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RAPTURE - 666 - Positive affirmation


This is another of the great mysteries of the Bible, recorded in revelations, or the apocalypse of end times... The Bible says that people will be "taken" from, and, wherever they are... says that of two women who are in the field, one will be "taken" and the other do not… that of two men who are working together, one will be "taken" and the other will be left in its place... from here we can deduce that for every pair of people on earth, that is not necessarily together, one will be taken and one left... this is the great mystery.... As with the beast and 666, we are lost, trying to understand and comprehend what this is about... there are people who claim to know, and explain it very well supposedly, but I have my doubts that someone knows something definitive… mostly, what they can have are theories, hypotheses, some "idea" of what can be, and that's what we try to explain here…: our own idea about it, as you can also have your own idea, hypothesis, theory... in this, nobody has the truth, and only time will tell us what it is all this about... I think we are slowly coming to the time they we will know all, and we will understand the truth, and all the false, will be revealed… There are many questions about it, as it is going to take one person and another, not… and, it will be, by its conduct?… it will be by its evolution?… it will be because of your spirituality or goodness, or charity? etc. etc.… that is, what is taken into account for this "rapture"?… will be by the law of the most "strong", as in nature happens naturally?… another intriguing mystery is how this “rapture” will be done: practically a "miracle"?… ever, the only reference we have on this type of "rapture", is the Noah's Ark, where they were reunited, and keep together, pairs of each species… how would be like today, with our overpopulated planet?… would take only a pair of human beings of every race?… This would greatly reduce the number of species represented… but does not say so ... It say in two, one will be taken, "kidnapped"… which means that at least half the world population would be taken, kidnapped… at least 7 billion people we are on the planet right now… 3,500 million will be taken about… what do you think about this?… where all this amount will be carried, and without taken the lower animal species?… food, shelter, space, health, fights, etc.., so many things that happen and so many things people requires, diseases in addition to the accumulation of people or animals… now, another mystery: how it will be taken, kidnapped, many people and animals, and,… what more?… and here, given that we know nothing, let me "fantasy" and imagine a little ... We, will be taken to "other" dimension, a parallel dimension?… This brings many more questions than answers, that we will see in an upcoming delivery… we will be "abducted" by aliens, extraterrestrials, which would already be working on such a tremendous job, and would lead to large alien craft, to relocate to another planet that is habitable?… There are videos on youtube showing three large vessels approaching more and more to our planet earth… these are all crazy ideas, but nobody prevents us from these “thinks“, especially when we see and hear both foreign ships plying our skies… I will continue with this in a new release, because of this, there is more ... 

this will continue!



Revelation 14:9-11:

 "And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice: If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also shall drink the wine of the wrath of God, which has been poured into the cup of his anger, and shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of saints and angels, and in the presence of the lamb, and the smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever: and have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.
                   "… Again: what is this?... what we must understand about this…? What is the true interpretation of this matter…? Literally…? Anyone knew, knows or will know what means the above writing, about 666...? First part says: "If anyone worships the beast and his image".. Does not say "if anyone is 'obliged' to worship the beast and also says, in his own image: what is that “picture” …? 

                   It seems that everyone must decide for himself if he becomes a follower of this "character", and as we know people, someone will decide to follow him, even if they do not knows, what is the subject… some of them will regret, when they know in what they have been involved, and perhaps it will be too late to retire, "clean"… 

                  Maybe it can be death as the only way out... Others will like the subject, people who already was corrupt before the time of the beast, and will continue this path of evil, glad to see what they “fish” for themselves… so, this mark will be a so small and advanced microchip?, which could be insert it like a shot, quick and almost painless, which will send electronic or electromagnetic signals, which will identify the bearer of the microchip, wherever you are, within the domain of the beast ... what else could be…? Hummnn…

                   Also it was speculated long ago that the Antichrist was Nero, the emperor, Napoleon, Hitler, and many others who have been regarded as the beast, while overlooked in modern times, Reagan, the president of the United States, Bush, among others ... some popes have not been left behind ... will the mark and the number be different things, or it will be part of the same…? If different, there is much more to speculate about it ... keep in touch ...

This will continue!



Positive Affirmation ...
Whoever hurts you, makes you STRONGER

whoever criticizes you, makes you IMPORTANT

whoever envy you, makes you VALUABLE,

and sometimes it's fun to know that those who

wish the worst for you ...

have to withstand, the best things to happen to you!

I pray to God to take care of you, I pray to God to

enlighten you, I pray


to be always by your side and pray to God

so you never

missing Happiness.

You must give to the nine that you most want, include me if

you want to ...

In nine minutes you will receive good news. not

ask, only



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