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Breathing 4

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Breathing 4

For now it is the only exercise you should practice until it is achieved unconsciously, or "subconsciously”.... then it may be made seated, standing, without a problem, and in any place where you are located ... always remember that practice makes perfect ... it seems an simple exercise, easy to overlook, but already in practice, it is not easy ... let's see: begin to breathe slowly, rhythmically, hear the sound of incoming and outgoing air ... what happens now? ----------  thinking ------------thinking ------- Well, after about a minute of thinking about this, you are right: you become "aware" of your respiration, which had not occurred before ... now you realize that you are breathing ... what else? ------- you Begin to breathe "more" deeply ... and now, it is not that slow breathing, very light, that almost you do not realize ... now you turn to pay attention to it: is deeper, and more air enters the lungs ... For this reason I recommend that you doing lying, because more air is going to enter; we're going to get dizzy, and could fall to the ground, and beat our head, what will undoubtedly we do not want ... then, we most take the time required to practice it, until it becomes something normal ... and again, a subconscious act ... do it for a month or two, at least ... in the meantime, it serves as a means of concentration ... we kill two birds with one stone ... we learn to breathe, and at the same time, we learn to concentrate, because we leave aside all other thoughts ... eventually, we can make this dual exercise, kneeling on a rug, blanket, or something ... I do not think that you can do it in the eastern position, the lotus position, because you do not have the knee joints as flexible as the eastern ... although now they, too, due to the demands and habits of modern living, I think they are losing this skill, this flexibility in the seated position, which is called the lotus posture ... You can then perform the exercise in the sitting position, much like the pharaohs of Egypt ... seated at right angles, back erect, feet or legs at right angles, 90 ° ... all of this if they have no back problems, column, or any other problem ... if so, if you have problems with parts of your body just make yourselves comfortable in the best position you can, and in which you are comfortable enough, ... more so, with time and much practice, you can perform these breathing exercises / concentration , while standing, if the situation warrant it ...
Do not go away ... this will continue

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