miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012



(Was written for a woman named Lupita Diaz Cristiani - I find much poetry in these simple verses that speak of love that lasts).
"How nice you smell, my life!"

"What perfumed, my love!"

We were newlyweds.

Sentences that were say usually.

After the bath he smelled

to Yardley or what do I know,

while I perfumed

with bottles of Christian Dior.

But today ...What a difference!

He smells at ointments, and me

to the Tiger Balm

I put on a lot.

How the times have changed

from when he met me!

formerly looked

above my bureau

a rose, his portrait,

a perfume and a clock.

Now? A bottle of aspirin;

daily ointment;

bandages, my glasses;

pills of camphor;

the syringe, vial,

cotton and alcohol.

And in his desk, piled

to fit better,

a glass for their "dentures;"

the bottle of friction;

an open book, his glasses;

cough syrup;

and water for aspirin

if pain comes ...

But not yearn

"What the Wind took away."

We remember what we were,

and live our today.

In the morning, no hurry,

always the same song:

"How did you sleep, my darling?"

"A pain woke me up" ...

"How do you feel, darling?"

"Today I have strong pain."

And at night, perhaps

remembering something better,

smelling of salicylate,

at ointments and injection,

we repeat business as usual,

the same yesterday and today:

"I sleep very well, my life."

"I sleep very well, my love" ...

We pray to Our Father

and we thank God.