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X __2 ~ ASCENSION EARTH / Pleiadian - WORK BEGINS - Part 1

2 ~ ASCENSION EARTH / Pleiadian - WORK BEGINS - Part 1

May 19,13



WORK BEGINS - Part 1   


Almon, a parallel reality of Mytra, was assisting in raising the Violet Temple Pleiadian our home world when he fell from the roof of the temple down. Mytria was trying bilocate the Violet Temple while also maintaining its bi within him human contact. Unfortunately, the "time" in the form of three-dimensional Mytria had decreased its ability to effectively bilocate.


Mytria I can not find anywhere, and my search has become too emotional. I need to calm down in order to expand my consciousness. The Arcturian agreed that bilocándome Mytria need to attend to my higher frequency of expression and to a current physical form. Within our highest frequency of expression, and I are Mytria Being A So, if I can find the countless expressions of my Multidimensional SELF, I can also find Mytria.

Before studying the Arcturian, the concept of having expressions of our Multidimensional SELF in many different situations, times, frequencies and dimensions was difficult to assimilate. But now I realize that we are all multidimensional light beings who have stuck current myriad life matrices via the power of our emotions in the lower dimensions and / or unconditional love in the higher dimensions.

I have reviewed the situation Mytria observing all known beings and situations in which they might have bilocated Mytria. Since its essence is no longer within the contact person, my best guess is that she has gone to attend Almon. Surely, she tried to keep bilocations with both, Almon and contact person, but his "time" in the 3D package multidimensional damaged his memory. We were warned of this possibility.

Now, I must find the time / space of the dominant state of consciousness, so to be able to assist. I decided that it probably is not any way, since his conscience no longer bilocated within the contact person, and your body meditation Ship awareness is still delta waves. Since I can not find it in any dimensional form we have visited, it is very likely that she is trapped in between bilocations and / or dimensions.

I do not want to interact with the form of the cubicle Mytria meditation, as she should be in the flow of his life force into your consciousness bilocated. However, Mytria I contact as much as possible from outside your cubicle. In fact, I slept there for many nights. I know she can feel watching your body while you are away on your trip interdimensional formless.

I have decided that the best plan is to work with the contact person Mytria. Together, Sandy, who is the contact person's name, and I can create a loop of light which can return Mytria. However, I'm not sure I could get the attention of Sandy. She noticed when I first came to the ship in your body at night.

Yet strangely, Sandy began to notice me unless Mytria was once attached to it enough. Sandy'll have to ask her if she knows why this happened. Maybe I can ask her when she is in your dream state. I sent a lot of light since Mytria departed Sandy, as she has been pretty depressed.

The safest scenario is that she Mytria find its own way back to the reality in which she began her journey. I think the duty of Mytria towards Sandy and her love for me may be sufficient to Mytria find your way back from his first walk interdimensional alone.

If Mytria is with Almon, I know she will not leave until he is healed, and do not wish to interfere. So I bilocaré first human to man is one of the components of my BE on Earth. This human can then make the connection with Sandy. These humans have great magnetism each other, since both are expressions of our Multidimensional SELF Earth Mytria / Mytra. Furthermore, these two human expressions of our being will feel the same attraction instinctive Mytria and I feel.

Once you have bilocated my human consciousness to the Earth, expandiré my consciousness to the highest expression possible way to find better Mytria. The mistake she made was a missed anchored in its meditative in the Nave, his human form on Earth or its most superior. So she lost, and there is no trace energy back to the reality of form or expression that can assist higher.


Gradually my eyes opened. To my amazement, he was alive. When I was dropped from the highest peak of the Temple Violet, I assumed that my existence as a parallel expression of the great and famous Mytra was finished. The last thing I could remember was thinking that although much of my life had been spent, it ended with a great purpose, and dying for an important cause. What more could a warrior?

However, did not die. Instead, I came into a deep coma, a trance or a dream in which Mytria was lying beside me. The feeling of the essence of Mytria mingling with mine life force pushed me back into my body. I dared not move, even if I could, as I was enjoying so much the feeling of the essence of Mytria next to mine. In fact, it seemed that my body was healing her mortally wounded.

