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sharing2- Choosing Hope in Dark Times, About Channel--Sue Lie Interview with Kasi Alexander

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Carl Jung:

“A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them.”
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A Message from the Arcturians--through Suzanne Lie

Here is the video of the transcription just below
A Message From the Arcturians

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

About Channel--Sue Lie Interview with Kasi Alexander

Dr. Suzanne Lie Interview With Kasi Alexander

 About Channeling

KA:  Hi my name is Kasi Alexander, and I’m proposing a show that will be called Alternative Nation. This show would deal with alternative ways of looking at the universe or the world.  One of those ways is with channeling, which is kind of a new phenomenon to me and to a lot of people. 

Channeling has been going on for a very, very long time but I think it’s happening more and more often these days. People are actually in contact with spirits, beings from other places, and from higher dimensions.  One of those people is Dr. Suzanne Lie who is here with me today. Dr. Lie you’ve been doing channeling for a very long time.  Is that correct?

SL:   Yes, that’s correct.

KA:   When did you get started with this, and how?

SL:  Well, when I was a little girl I always saw things. I would talk to them, and I would call them Jesus because that was the only type of answer that was available to me as a child.  Also, I went to church every Sunday.  We would ditch Sunday School and run through the church, as it felt like it was our home. 

As an adult my inter-dimensional communications continued. When my kids were done with school, I was finished with mothering and the kids had gone off to college, I had an empty room that could be just my room to go into and meditate. 

There is a routine for people who want to meditate and channel, which is to create a cast in steel same time, same time same place.  And, you’re realistic with yourself.  So, if you can only do it one day a week at 10:30 at night or 9 o’clock in the morning, then do it one day a week.  But the most important thing is that you create a habit in your brain. 

The habit is that you go to this place at your assigned time, and maybe read something spiritual, maybe have a cup of tea or listen to music, and then allow yourself to relax and let the day and all of your problems go away.

Then you can go into your right brain, your imagistic brain and say something like, “Dear one, do you have a message for me today?”  At first, you might not get anything, or maybe you will just a “Hello.”  But as you start thinking, Maybe I’m not crazy. Maybe I really did receive something.”

It is easier to write what you get then it is to say it. There’s a scientific study that was done where they put a person’s left hand in cold water and their right hand had a pencil and paper. The person was hypnotized and told that the water there left hand was in was nice and warm, but it was actually very cold. 

The people were asked how the water felt, and they said it was nice and warm because they were hypnotized and told that the water was warm. Then they asked the person to write down their answer to the question with their other hand, their reply was, “The water is freezing, get my hand out of it.”

The reason I tell this story is because it shows that when you write down what you are receiving, usually starting off with long hand and eventually I could get to typing, you can bypasses the part of brain that says, “I should think this or you should think that,”  so that you can go into your deeper consciousness to realize what is actually happening inside of your psyche.

KA: Fascinating.  And how did the Arcturians start to contact you when you were doing these sessions?

SL: The Arcturian’s were the ones (the inner voice) that said to write down what I was receiving.  I would meditate and then I’d hear the Arcturians.  This was in the 1980’s when websites were brand new and computers were still pretty new to regular people. 

When the Arcturians told me to write down my messages as they came to me, I figured out how to write down what I was hearing inside. Actually, I do not actually hear the message. It is much like the thought arrives in my brain, and I write it down.

First, I had to do it with long hand.  Then they said, okay now it’s time for typing.  And I said no, I have trouble typing, but I did it anyway.  Therefore, it was a sea of red for the first bunch of times.  Then after a while I was fine, as I learned how to type faster. 

Basically, as I got the instructions and followed the instructions, then I would get the next instruction.  So, it was sequential.  This time gave me, and gives people, time to get used to talking to someone you can’t see.

KA: Great, so can we start the channeling now then?

SL:  Sure. Just begin by asking a question, and I’ll get into the Arcturian consciousness.  Basically, I take some long, slow, deep breaths and center myself.  It took longer at first, but it’s easy now because I’ve been doing it for twenty years or longer.

