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My Entry into the NOW

I / We, are sitting in our garden thinking of another garden we are seeing on Venus. We're looking at the floating gardens of the fifth dimension surrounding the Venusian Violet Temple. It is a memory thinking as if "only in the imagination of a child", and NOW is a throwback to a fifth dimensional reality that has remained alive in our consciousness, no matter what. No matter what, we have protected certain memories to forget.

These memories, these childish whims, have kept alive the components of our being that we are always remembering. By allowing these memories whirl around our wonderful imagination, feelings of peace, calm, joy and anticipation fill our consciousness. The expectation is our best friend now. We are allowing us to expect what you can expect, and feel hopeful and positive.

Because memories are often strung together like pearls on a necklace, memories of the floating gardens Violet Temple created a longing in our Third Eye. Why this particular memory is resisting our recognition? We are giving ourselves to this desire because we are remembering how responses from the higher dimensions are revealed by our delivery to the question. Yes, we are now remembering how we got into the unknown in complete confidence, as a small child could jump from a high chair in the arms of his beloved father.

We feel these loving arms ready to grab when we release whatever is blocking our complete perception of reality that we are choosing to experience. We are choosing to participate in the memory which is tickling in warming our Third Eye and High Heart. Oh yes, there is. We can not perceive this reality / memory, but we can feel the float from our hearts to our minds.

Yes! Is the memory of absolute safety! No wonder that the sight of an innocent child is the opening to this report. Memory is all innocence and confidence. We close our eyes and calm our breathing to capture the memories within our physical mechanisms. In fact, this memory capture all innocence and absolute confidence pushes us beyond the confines of our earth vessel and into higher expressions of our SELF.

Where are we now? Why, we are everywhere and we all are. Complete Unit surrounds our consciousness, and our way hesitantly is exploring deep mixing of countless life streams of various colors and shades. We're floating and flowing into the Sea Power Cosmic form and infinite possibilities. What shape are choosing? What chance we met?

"The New Earth", felt an inner call. In our innocence we know that this choice is ours to be made. Within our trust flow with the colors and tones to push within our being. "We do not know how to get there," we hear the distant call our ego doubtful. "We love them unconditionally," whom we once thought we were.

We are remembering NOW. We are remembering a reality based on love, unity, cooperation, trust and security. We are allowing the arrival of messages the components of our being that was once very high, very large, very powerful and also very loving to have been ever being. In completing our consciousness with these components of our true Self, we are recognizing how our lives are changing. We are having experiences that were once "impossible" and discovering that others are having similar occurrences.

We are losing connection to our personal needs, wealth, fame and recognition. We are remembering the joy, calmness, confidence and security as we move through the remnants of our three dimensional world. We are finding that some are fearful, and we understand your fear remembering while we send love and compassion. We're more concerned about whether we are "different" from the "other". I do not care more if "they" realize who we really are.

We are much more busy finding who "we are really our" selves. More and more we are remembering our mission, our personal contribution to the momentum of the transmutation of reality. We easily releasing that which no longer serves us our great purpose and finding people with whom we are connected in a multidimensional way.

Moreover, we are leaving devoid of love relationships and connecting with our Divine Complements. Sometimes our Divine Complements are sharing physical experiences, and are sometimes called to serve in locations or dimensions. We are patient with the decisions we made before our incarnation, because we are remembering our oneness with the supplement is within our shared consciousness.

We are meeting in groups to heal Gaia and thank her for the home that she has provided us. Decisions to respect our earth are made daily on a personal, national and international way. We are coming together as People and Planet to complete the possible reality that WE, the Members States of the Earth, we are choosing to create.

We are going to home, and home is where we have always been!

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Spanish translation-Shanti


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