When re-gained my consciousness for the first time, all I could feel was a heart-rending pain throughout my body. Then, to continue lying next to Mytria the pain began to subside. After an unknown period of time, I breathe deeply and carefully move my arms and legs. But those small movements made ​​me faint again. Finally, re-gained my consciousness to find Mytria laying next to me.

I tried to wake her, but she could not answer. So I lay with her, and she had done to me. Again we moved to a state of unity consciousness that was neither awake nor asleep. It was like staying in between the physical and higher dimensions. Our bodies were immersed in ONE, calling our higher expressions of SELF. My body was healed, but was a man returning from death and had no energy at all.

Moreover, Mytria seemed in a way that was most astral. I assumed she had bilocated to me, but did not have the energy to complete the process manifesting a physical form. Perhaps if she could drink some water and lie down next to the Violet Flame, she could raise potential particles of matter to create its full form.

Mytria Poked by the fire and covered his astral form with the coat he had been wearing. Then I went out to collect water, wondering if anyone would be there. No, there was nobody. It was as if Mytria and I were in a dream that resonated just beyond the third dimension. I collected water from a nearby well and grabbed some blankets that were spread by the fire.

Returned with Mytria, covered her with a blanket and put her head on my lap to give him some water slowly. At first the water seemed to slip through his astral form. Then, to continue giving dropwise astral form began to take more strength. In fact, census could Water Elementals in his astral body moving.

I then had the idea of ​​calling the elementals to create a form for it. There was a large amount of dust on the floor, which was actually crystal powder. I removed the blanket and coat covering the essence of Mytria and called Earth Elementals to splash it with powdered glass. I noticed small glass fragments created a shiny coat around your Essence.

Now she needed the Air Elemental, so I shared with her my breath blowing gently in his astral form. Finally, it was necessary the Fire Elemental. Fortunately, we were near the Violet Fire. In an instant I realized I had only survived because they had fallen by the Fire. He was still weak, but how was primarily Mytria etheric, so I took it and held it above the Violet Fire.

While Mytria and I had been together on the floor we mix completely. By that, I knew everything about her, and she will surely awaken knowing everything about me. So, I knew that during his bi-dimensional in his package, his conscience had diminished by the constant darkness of fear in this world.

So he held his etheric form on the Violet Fire called.

"Fire, fire, fire the Violet Fire

ALL transmuting darkness

Towards the Light, light, light "

I repeated that mantra several times until Mytria became so heavy to hold that way. She was taking a shape. The back to the ground, right next to the Violet Fire and higher expressions called for assistance. I received a picture of his way inside the cubicle Starship meditation. Mytria placed the head on my lap again, I placed one of my hands on his forehead and the other on his heart and sent a call to her BE in the Nave.


Finally, my conscience began to collect a form. I could not even remember being in a formless state. At the beginning it was a little disconcerting, because my time in a 3D package had told me to be in a formless state meant he was dead. In these lower worlds , being alive is associated with the container instead of the life force that is wearing that. Perhaps he forgot how to create a form for my bi, since my human consciousness thought he was dead.

With this possible answer for my situation, my total memory returned, and I was able to open my eyes to look into the face of Almon. His smile so cheerful and pure love shining through his eyes was enough to remind me send the Elementals Unconditional love that filled my astral matrix potential matter.

However, I became totally physical, but match my reality density Almon and I were sharing. With the assistance of Almon I sat down, and we stayed in a long embrace. We had become so attached to our mutual healing that words were not necessary. However, we knew we had work to do and slowly we let go and we locked eyes.

We both knew we were in the timeline of our ascension Pleiadian. It seemed as if something had happened that had stopped the process somewhere between the dimensions. We would need to find the others and complete our ascension process.
Through Dr. Suzanne Lie
Spanish translation-Shanti
If you copy or re-publish this message, please include the credits. Thank you very much!

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