(Sue gets centered to channel the Arcturians)

Arcturians:  Greetings, we are the Arcturians. We understand that you would like to ask us some questions.

KA: Yes, I would, and thank you so very much for agreeing to talk to me.  I feel very honored and blessed to be having this conversation with you.  My first question is:  Are you spiritual beings, or are you biological beings, or is it a combination of both?

Arcturians:  We are spiritual beings.  We no longer hold a third or fourth dimensional form, as we resonate to our fifth dimensional Lightbody self and beyond.

KA:  Where do you live?  Do you live in a spiritual plane?

A:   We do live in a spiritual plane.  That spiritual plane is often around Arcturus where we are from.  We have that ability to see when a planetary societies is on the edge of transmutation into the fifth dimension.  Transformation means: changing something or someone to the next thing. But, transmutation means: changing something or someone into a higher frequency of resonance. 

When we see that a planet, people, or a large group of life forms are on that verge of transmuting their consciousness into a higher frequency, as ones state consciousness transmutes into a higher frequency before their physical form transmutes into a higher frequency. 

When we, the Arcturians, see that transmutation, we will connect with them.  Then, because they are almost always meditators and accustomed to hearing voices inside of themselves, then they can accept that we are talking with them.  However, at first, sometimes Suzille thought, “Am I crazy, is this real?”

However, when they realize how helpful the information is, they figure that, real or not real, it’s good information. I know that my life is much better because of these transmissions  and I’m going to keep on having them.

KA: Yes, that makes total sense.  So, are you interested in communicating with our society in general.  Do you want everyone to hear your message, or just the people who have been meditating and are spiritually ready for it? 

A: Only the people who have been meditating and are spiritually ready would have any interest whatsoever.  People who are not ready for it would think, “this is weird.  There is some person who supposedly can see or hear some place I don’t know about, and now they’re talking to me?  That is ridiculous.” So, that’s their choice.  They are still keeping their perceptions to the frequency of the third dimension, which is the physical place of time and space.

KA: If we as a society, as a whole, are getting ready to transmute and go into fourth or fifth dimension, is it beneficial to make people more aware of this?  If we put something on television with entities such as yourself, giving us information – would that be beneficial to more people becoming aware of this and raising their vibration to the point where they can understand the messages?

A:  Yes, especially on television.  Very often people feel that if it’s on television it must be real, and it must mean something because it made it onto television.  So, it’s a little easier to think, “If I don’t tell my neighbor’s that I watch this show – I’ve got to check it out. “ Then, when they get into it and start feeling that vibration, they say, “Wow, I watched that show and I feel different. I don’t know why I feel different.  I feel kind of good, kind of light, like I am hopeful.”  Then they’re hooked.

KA: Do you think that is something we should be perusing or doing a show like this?  Is it a worthwhile endeavor do you think?

A: I think absolutely, it’s a wonderful endeavor.  And there have been quite a few shows about that, but they have tended to be quite sensationalistic.

KA: Right.

A: They wanted to make money, and of course that’s their job.  But, that made it seem more like science fiction then science fact.  When it’s sensational, it is more like a cool science fiction show.

KA: Well, let me ask you a question.  Theoretically, if we went on television, I’m sure that you are much more technologically and spiritually advanced then we are.  Is that correct?

A: The Arcturians are, yes.

KA: Would you be able to go on a show and answer scientific questions, or questions about how the pyramids were built, or ancient structures – those kinds of questions?  Would you be able to give us information about that so we could then verify or point us in a direction that we could, I don’t want to say constitute proof, but it would at least open some people’s eyes to the possibilities?

A:  It depends upon the information. Because we are speaking through Suzille’s brain, if you were to ask Suzille a question about advanced mathematics, she would not be able to channel us because she would not be able to understand that information enough to translate what we said to her.

KA: Okay.

A:   Then, there are some things that we might say, that people are not ready to hear yet.

KA:  Okay.

A:   We select what we say because we don’t want to spread fear in any manner.

KA:  Okay, would you say – general disclosure.  And, you understand what I mean when I say, general disclosure, correct?

