martes, 14 de enero de 2014

UFOs?? Dimensional beings?? Aliens??

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Dimensional beings??
We are living, and we will live, weird times, from now on ... and we are already living it, really ... already pass the time when I first wrote about UFOs, and its mystery, which so attracted me ... well, still attracts me, but now I have more information about it ... or should I say better, disinformation?

Because it is so much, this information comes to us through various means that you no longer know what we have in our hands ... or mind ... there are enough, perhaps too many, false videos, and disseminated false stories told by people immature that confuse us all ... or will be paid to do so and distort the truth? Who knows ... who knows...?
Will they want to use this from the UFO to secure a new world order? I say this because it is what is heard and seen in YouTube videos and other media ... what do you think about this? Crazy, right?
It looks like a crazy plan, brought by the hair ... who might want something like that? The new antichrist? It will be that he is already among us?  A total madness ... some say, is being plotting an alleged attack of the aliens to the earth...

or other-dimensional beings ... this would be hatched by an elite group of characters who want to dominate the planet ... it is assumed that the elite would be those who do not were tried in Nuremberg ... they remained on one side, in silence ... with the consent of whom ?
The main issue would be to condition people, to believe in the existence of these beings, aliens, or inter dimensional beings, whatever ... but I say: the evidence is out there, in heaven… who has not seen a UFO? Many, many people ... there are any numbers of tests, objects in the air, which cannot be explained: they have technology that is not earthly ... certainly
We have it clear, right? Extra-terrestrial beings are those who come from outside the earth, the planet ... dimensional beings, is just that: living beings in other dimensions or number of vibrations that are different from ours... how they do to change to "our" dimension? Who knows: that it is the big question ... if we do not understand our own physical world, how can we understand advanced topics?
One thing is certain: these alien beings, or inter dimensional, they have affected the evolution of human beings, for better or for worse ... tell me if you're a slave, in some way, of these beings? I at least, no ... I do not see anything “slave” on the planet, of these beings ... “some” say, that yes, we are! Another crazy over the loose!
It also says "someone", that 80% of the "UFO" seen in our skies is not that, but "experiments" of the military ... and it can be ... and indeed, there must be military experiments ... but in the whole world? In the sea? In the mountains? Under the ocean? In your country, my dear friend, who barely has a modern rifle? In outer space? In the moon?  Around the sun?
Bad theory this military experiments ... 10% of the sightings, it can be ... video, another 30% false ... but the rest is inexplicable ... "out of this world" ... that governments, elites, "full "use any means to that of staying in their posts, and try to dominate" the world "?they have always done it, and always will ... if they can use the UFO phenomenon for that, they will ... you can be sure ... it is more, if they had extra or intra-terrestrial beings who are able to unite, so to dominate the planet, they would do it, without thinking it twice ... God forbid us!
The number of people, who believe in UFOs to the present, is huge, is "global" ... is this good? …Will this be bad? It Depends ... if aliens are "good" it is good for us ... if they are bad, better not to get too close to them ... but I'm sure this must be as it is: as in the earth, out there must also exist, well-intentioned beings, and malicious beings...
We must always be careful with what kind of beings we establish diplomatic relations ... for now, we should not frighten us, and "shoot" at the first strange being that we see ... peace of mind ... it is true that we always fear the unknown ... and if they are ugly, huahuajau, worse ... ...
Will they want (cabal) to use the subject of UFOs, to "force" the world to join in a single "block"?
The questions are too many… the unknowns, are endless ... what we must do is stay calm and do not accept anything until it is tested and reliable ... meanwhile, we would hear something out there, read something here, and so on, and we keep waiting to see what will happen in 2012 ... then 2013 ... and more ...?
We will continue on another occasion, speaking of 2012 and beyond: we are prepared for any nasty and catastrophic event?
Do not go ... because this will continue!


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