of a clay vessel and encompasses your ever-expanding aura. Then, when you perceive that your “self” includes your aura, YOU are suddenly much bigger.

You may not be aware that your size changes with your state of consciousness, when you are in a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness:
YOU fill the room.
YOU are united with everything and everyone in that room.
YOU feel everything and everyone as your SELF.

In this expanded state of consciousness
YOU perceive reality as it appears in the fifth dimension and beyond.

To further explore your SELF as the entire room ask yourself:

How does it feel to be:
A chair,
A desk,
A plant,
The ceiling,
The computer
Or the paper you are reading?

We suggest that you:
Light some candles,
Drink some water,
Feel the breeze
And walk barefoot on the earth.

In this manner you can experience:
Being the element of fire,
Being the element of water,
Being the element of air and
Being the element of earth

Once you are fully bonded with the third-dimensional elements, you can ask them to assist you to unite with their higher-dimensional elementals that flow into and through your body.

With this higher multidimensional boost you can more easily calibrate your consciousness to the fifth-dimensional frequencies of reality.

We suggest that you also do this exercise with others. Then you can share being the elements of earth, air, fire and water while you also experience of being the people in the room, on the phone, Internet or Skype.

You do not need to be physically together, as it is the connection of your multidimensional consciousness that is important.

When you share your Multidimensional Consciousness
You instantly flow into Unity Consciousness

When you deeply experience the elemental of “other” humans, you unite with those “other” humans. Once you unite with humans via your own elements of earth, air, fir and water, you become joined on a cellular level.

This cellular unity creates a deep bond and sense of security. All humanity was once linked in this manner, but as the world became increasingly hostile, humans began to find their own “separate” safety. Since separation creates fear, you began to perceive Earth as a “hostile planet.”

Just as separation creates fear, fear creates separation. Thus, humans increasingly felt separate from their environment and from others. Fear also made them want to hide. Then, many of our dear grounded ones found it necessary to hide their true expanded SELF for millennia in order to survive their “life on a hostile planet.”

NOW it is safe for you to remember that YOU are planet Earth and planet Earth is YOU. You share earth, air, fire and water with the planet and with all of the planetary inhabitants. As more and more of your awaken to this truth, you will remember that limitation and separation is just an illusion.

Wonderfully, as each of you expands your consciousness into your Multidimensional SELF, you will share your experience via your Unity Consciousness. Please remember that Unity Consciousness is innate. It does not need to learned or even remembered.

You are all united on a cellular level via your planetary earth, air, fire and water. As the cellular structure of one person remembers to expand into his or her innate fifth-dimensional expression, they sends a wave of Unity Consciousness to every cell of every inhabitant of Earth, including the planet it self.

At first, just one cell will not make much of an impact. However, this process progresses in an exponential manner. Thus, one cell shares with two cells, then four cells, then eight cells, and one-and-on.

In this manner, all life will begin to consciously experience their fifth dimensional expression. Once the threshold into fifth-dimensional Lightbody is crossed, time and space are extinct concepts.

At this point, there will only be HERE and NOW.

In the higher worlds of the NOW, you are always HERE.
There is only the NOW of unconditional love,
Which infinitely flows via the multidimensional light,
As a constant message from the ONE

This multidimensional light, which includes all dimensions, is constantly caressing you on a cellular level to guide you “Home” to the NOW of the ONE.

When you live within this NOW you remember that there is no specific “time” for ascension, nor is there an assigned “place” to which you will travel.

Ascension is a process of returning Home
To your true Multidimensional SELF
Who is infinitely HERE NOW!

* * *
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Meeting Arquelle

Arcturians: Suzille, I AM Arquelle. I AM an individuated fifth dimensional form of our Arcturian energy. Our Arcturian energy is multidimensional and has NO limits. However, we do create humanoid forms for specific purposes. I have come to you now wearing a humanoid form so that you can better remember who WE are. Yes, I do mean “we,” as in you and I. You are now receiving my message from a fifth dimensional, human form on New Earth.

Suzille: Are you saying that I already exist on New Earth in the form that you/we are on New Earth?

Arquelle: Yes, you are correct. When I said that I took an individuated form, you must realize that my “time” doesn’t work in the manner that it does in the third dimension. Therefore, since there is no sequential time, I/we have always had this form within the HERE and NOW of that frequency of reality.

S: Therefore, I have always had that form, but my consciousness has just recently entered into the frequency that you could share this information with me. Is that correct?

A: Yes, that is correct. You have met many of your forms, and we (I will now revert to my confortable term of “we” rather “I”) are here now to introduce you to a fifth dimensional, humanoid representation of our Arcturian energy.
We present this form to you to assist you with the quandary of transmutation of a third dimensional form into a fifth dimensional form. As you communicate with us, feel how our fifth dimensional form interfaces with your present ascending reality.

