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Read it very slowly and understand it well because it tells you a great truth:

Be sure to read it to the end:
The last sentence is the most important:


There once was a boy who had a bad temper…
His father gave him a box of nails and told him that every time
that he lose control, had to put a nail in the
Back of the fence…
The first day
The child had put 37 nails in the fence...
During the following weeks,
Having learned to control his anger,
The number of nails began to fall daily ...

He discovered that it was easier to control his temper,
hammering nails into the fence ...
Finally the day came when the boy did not lose his temper ...
He told his father about it, and his father
suggested that for every day that he could be controlled,
he Take out a nail ...


The days passed and the boy finally
could tell his father he had taken out
all the nails ...
The father took his son by the hand
and took him to the fence ... He said, "You did well,
my son, but look at the holes in the fence ...
The fence will never be the same ...
When you say things in anger,
you leave a scar just like this ...


I can stick a knife in a man
and then take it out ... But no matter how many
times I ask for forgiveness, that will always hurt "...
A verbal wound is as bad as a physical one...
Remember that friends and people are very valuable jewels ...
They Make you laugh and encourage you to progress, will provide
an ear, they share words of appreciation and always
want to open up your heart ...
The International Friendship Week:
Prove your friends how much you appreciate them...
Send this to every one of those you consider your FRIEND
even if it means that it must return
to the person who sent it again ... then you, you will
realize that you have a circle of friends ...



Now send this to every one of your friends and your
family also (they need to know that you love them)
Please forgive me, if I ever left a "HOLE" IN YOUR "fence"


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