A:  Yes, that you are not alone, and that there are higher beings then yourselves – yes.  We could say that many people are much more prepared than ever.

KA: We are more prepared for that then we have ever been?

A:  Yes.

K: Now will that happen in a general sense that everybody will suddenly become aware of it, and no one can deny it anymore?

A: It’s about frequencies of perception.  The people that have already have expanded their consciousness into the higher fourth/imagination, artistic and fifth dimension, which is inter-dimensional perspectives.  Therefore, they have prepared themselves because they are interested in what is beyond the physical world.  Also, they “feel/intuited” that something is beyond. Therefore, they have beings coming into their reality through their imagination and tell them things that turn out to be true.

So, these people will be open to it.  Now, there will be other people that will be terrified and think they are being taken over.  Then, there will be other people who will sit back and say, “Hmm, I don’t know how I feel about this.” 

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the people who fully understand these higher dimensional concepts to put out as much information as possible. They can channel this information as much as possible, so that the other people can expand their awareness and consider that it might be true.

We see that there are a lot more people than ever.

KA: Yes, and even I can tell just from looking at YouTube and such.  Watching these channeled videos and reading channeled material has helped me tremendously just in the last six months.  It’s really opened my eyes to a lot of things.  It’s really been fantastic, and I greatly appreciate beings like yourselves who are willing to communicate with us.  So, thank you very much for that.

Did I understand you to say that if someone is ready and has, for example, a technological bent and is able to transmit this type of information, then they could get these kinds of answers for new technology, or the answers of how things were done in the past, and that kind of thing?

A:  Yes, and if you look through your internet you will see that many people have done so. However, this information is largely ignored because people still think it is not believable.  There have been amazing inventions where people just woke up one morning and went to the drawing board and there it is.  These are people that have chosen to receive and share this information.

What we would like to insert now to make it clear for everyone is that a great deal of people, people here on Earth, who have visited the Starships, but don’t remember it because they do it in their night bodies and their dreams. If they’re not ready to remember that experience, they will not remember it because it would be frightening to them.

In fact, we have meetings with people up on our Ships every evening. Many people come up as individuals, and there are also huge groups. These people then can interact with the higher frequencies and with other people who are interacting with their higher frequencies. 

It’s a meeting place for people who are open to their higher dimensions of expressions of self.  They can actually have fifth-dimensional discussions with other human beings in their fifth-dimensional forms while their third-dimensional self is back on Earth sleeping or perhaps in deep meditation. 

The Arcturians
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Selacia Article & Invite to Divine Changemakers Starting July 10

Choosing Hope in Dark Times

-Using What You Know Intuitively-
by Selacia

Planetary energies in these moments are pushing us to redefine ourselves and what it means to be powerful agents of change. The old world we were used to is dying and being restructured. The new world we want to live in remains under construction. Progress towards a more enlightened society has been made, and many more positive changes are in the works.

To be sure, we continue to live in dark times. The light is there, however. Our challenge and indeed our skillful means of moving forward is to be able to witness both extremes. Seeing them side by side, fearlessly and without agenda, helps us to prevail. Indeed, for the changes we want, we cannot afford to develop amnesia and isolate ourselves in our homes and like-minded communities.

What is Needed Now

Conscious involvement in an elevated way is needed. What do I mean by elevated? I'm referring to active participation that factors in the big picture rather than the mundane. Big picture includes humanity's cycles of evolution over time as well as our own lifetimes of preparation for being here in these moments.

Mundane approaches include obsessing about the news and who is doing what. Also included in this category are reactionary fear-based responses. Outrage is one of them. It's okay to feel outrage and acknowledge to ourselves we are outraged about things. It's counterproductive, though, to get stuck in outrage mode.

Moving Beyond Outrage

What's needed is a constructive response. As a divine changemaker, you know the difference between simply voicing outrage and taking positive actions to support things you are passionate about. It feels different inside in your heart when you take this higher road. You feel good about it. To focus on and support things you believe in will energize you. To act from outrage will deplete you.

