martes, 31 de enero de 2012




(By Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
If you have not passed the knife on your skin,

if you have no silicone implants in some part of your body,
If the little rolls do not create you trauma,

If you have never suffered from anorexia,

If thy stature does not affect your personal development

If when going to the beach you prefer having fun in the sea,
And do not lie on a towel for hours

If you believe that fidelity is possible and you practiced it,

If you know how to prepare a dish of rice,

If you can prepare a full meal,

If your priority is not being blonde at all costs,

If you do not get up at 4:00 am to get the first to the gym,
If you go out with gym clothes, quiet, to the street on a Sunday without a drop of makeup on your face ...

YOU ARE threatened with extinction ...

An exquisite woman is not the one that have most men at their feet,

But that which has only one makes it really happy.
A beautiful woman is not the younger, or thinner,

neither that one that has the smoothest skin and the hair more striking.

It is one, that, with just a frank, opens smile and good advice,

you can rejoice in life.

A valuable woman is not the one that has more titles, or more academic positions.
It is the one who sacrifices his sleep to temporarily make others happy.

An exquisite woman is not the most ardent

(Although if you ask me, all women are very hot ... Those who are out of focus are the men),

But that which vibrates to make love only with the man she loves.
An interesting woman is not one who is flattered to be admired for their beauty and elegance.

Is one strong woman of character who can say NO.?

And a MAN ... an EXQUISITE MAN is one who appreciates a woman like that ...

That is proud to have her as a companion....
Who knows how to play it as a virtuous musician plays his beloved instrument?

That fights at his side sharing all their roles.

From washing dishes and serve Tripon,

Even return massages and care, she lavished him before ...

The truth, fellow men,

is that women at being 'very macho' they carry a large way...
How silly we have been and are-

When we value the gift only by the sight of the box...!

Fool and a thousand times fool the man who eats shit on the street,

having an exquisitísimo dish at home.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez