domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2013

water: there will be no more ...!...agua: no habrá más ...!

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water: there will be no more ...!



            ALREADY, NO MORE

Delhi, India. Everyone wants just a little water ...

Two Sudanese drink water from the marshes, with plastic tubes specially designed for this purpose, with a filter to remove
floating larvae, responsible for the disease
lombriga da Guiné .
The program distributed millions of tubes and already managed
to reduce by 70% this debilitating . 
glaciers that supply drinking water to Europe lost
more than half of its volume in the last century.
Pictured workers a glacier ski
Pitztal in Austria, covering the glacier with a special blanket
to protect the snow and slow its melting during
the summer months ...
The waters of the Niger Delta are used for defecation,
bathing, fishing and littering.

dirty water in residential faucets due to the advancement
indiscriminate urban development .

Residents of the Pate Island, Kenya, dig deep wells
in search of the precious liquid, just 300 meters from the sea's water is salty.
Whoever was the fourth largest lake in the world, is now a
dusty graveyard of boats that never
set sail .. .


* When you brush, open the tap only
when rinsing.
* When you shave, open the tap only when
rinse your face.
* When cleaning the kitchen or bathroom
faucet open just for Rinse.

Please become aware! PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL!


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