viernes, 18 de abril de 2014

How do you pray when you are tired and have no strength to pray?

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How do you pray when you are tired and have no strength to pray?

I ask myself that.... How do you pray when you're tired and do not have the strength to pray?
¿Last night I finished the day really tired! ... It was still early but I had no strength for anything ... I went to the chapel and told the Lord, today all I have to offer is a body and a mind that cannot do more...
My prayer consisted of put myself as such in his presence without further capacity ... My body language said it all ... I thought of the sick who pray with the whole body: his pain is his prayer...
After a while to be with him I sprang with spontaneous parts of Psalm 139:
Lord, you examine me and know me,
You penetrate my thoughts ...
All my ways are known ...
Not even a word in my tongue,
And you, Lord, and you know it...
You envelop me from behind and front,
your hands protect me...
I did feel that Jesus would say:
"You do not have to explain anything, I understand you, believe me, I understand you... I also felt tired and something much harder than the physical exhaustion ...." It came to my mind those human scenes of Jesus exhausted near the well of Jacob, then drawn into the boat but the storm was not able to wake him, and in the garden, with all his body and moral rendered to ground...
In the morning when I get to the office to find out what teachers say about it I found this phrase of St. Therese:
"I should feel sad for sleep (after seven years!) In prayer and in giving thanks ... Well, I'm not too sad ... I think children are pleasing both his parents while they sleep (much more!) as when they are awake ... I think the doctors to do the operations, got the patients sleep ... in one word, I think "the Lord knows our" being ", and recalls that we are more than just "dust "...
¿Thank you Jesus for being "so human" Thanks for welcoming me and accepting me as well when I have the strength to say, thanks for making me not violence ... Yesterday I experienced firsthand what you said:
Come to me when you're tired and I will be your rest ...
(cf. Mt 11, 28) ...
If you are not so tired, send it to your relatives, your friends, your
Known and unknown ...
There comes a time when we falter,
and we feel so weak and tired,
even for praying!
Re-send it…!
Someone need it!


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