To fulfill your soul's purpose this life, you must be fully engaged with life and hone your inner wisdom so that you have an unbreakable bond with spirit. As you do this, your inner guidance will show you the appropriate next steps. Many of these will show up as windows of opportunity to act on with divine timing. Small steps can lead to big leaps.

Gifts of Your Inner Wisdom

Your inner wisdom will help steer you towards the light, the truth, and the right view of situations. It will help you avoid fantasy thinking - like the trap of believing everything will be okay in the end regardless of what you do. It will help you stay focused on hope, an energy that allows for wondrous developments arising from the quantum levels of the unknown. To feel hope is to acknowledge the potentials that indeed exist, and to feed their creation with your consciousness, focus, and actions.

As you do this, you become the hope of the world. You become a miracle worker who leaves behind seeds of positive change for the next generations.

Copyright 2017 by Selacia - a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.

Info below: Divine Changemakers Course Starting July 10

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sharing2 - Greetings dear ones, What Is In-between Where You Are Now and Where You are Going?

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Carl Jung:

 "Depression is like a woman dressed in black." (Mourning) If she appears, do not push her away, invite her, offer her a seat, treat her like a guest, and listen to what she has to say ...”
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AUGUST 27, 2017
Greetings dear ones. We seek through these messages to answer some of the questions you may still hold silently and secretly within. Because it is a new and energetically powerful time with so much taking place, many are questioning how your observations align with the idea you hold about these times.
The world in general has been comfortably ensconced in third dimensional thinking throughout the ages and thus the awareness and integration of new and higher Light frequencies is causing some confusion because many of the changes taking place seem unnecessary, that some things are perfectly acceptable just as they are.
Some things will not totally change, but will gently and gradually shift into higher expression. For example medical personnel and hospitals will not disappear, but will become more open and receptive to higher and better forms of caring for and healing those who come to them.
Individual reactions may vary from; "I have lots of life experience, and this is the right way for things to be done." to "Too much change is never good." Dear ones, very little is going to remain the same for those who have chosen to move into and live from higher dimensional energies. The manifestations of duality and separation must eventually dissolve when there is no longer anything to hold them in place.
This is not to say that the world as a whole will suddenly cease having experiences of duality and separation, but you personally will find your life becoming ever more reflective of the peace and harmony embodied within a consciousness of Oneness.
For years, and through lifetimes of experiences you have been preparing for these times. You have been confronted with and have released (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) painful stored cellular memories and the fears you have dragged through many lifetimes.
As you replace these old heavy energies with Light and truth, you make yourselves fit vehicles for truer ways of believing, living, and being, Even those spiritually ready, but not fully aware of this fact are feeling the intensity of Sacred Light pouring to earth and available for all to accept.
You have arrived, the time is now. Be patient, and avoid believing that "Nothing ever changes." or "Things are just getting worse." or "It is all a hoax." because things may look that way. The integration of new and higher frequencies into the physical must be a process as the human body could not withstand the intense higher frequencies were they to integrate all at once.
Continually waiting for this or that particular experience as necessary proof of evolution is an exercise of futility based in concepts. Judging yourselves against the experiences of some "saint" or "holy" person, ideas in some book you may of read, or rigid religious concepts of what constitutes spirituality simply reflect a belief in separation.
Every person's soul journey is unique and your experiences will never mirror another's because everyone has lived through different experiences in hundreds of lifetimes. Every individual has their own chosen lessons to learn and truths to integrate while on earth in physical form.