S: When I close my physical eyes to view this form with my Third Eye and High Heart, I can feel a new, yet very familiar, version of my SELF within my current form.
However, when I think of this form as “within” my physical form, I see it emanating beyond the boundaries of my earth body. I also feel something like a Portal that is a component of this form. My High Heart tells me that this Portal leads to New Earth.
However, it is not a physical Portal. Rather, it is a Portal for my consciousness, which nudges me to move through into a deeper, more expanded state of consciousness. This level of consciousness has not been as readily available before.
Did you/we create this form of Arquelle to magnetize me into a higher expression of my daily self?

A: The first thing that needs to be considered is your Belief in your SELF. If you do not believe that YOU can merge with your fifth dimensional, Lightbody that resonates to New Earth, you will be working against yourself rather than FOR yourself. We ask you now, “Is it easier now for you to BELIEVE that you can merge with your SELF on New Earth now?

S: Yes. It is easier to release my attachment to the human form now that my fifth dimensional SELF has a name, a feeling, a communication style and a sense of familiarity.

A: You have seen how simply the changing of forms occurs on Alcea. Alcea is a planet in our Bootes System. Many of us enter that planetary experience to remember the feeling of form.
The experience of form only lasts for a few generations there, and it is a planet based on love, as is New Earth. It appears to be a water planet, as the water and sky are ONE, but the land is under the water/sky. However, the water does not invade the land; in fact, it protects the land. The water/sky mantle allows great protection for those who take form on the planet.

S: I have read that Earth once had a mantle to protect Her. Is that correct?

A: Yes. Earth, too, once had a mantle of protection, but it was lost when the planet, which is now your asteroid belt, was destroyed. Without the protection of the mantle, many Beings of dark intent could enter into your reality. The entry of these dark ones made incarnation on Earth very unsafe.
The doubt of which you have spoken is created by fear. Hence, doubt is best healed by love and safety. We are with you, and all ascending ones, to teach you more about being your fifth dimensional SELF while still wearing a third dimensional form.

If you KNOW that you are already fifth dimensional inside, you can allow that emanation to seep into your physical world to assist with your ascension. You had the vision of a totally safe ascension in the totally loving and calm environment of Alcea to assist you with your present ascension. Hold this loving safety in your consciousness, and tell us how it feels.

S: It is a bit difficult to connect with the concept of safety, although love is much easier to feel. I will go into my High Heart Portal to feel the comfort of safety…
I see the round Portal of my High Heart and imagine that it is opening. Again, I see the white, etheric hand and arm pushing the Portal open. I step over the threshold and into my High Heart. Instantly, I see what I have always known as the Land of Faerie. This place was where I went as a child to feel safe and happy. I am sure that is why I am there now.
Yes, I feel the safety now. I know that the Land of Faerie still has polarity, but my experiences there were always happy and comforting. Therefore, I have the Belief that it is safe there. I also have the innocence of a child.
With my child’s eyes I see a high mountain with a beautiful Castle, which is ruled by a loving Queen. The Castel protects me and, also, gives me the need to climb higher.

A: The great safety you feel in Faerie represents your High Heart Portal. Alternatively, that which you perceive as the Castle high on the hill represents your Pineal Portal. The Pineal Portal assists you, and all ascending ones, to break away from the third dimensional habit that REAL can only be determined by your five physical senses.
The reason that the Pineal Portal feels “real” is that it creates intense imagery, which is accompanied by very visceral feelings, emotions of bliss and experiences of unconditional love. Because of the power of these wonderful experiences, you WANT to believe that your journeys in consciousness are real, as they are so very superior to your experiences in the physical realm.

S: How does the Pineal Gland give us these experiences?

A: The Pineal Gland it is the Portal through the high frequency waves of multidimensional light and unconditional love enter your physical form. This Portal is a filter, as well as a magnet.
The “filter” dis-allows the low frequency, fearful thoughts/emotions from invading the higher realms. On the other hand, the “magnet” attracts the higher frequency thoughts/emotions to adhere to the downward facing peak. These higher frequency emotions send a bio-chemical that you are ready to experience higher frequency of reality.

The Pineal Gland hangs from the top of the Third Ventricle of the brain, just over your brainstem with its peak hanging up side down. This Gland works similar to a microphone that can direct certain frequencies to the woofer or to the tweeter.
Your Pineal Gland can filterout the lower frequency thoughts and magnetize the higher frequency thoughts to its opening is at the tip of the “pinecone” shaped Pineal Gland that is hanging downward.

