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The Arcturian Corridor - THE SUMMER OF 2009

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Welcome back to our Corridor.


We wish to begin by telling you that the summer of 2009 has been very special, for there have been numerous waves of downloadable energy traveling towards Earth. Due to the conditions of your Sun, the magnetosphere of Gaia has been provided with myriad bursts of torsion waves. First, your Sun received the energy from the Galactic Center then passed it on to Earth and the other planets in your Solar System. **
These torsion waves, filled with divine intelligence, unconditional love and divine creativity, have been available for download for those who have prepared their earth vessels to accept the higher frequencies of light. Those who have not prepared their physical forms by integrating their Multidimensional SELF into their bodies may not have been able to fully accept the energies, but there has still been  unlimited potential for the expansion of their consciousness.
Even those of you who were prepared for this moment likely experienced, and still are experiencing, some symptoms of transformation. These symptoms are primarily in your thoughts and your perception of reality. If you continue to surrender to these waves, meditate and ground your earth vessel, there will be fewer symptoms and you will increasingly experience moments of illumination.
The Solar Eclipse in July greatly amplified your feminine power allowing you to accept an augmented in-flow of higher light.
Furthermore, the combined energies of Chiron, the wounded warrior, Jupiter, the great amplifier, and Neptune, the bringer of illusion or illumination, have been healing the wounds of your Spiritual Warrior to amplify your masculine power of out-flow. This increased power gives you more courage to be your true SELF in daily life.
It is through receiving and grounding these higher energies that you will find your true enlightenment, as well as assist Gaia in her return to SELF. Because the energies have been so strong, even those of you who were prepared, likely experienced symptoms such as Third Eye headaches, a tingly feeling in your crown and dizziness without nausea. You may still be experiencing these symptoms or they may return whenever you integrate higher frequency light.
You have been in deep cover for most of your incarnations since the fall of Atlantis. However, NOW you have the opportunity to transform your life by awakening to and being your Multidimensional SELF in your daily life. In this manner, you will ground your multidimensional energies into Gaia, as well as serve as a role model for others. All you need DO is to BE faithful in your Knowing.
ALL that you desire shall come to pass. It is time to live within the Core of your SELF without the distractions and entanglements of a complex reality. There is much we have to share with you, and we need you to remain calm in order to receive it. The less you need from the outside reality, the more inner freedom you will have.
Therefore, do not become attached to any person, place, situation or thing. Your Home, whatever place on the great body of Gaia that you have perceived as “your home,” shall rise with you, for you have transmuted it by grounding your ever increasing multidimensional downloads.
The transformation of your shell, earth vessel, will activate the further awakening of your Core. Therefore, detach from all that creates stress or fear and hold your heart to that which fills your consciousness with love. Love is the Center Path and will guide you to your true vibration.
Once you have completed your return to SELF, you can easily replicate all that you have loved in your third dimensional realities. In fact, through these replications, you will share with the ONE all that you have learned in your great journey of Light into Matter.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor II
Posted by Shanti 
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