All are one with Source--All, no exceptions. Every individual must eventually arrive at the full realization of the truth about themselves because it is the unchanging reality. Nothing exists outside of Divine Consciousness and the sense of something other than that ONE is illusion. The world and all its natural kingdoms are NOT ILLUSION, false concepts about the world and its natural kingdoms constitute the illusion.
Everything you can become aware of is a mind formed concept of a spiritual reality. For example you are consciousness, not a physical body. Your real and permanent bodies are made of Light. What you see and experience as the physical body is a concept of the permanent spiritual body reflecting your attained state of consciousness.
We wish to speak about the "spiritual journey". The idea of a journey is illusion dear ones, for you have never been and never can be separate from the reality of who and what you are. The idea of an evolutionary journey began when souls through a series of ancient events, forgot that they were individualized Divine Consciousness who had chosen to experience a sense of separation.
Because their creations seemed so real, a sense of separation became their state of consciousness and they continued to create experiences of separation manifesting as pairs of opposites--duality. Unity consciousness began to increasingly reflect these false creations giving birth to the fear and negativity in all its forms that is the three dimensional world of today.
You are now ready to remember who you really are. Healers are remembering ancient healing techniques, artists are remembering previously attained creative talents, and all willing souls are beginning to once again experience unconditional love and a sense of Oneness. Many are starting to question man's inhumanity to man and the natural world even if they are not fully conscious of why their thinking has changed.
Awakening happens through the Higher Self when an individual is ready for the next phase of their "journey". Eyes are opening and beginning to see through appearances. Mankind is discovering that indeed the "Emperor has no clothes". This is evolution.
Become an observer. Stand back, resting in your and everyone's identity as a spiritual being, and observe. Let go of the belief that you must heal, change, or fix anyone or anything by translating what you see into the truth that underlies all appearances--that the world and everything in it is already perfect and whole.
Recognize outer appearances of both good and bad to be manifestations of concepts and beliefs. Your realization of the truth helps to dissolve the energy of these miscreations for there is nothing to hold them in place but a belief in them. This is healing.
We do not say to ignore the suffering of others. Have your hand out and ready to grasp the hand of those seriously seeking answers rather than simply wanting you to do their work for them. Never act to change another's path of learning in the belief that it is your duty to "save" them.
This sort of thinking is based in human ego, a belief still touted by many religious groups who teach that it is loving to step in and remove someone from a difficult situation they themselves may of specifically chosen for spiritual growth and learning. You must walk a fine line in these situations. It is different if a child someone helpless is at risk. Always seek out, trust, and let your intuition guide your actions.
Because you now know that you are creators, you must honestly ask yourselves; "What am I choosing to create?" Do you intend to continue creating images of duality and separation simply because the world says it is the reality or because these things are familiar and comfortable?
Truth either is, or it is not. God either is, or is not. It is the free will choice of every individual as to which they accept but understand that life can get very uncomfortable for those who choose to live with one foot in both worlds as many have or are about to find out.
The time has come to rest in truth, be the truth, and live the truth, releasing every remaining concept or belief built upon beliefs of separation from Source. It is time to claim your identity as God in expression. It is time to "leap off the cliff" so to speak, trusting that you always have been, are now, and forever will be Divine Consciousness in expression regardless of appearances.
We are the Arcturian Group 8/27/17
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What is In-between Where You Are NOW and Where You are Going? The Arcturians & Sue Lie