People with a fear-based consciousness cannot accept the higher frequencies of light, as the extremely high frequencies will frighten them into creating frightening images. Therefore, the point of the pinecone, which is the Portal through which the higher light can flow into the physical body, can only be opened by positive, higher dimensional thoughts/emotions.
Positive, loving thoughts and emotions open the Portal because their energy signature states that you have gained some Mastery of your energy field and are ready to experience higher realities. The higher light can then travel from the Core of the Pineal activating the DMT. The DMT then stimulates the euphoric spots on your Eighth Chakra, at the hairline of your forehead, to open you to higher states of consciousness.
At the same time, the Kundalini is stimulated to create an undulating sensation to pump the Kundalini Energy up from the Root Chakra and into the Brow Chakra where is can connect with the incoming higher light and unconditional love. When this connection is complete, the Third Eye opens to activate your expanded perceptions of higher dimensional versions of reality.
As the Kundalini rises, dross matter stored in the chakras is spun off by the increased spin of each chakra. These sensations can be quite blissful if you surrender to the process. However, if you tighten up and/or resist the process, there can be pain and discomfort.
Once the Kundalini energy starts rising up your spine, it begins the process of transmuting your physical body into Lightbody. At this point, changes will need to be made regarding your choices in foods, life styles, thoughts, emotions and behaviors, so that you can become the Master of your energy field.
To be the Master of your energy field means that you have gained mastery over the thoughts that you allow to linger in your mind and the emotions on which you choose to focus. Once the Pineal Portal has opened and stimulated the Kundalini to rise up your spine, it is vital that you become the Master of your Energy, for your thoughts and emotions will begin to manifest.
If you allow the old behaviors and habits of fear, anger, doubt or sorrow to overcome you, it will be the same as crashing into a wall at 60 miles an hour. Once the process of transmuting your form has begun, it is difficult, and even dangerous, to try to stop it. Fortunately, your expanded perceptions act as safety mechanisms to protect you.

S: How does our expanded perceptions serve as a safety mechanism?

A: Please remember that most doubt stems from fear. If you doubt your process, you will resist your sensations and try to shut down the Flow of higher light by “slamming on the breaks,” which will bring on the sensation of “crashing into the wall.”
Conversely, if you are experiencing unconditional love and waves of bliss while you are perceiving Higher Beings, Star Ships, Galactics and/or beautiful realms of love and light, you will not be afraid. Therefore, you will not doubt your experience, and you will be able toFlow with your journey until it comes to its natural conclusion.
This completion will occur when your body sends a message via the bio-chemical circuits that your have become fatigued. Then, the process can slowly come to completion in a matter that you body can adapt back to your former bio-chemical and neurological status.

S: Thank you. I understand now how novel and blissful perceptions can allow us to surrender to our process of transmutation into higher frequencies of expression.

A: Now that Earth resonates to a much higher frequency, the dark ones in the Lower Astral are more contained. Therefore, they cannot attack you psyche as they have in the past. Hence, transmutation of your form is a safer process. Before this era, the ascension process had to take place in a protected area, such as a Temple, and the ascending one had to be under 24-hour care. There were also Ascended Masters to assist the ascending one from the higher dimensions.
Soon, many will be undergoing this process of ascension, and many of then will need assistance. That is why it is vital to remember that Gaia is be a component of your process. When you are dedicated to Gaia’s planet Earth, you will be part of an ascension process that includes the entire planet. Therefore, you will have the protection of the entire planet and direct access to the collective consciousness of ALL the human, animals, plants, elements and Elementals who are also ascending.
When one person ascends alone, it can only be done with many attendants, or within a society that protects and cares for their Holy Men. In these civilizations, most ascended ones were males. In those patriarchal societies females would not get the protection and assistance that was vital for personal ascension.
Nevertheless, some brave women were able to ascend, but their victory has been kept from the people by the prejudice of a male dominated society. Fortunately, the return of female power is bringing about the balance of masculine and feminine energy, which is vital for Planetary Ascension. In fact, men and women are equal in many of Earth’s current societies.
You are entering an extremely exciting time for which you have prepared during myriad incarnations. You have had your personal ascensions, which allowed you to leave the Earthly wheel of life and death long enough to return to your Homeworld and reconnect with your Multidimensional SELF. However, you pledged to stay with Gaia until Her ascension, so you returned to Earth again.
Dear ascending ones, do not forget that you are not alone and that we are always with you. In fact, we ARE you at a higher frequency. When you can fully connect with your Higher Expressions of SELF, you can allow these higher expressions inside the earth vessel that you are wearing to assist with your full ascension. We can easily be at many locations within the NOW of the ONE.
Keep your eyes and ears open, your mind clear and your consciousness high so that you can accept the assistance that comes to you as you open your Pineal and High Heart Portals. When you open your Pineal Portal you will receive our higher light, and when you open the Portal to your High Heart you will find the love and safety that so necessary to face the unknown.
Most of all, dear ascending ones, love your SELF unconditionally so that you can realize that you are ready to ascend NOW. KNOW that fact beyond a “shred of doubt!” WE are here to remind ALL of you that your fifth dimensional expressions on New Earth are ready to meet you and take residence within your NOW! In this manner, the YOU on 3D Earth can merge with the YOU on New Earth to become your Multidimensional SELF!
Arquelle, a Messenger from New Earth
Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 31st July 2012 by Juan Pablo
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