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St. Malachi # 2~ Prophecies..

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St. Malachi 2Prophecies



St. Malachi 2Prophecies

St. Malachy established deep relationships with the spiritual movement which led St. Bernard ... for those relationships, St. Malachy visited Clairvaux, at that time, an important center of the Cistercian reform ...It was the influence of St. Bernard which gave rise to the Order of the Temple, and the famous cross ... at Clairvaux and Cluny were formed and ordered many Irish novices, and then returned home where they continued with the religious reforms learned ...The friendship between St. Bernard and St. Malachy was very strong and deep, like two good brothers ... St. Malachy was sick, and then passes through the transition, at Clairvaux, in 1148 ...


His prophecies refer to the Popes, 112 in total number, according to ... the list begins with Pope Celestine II, which we saw earlier, and was elected in 1143 ...In the prophecies signs, called currency distinctive symbols of each Pope ... the list know when it started, and which Pope ... but: When end? And Pope?  What would be your name and distinctive currency? Let's see:It is assumed, or rather, it was assumed at the time, that the list of the popes, his reign, or the reign of the last Pope would be for the year 2000 ... Y2K ... coincidentally ... but we have seen that date has passed ...This does not mean that the prophecies are wrong ... it's just that people misunderstand everything that refers to the time when these are true ... we have seen too many examples of this now ... and so do the prophecies of NostraDamius ... 
Furthermore, it was assumed, and still is, that after the last Pope, befall the second coming, or return of Jesus ...John Paul II was the Pope # 110 on the list ... its currency, "guessed" 1000 years ago by St. Malachy, is as follows: Labor Solis ... "Work of the Sun" ... could be also: works under the sun ... "The work of the sun" is the result of the translation with google translator ... judge for yourself the value or significance of these translations and / or meanings ...Well, that was fulfilled in John Paul II, as the came from a family of Polish peasants who made life hard days in full sun ... John Paul, in his childhood working in the same conditions ...Let the Pope John Paul # 109 ... I ... "from Mediatate Lunae" ... (This must be wrong Mediatate word, because the translation does not find) the translation, as it has developed, is the half moon ... there seemed to be do with it ... then, was developed as follows: 
The crescent is the main symbol on the coat of Venice ... the city had been the seat of Pope John Paul I ... crazy, right? It is an accurate prediction ...Let's continue our journey, and visit to Pope Paul VI ... in the prophetic texts identify him from almost ten centuries ago, as Flor de Flores ... translation: (the flower of flowers) ... in the coat of arms of this Pope, observed three flowers de Lis ... This flower is considered by many as the ultimate in flowers, the queen of flowers ... the flowers, flowers ... around the year 2000, which had been taken as the end of the prophecies of St. Malachi, not because they really had put this date: reminds me of the Mayan calendar and 2012 .... We will masochistic humans? We love having doomsday dates ...If not satisfied, no matter ... and you put another ... some will be fulfilled ... as they say: that will happen, will happen!We did not get chance to "save" ...!That will happen, will happen ....

How did you, as wise, St. Malachy, the amount of popes? 112 ... 113 ... others say divinely inspired? He found it in a manuscript? Someone told him? We are left with the desire to know, it seems ...Interesting as it is, not all Popes papacy had normal periods .... One or two, lasted long in his "reign" ... others had short periods, and followed each other rapidly "procession" ...In the two popes who are at the bottom of the list, we have the following:The penultimate:"De Gloria Olivae"The name of Benedict seemed a strong signal on many levels ... It was St. Benedict, who was noted for his strong power against the devil ... and founded the Benedictine order, which is also known as the "Olivetans." ... St. Benedict prophesied that the "last pope" would be an order belonging to that ....And it was St. Malachy, Ireland, who prophesied that the Pope would come after John Paul II, ("Work of the Sun") would be "the glory of Olives."Who is it?

The present Pope, Benedict XVI ...!Olivae Gloria ...

The penultimate ...

Ratzinger seems to fulfill the prophecy of St. Malachy ...!...???...

To be continued ...!


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