What Is In-between Where You Are Now and Where You are Going?

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

We, the "Ascending Ones” have some questions that we would like to ask you:

What is “in-between where we are and where we are going?

What is “in-between” who we are now and who we are becoming?

Also, how does “who we are becoming” influence “where we are going?”

We, the Arcturians are happy to answer your questions:

Dear Ascending Ones, you, the members of humanity, are in-between just like Gaia is in-between. However, many are not aware of that fact. Many people think that they are already finished with what they came to learn.

Some people think that they have just begun learning why they came to Earth during this NOW to learn, and some people think that they know everything. Then, there are some people that never even think about what they know.

These people, which is a large percentage of people, are primarily focused on whatever third dimensional task they are doing so that they can be happy, take good care of their families, understand their personal reality and/or are just surviving.

Gaia has such a diversity of people that there is no wonder why She is having difficulty with Her Planetary Ascension. Only a relatively small percentage of humans are dedicating themselves to assist with the task of Planetary Ascension. However, the number of those people is rising more and more.

Most people do not know what ascension is, and have never talked to a “Higher Being” of any kind, much less, their Higher Self. However, that number of people is diminishing. For the newly awakened ones, this form of “growing” is the process of remembering who they have always been, but forgot.

Unfortunately, the technology for the ones who only care about “making money for themselves” is also growing. Why is this “new destruction to humans and Earth” technology growing? The fact is that as more of this destructive technology is growing, more and more people are awakening to the fact that Earth is a living being.

Then, the humans that consider themselves to be of more importance than the entire planet are being recognized as “fleas on the dog.” What these destructive ones do not, yet, wonder is if the “dog/planet” were to perish, where would the fleas go?

“Oh, but the Earth can never perish,” they say because they are not aware how often Gaia has come into a “near-death” experience.

Gaia’s most challenging times were when Her protective Mantel was lost, then when Lemuria fell, then Atlantis fell, then there were the World Wars, the dropping of the atom bomb and the “testing for the nuclear bombs,” as well as the nuclear destruction done to Chernobyl.

Then, all of this destruction to planet Earth was followed by pollution and poisoning of Her earth via the “fertilizers,” destructions of the waters by Ships, as well as cities, emptying their trash into the ocean, and destruction of Her air by the pollutions from the huge factories as well as from the polluting airplanes.

It might appear that “someone” has been trying to destroy the Earth. For one thing, many of those who are destroying and/or harming Gaia do NOT live on the Earth. But if the ones who are destroying Earth don’t live on Earth, where do they live?

They live on the 3D Matrix, which was created to hold Gaia on her axis long enough for Her to heal her planetary self after the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis. Gaia was doing pretty well with her reconstruction, thanks to her beloved sister planet, Venus. That is until “modern mankind,” with their inability to think that any living thing could be stronger than a human.

Even the planet on which the humans lived was less important than the human’s ability to make money, gain “power over”, and dominate others. These “lost ones,” as we will call them, lived on the planet that gave them the light of the Sun, the important water for them to drink, the air that they could breathe, and the solid earth on which they could build their homes.

These “homes” have become bigger and bigger so that the lost ones can have enough space to put more and more “things” that were invented so that the ever-growing corporations and extremely wealthy people could show off how much “power” they have over everyone else.

But, what if there were other people on Earth, as well as beings from other planets, that are fully realized with their OWN “Power Within,” and who have NO desire to have Power Over any one and any thing.

What if these people realized that Unconditional Love encourages Power Within, and Giving to Others opens their hearts and minds to a different reality? What if more and more people realized that there is a “simultaneous reality” that resonates to a higher frequency than their “physical reality?

What if these people fully realized the Power Within of Unconditional Love and told others about their amazing discovery? What if these people began to share with as many others that they could that “Unconditional Love” encourages “Power Within” and “Giving to others” opens their hearts and minds to a different kind of reality?

What if people began to realize that Unconditional Love, Power Within and Giving to Others, opens their hearts and expands their minds to a different kind of reality in which people take care of the planet on which they live?

This new “format for living” in which Unconditional Love encourages Giving to Others, also plants the seed of Power Within. Once Power is perceived as a means to better assist the beings on Gaia, as well as Mother Earth, one's Power Within becomes a gift to give to others rather than a means to dominate others.

These Power Within and Unconditional Loving people know something that NEVER occurred to the Power OVER Others people. What did they know?

They knew from the experience of living a life of Service to Others, that it creates a much greater Power Within than living a life of Service to Self. They learned that Power Within is like a well that refilled itself every time they took a drink.

Power Within creates a feeling of SELF Love. This Self Love allows them to love others as much as they loved themselves. In fact, by loving others unconditionally, they found that they could love themselves unconditionally, as well!

Meanwhile, the Power Over people were busy stealing from the poor and creating wars so that they could make more and more money to have more and more Power Over others. In fact, the Power Over ones were so busy taking care of themselves first, rather than taking care of others, that they did not realize that something was beginning to change.

Because the Power Over ones looked at what they could buy with the money that they got from having Power Over Others, they did NOT realize that something was different. Meanwhile, those who were living with Power Within were moving into higher and higher states of consciousness.

Therefore, these Power Within ones began to perceive higher and higher dimensions of reality. Therefore, they were able to feel, know, perceive, and tell others that something about Mother Earth was beginning to change.

In fact, they began to realize that their own physical bodies were beginning to change, as well. Bit-by-bit, more and more of these Service to Others began to emanate a form of light that the Power Over others had NEVER seen before.

The Power Over ones did not understand why this light frightened them. Maybe it was because they somehow knew that they could NEVER have Power Over this light, or have Power Over anyone who resonated to this light.

Also, these Power Within “light people” started to disappear from the perception of the Power Over ones. As more and more of the Power Within, Light Ones, disappeared, no one wanted to buy what the Power Over ones sold, read what they wrote, or hear what they said.

More and more, a gap began to grow between the Power Within people who seemed to be glowing brighter and brighter within the “light,” and the Power Over Others, who were losing more and more money, as no wanted what they had to sell, and no one wanted to hear what they had to say.

Most important, NO one wanted to fight their wars so that the Power Over ones could make more and more money to have more and more Power Over others. Then, the Power Within ones decided that they did NOT need money at all.

Because they were all finding their Power Within they could work together to create whatever was needed and SHARE it with whoever needed it. They discovered that they could communicate with Gaia to find out where the food was, what food was nutritious, how many fish to catch without harming their population.

In fact, they were happy to “just get what they really needed” because they were happy with their life. Groups of people began to gather together to work the land in an organic way, to form educational programs, to assist the sick and elderly and to care for Gaia’s life forms in whatever means was necessary.

Then, it occurred!

One-by-one and two-by-two, then, hundreds-by-hundred, the Power Within Ones began to find their way to live in the very reality that had taught them how to live via Power Within. They had forgotten that they had been taught, reminded, awakened, but NOW they were remembering.

They all began to share their dreams, their inner messages, and the information that they received from Gaia herself. Finally, after many eons, people and planet were becoming ONE!

“OH NO!” said the Power Over ones, who were becoming very afraid. “Who can we control now?”

“How about learning to control your SELVES?” spoke a voice that only those who were willing to change could hear.

“Controlling our self?” they pondered.

You see, they had spent their lives being so busy controlling others that they never realized that some one was also controlling them. Now this is when the real change began to manifest.

Controlling their Self—Controlling their Self?? What did that mean. They had spent their lives so busily controlling others that they NEVER realized that they were NOT controlling their self.

And then, suddenly for some and VERY slowly for others, they began to realize that the very “brainwashing” that they had used on others, was and had always been used on them. Now, this revelation made them VERY angry.

But, whom could they be angry at? They could be angry with their parents and the “Power Over” ones who had directed their entire life. But then they could also be angry with themselves. After all, they had been “good little solders” that had done exactly what those who had Power Over them had taught them to do.

Then, to their surprise, they deeply and fully realized that they were as much a “victim to others,” as much as they had made others be a victim to them. It was then that the Power Within ones recognized that their long-time enemies of “Power Over Others” needed their help.

Without a second thought, the Power Within ones sent Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to ALL the Power Over ones. They did not discriminate between those who had “a lot of power over” and the ones who just had “a little power over.” They were all brothers and sisters in humanity, and they know that it was their duty and joy to assist those who had been lost in the darkness to find their own Inner light.

The Power Within ones knew that this Inner Light would ground the “once lost ones” into the greater and greater light that was shinning brighter and brighter, day by day, in every way into both the personal/human, and planetary/Earth, vessels.

The Power Over ones knew that this Higher Light, which would gradually become “Inner Light,” would ground the ones who were once lost to the darkness. They also knew that every day, in every way, their Inner Light would shine brighter and brighter.

Well, that is where this story leaves off, for it is increasingly becoming a New Reality. However, we thank you for listening and invite each and every one of YOU to create your OWN Happy Ending to your Story, as well as to all the “stories” that you will hear from others as you offer your Power Within to assist others to find their Inner Light.

Blessings, we are the Arcturians and the Members of your Galactic Family. If you meet a person who looks like he/she may be from another planet, send them some Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

When your gift is returned back to you, you will know that you have met a member of your Galactic Family. More than ever, we are ONE within this NOW.

Blessings from the Arcturians and our Galactic Family

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 4:47 PM

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